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LA High School Promotes Abortion Resources to Students 9 days ago

Corporations Stay Quiet On Abortion After Disney’s Disastrous Tangle With DeSantis 9 days ago

GOP lawmakers demand Garland prepare to protect churches as protesters target services 9 days ago

Thomas tells protestors they won't influence final ruling on abortion 9 days ago

South Dakota Parents Torch School Board Over ‘Pornographic,’ ‘Marxist’ 12th-Grade English Novels 9 days ago

Sen. Marco Rubio Introduces Bill to Fast-Track Arms Sales to Taiwan 10 days ago

Watch: Smash and Grabbers loot about $20,000 worth of glasses from eye shop 10 days ago

Costco ends mortgage program membership perk 10 days ago

A superyacht believed to be Vladimir Putin's was just impounded by Italian officials 10 days ago

Former AG Bill Barr 'appalled' by White House response to Supreme Court doxxing 10 days ago

‘We’re All Doomed’: CNBC Host Levels Stark Prediction For Economy 10 days ago

Economic experts expect the global economy to worsen 10 days ago

Watch: Activists Cause Commotion In Front of Justice Roberts' House 10 days ago

Leftists respond after Justice Clarence Thomas says court won’t be ‘bullied’: ‘Bully them harder’ 10 days ago

Poll: Joe Biden's Approval Rating in Delaware Underwater by 3 Points 10 days ago

Johnny Depp fans mock Amber Heard for ‘fake crying’ on the stand 10 days ago

Elon Musk to fire 1,000 Twitter staff, 5x revenue, 69m pay $3 a month 10 days ago

Bill Maher Rails on People and Media that Want to Censor Free Speech 10 days ago

Pfizer And Moderna Report Stunning Profits From COVID-19 Vaccine Sales 10 days ago

Justice Thomas on SCOTUS decisions: People need to ‘live with outcomes we don’t agree with’ 10 days ago

White House preps for cold-weather wave of 100M COVID infections 10 days ago

Dave Chappelle ‘upset’ his armed attacker isn’t facing felony charge, lawyer says 10 days ago

Rudy Giuliani's expected appearance before Jan. 6 committee nixed, his attorney says 10 days ago

‘That Doesn’t Cut It’: Ben Sasse Tears Into Biden For Failing To Condemn Doxxing, ‘Harassment Of The Supreme Court’ 10 days ago

White House defends 'peaceful' protests at Supreme Court and justices' homes 10 days ago

Judge Rejects January 6 Challenge To Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Re-election Run 10 days ago

Hundreds of drinking water systems in California failing to meet standards 10 days ago

Random Americans Pour Down Thunderous Boos On Amber Heard 10 days ago

Biden torched for reminiscing about 'the old days' of having lunch with 'real segregationists' in the Senate 10 days ago

Hillary Clinton says the election isn't about disagreement, it's about the 'rise of authoritarianism' and a 'direct attack' on democracy 10 days ago

Trump: Disbanding Biden's 'chilling' disinformation board is priority 10 days ago

Ghislaine Maxwell able to get visitors, removed from solitary 10 days ago

Georgia Poll: Brian Kemp Holds 38-Point Lead over David Perdue 10 days ago

Judge dismisses Trump's lawsuit against Twitter ban 10 days ago

George W. Bush Meets Virtually With Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy 10 days ago

GOP Lawmakers Seek to Reinstate Troops Discharged over Vaccine Mandate 10 days ago

Clarence Thomas says Supreme Court won't be 'bullied' in wake of abortion opinion leak 10 days ago

Viral Video Shows Massive Brawl On An Airplane 10 days ago

Sony Pictures Reportedly Refused To Censor Scenes From Spider-Man: No Way Home For China 11 days ago

US Army special operators take first place in international sniper competition 11 days ago

California says it needs more power to keep the lights on 11 days ago

LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva says deputies making arrests, but cases ‘fall apart’ when they reach DA Gascon 11 days ago

‘Signs Of Slowing’: Unemployment Remains Unchanged As Economists Predict Dim Future 11 days ago

A wave of layoffs is sweeping the US. Here are firms that have announced cuts so far, from Peloton to Wells Fargo. 11 days ago

Gabby Petito's mother files new lawsuit against estate of Brian Laundrie 11 days ago

Trump: "Tuesday's primary results are the latest proof that we have transformed the face of the Republican Party." 11 days ago

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Not Appear on Palace Balcony During the Queen's Jubilee 11 days ago

Nunes denies Trump, Musk discussed Twitter purchase: 'Fake News Friday' 11 days ago

Ex-FBI Intel Chief Says Durham Probe Is Revealing Clinton Campaign's 2016 'Disinformation' 11 days ago

DeSantis signs $1.2B tax-break package targeting gas, diapers, kids' clothing 11 days ago

Ex-Clinton Lawyer Moves to Introduce FBI Notes During Upcoming Trial 11 days ago

NJ Board of Education refuses to review controversial sex education curriculum for young students 11 days ago

Psaki disturbs Twitter with her ‘disgusting’ response to leftists doxxing Supreme Court justices 11 days ago

Dave Chappelle alleged attacker Isaiah Lee pleads not guilty to misdemeanor charges for tackling comedian 11 days ago

Judge: Marjorie Taylor Greene is qualified for reelection 11 days ago

Biden's inflation forcing Americans to 'unretire' in droves 11 days ago

Trump Officials Planned On Sending 250,000 Troops To The Border, Former DOD Sec Says 11 days ago

Writers Guild urges Hollywood NOT to shoot in states that ban abortion 11 days ago

Conservative Group Plasters Anti-Liz Cheney Billboards Across Wyoming 11 days ago

BLM co-founder's nonprofit flooded with secret cash from tech titan fund 11 days ago

John Roberts: Supreme Court draft leak 'absolutely appalling' 11 days ago

Hawley blasts leftist 'celebration' of Supreme Court leak, calls Biden remarks undemocratic 11 days ago

Huckabee Sanders calls out 'mind-boggling hypocrisy' as Psaki defends activists going to justices' homes 11 days ago

Democrat Sen. Mark Warner condemns Supreme Court leaker, calls for prosecution 'to the full extent of the law' 11 days ago

Ex-Trump advisers respond to Biden's 'extreme MAGA' claim: Leftists 'inciting violence' against SCOTUS 11 days ago

WH Resists Condemning Protesters Descending on Supreme Court Homes 11 days ago

Louisiana legislators advance bill classifying abortion as homicide 11 days ago

Elon Musk’s Twitter Buyout To Face FTC Antitrust Review: Report 11 days ago

As diesel prices soar, small trucking businesses struggle to stay afloat 11 days ago

Media watchdog exec defends Twitter ban on Hunter laptop story 11 days ago

BREAKING: Sen. Schumer says Senate will vote next week on bill to codify right to abortion into federal law 11 days ago

Psaki Says There Is No ‘Official U.S. Government Position’ On Activists Protesting Outside SCOTUS Justices’ Homes 11 days ago

The Athletic Lost $6.8 Million After Purchase by the New York Times 11 days ago

Boulder Catholic church vandalized with abortion rights graffiti 11 days ago

Rand Paul grills Mayorkas on disinformation: 'I don't trust government to figure out what the truth is' 11 days ago

Cawthorn: "A new hit against me just dropped" 11 days ago

Dow Plunges 1,100 Points in Widespread Sell-Off Led by Tech Stocks 12 days ago

Romney On Trump: ‘If He Decides To Run, He Will Be The Nominee’ 12 days ago

Georgia high school athletes must compete in sports aligning with sex at birth 12 days ago

Pro-life Democrats sound off on Supreme Court leak, distance themselves from national party leaders 12 days ago

Binance is backing Elon Musk's Twitter bid, boosting crypto believers' vision of a 'decentralized' web 12 days ago

‘The World Is Upside Down’: Madonna Reacts To Violence At Dave Chappelle’s Show 12 days ago

Judge rips NY Democrats' last-ditch attempt to save unconstitutional redistricting map: 'Hail Mary pass' 12 days ago

Dave Chappelle’s attacker won’t be charged with assault with deadly weapon, DA’s office says 12 days ago

Biden's disinformation czar: CRT fear in Loudoun County 'for profit' 12 days ago

Lawsuit filed against Biden, top officials for 'colluding' with Big Tech to censor speech on Hunter, COVID 12 days ago

2024 Shock: Biden 36%, Trump 50% 12 days ago

Pentagon raves about Elon Musk's Starlink defeating Russian attacks 12 days ago

Trump reacts to Biden's MAGA criticism, says movement 'saving America' 12 days ago

Mitt Romney on Trump: 'If He Decides to Run, He Will Be the Nominee' 12 days ago

Justice Alito cancels conference appearance following Roe v. Wade opinion leak 12 days ago

Biden: “This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in American history.” 12 days ago

Durham wants jurors to hear about ‘Steele dossier’ during ex-Clinton lawyer’s trial 12 days ago

Judiciary Republicans seek testimony from Nina Jankowicz on the newly established so-called "Disinformation Governance Board" 12 days ago

Karine Jean-Pierre to replace Psaki as White House press secretary 12 days ago

Senate Republicans Want Updates to TV Rating System, Citing Disney's LGBT Contents For Children 12 days ago

Elon Musk got another $7 billion from friends and investors to buy Twitter 12 days ago

Hunter Biden laptop repairman sues Adam Schiff, CNN for defamation: 'I was called a hacker and Russian asset' 12 days ago

Liberal group calls for protests at conservative Supreme Court justices' homes 12 days ago

Republicans, Democrats react to Supreme Court leaked opinion that touched off media frenzy: 'Very dangerous' 12 days ago