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50 migrants arrive at Vice President Kamala Harris' residence, 6 more buses to NYC 15 days ago

Watch: CRAZY turnout for President Trump and JD Vance 15 days ago

Sarah Sanders undergoes surgery for thyroid cancer 15 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: Jim Jordan Plans To Investigate FBI For Pressuring Americans To Waive Their Gun Rights If GOP Takes House 15 days ago

Justice Dept. asks appeals court to restore access to Trump raid documents 15 days ago

Kanye West cancels deal with Gap to manufacture clothing in US instead of China: 'We can actually bring industry back to America' 15 days ago

WATCH: Illinois governor declares emergency after migrants bused from Texas 15 days ago

Kim Kardashian And Scott Disick Face $40 Million Lawsuit In Alleged Lottery Scam 15 days ago

Reporter on MSNBC says migrants 'not angry at DeSantis,' but are thanking him for Martha's Vineyard flight 15 days ago

President Biden meets with Griner, Whelan families 15 days ago

DHS officials pushing plan to bus migrants to US cities, want Biden to 'take a page from the book of Republican governors': Report 15 days ago

Ken Paxton, Pam Bondi fire back at Gavin Newsom: 'What Biden is doing is illegal' 16 days ago

Vice President Kamala Harris again ignores migrant question, husband calls busing 'shameful' 16 days ago

Independents in key battle ground states far more aligned with Republicans than Democrats 16 days ago

CNN shakeup: Don Lemon moved from primetime to mornings, struggling 'New Day' to be replaced 16 days ago

College students are ‘quiet quitting’ to preserve their mental health: report 16 days ago

Gov. Newsom is signing climate laws to dramatically cut California's use of oil and gas 16 days ago

New York Times op-ed says population decline may make 'climate change easier to combat' 16 days ago

Trump says an indictment won’t deter him from a 2024 bid, insists he’s done nothing wrong 16 days ago

Don Lemon claims new CNN role is a ‘promotion’ despite losing primetime show 16 days ago

Leading Transgender Health Association Releases New Guidelines 16 days ago

Ex-Amazon staffers say ‘frugal’ company made them split bagels at meetings 16 days ago

FedEx CEO believes a 'worldwide recession' is looming 16 days ago

CNN's Don Lemon denies he's being demoted after losing primetime gig for ensemble morning show 16 days ago

NYC relocating migrants 'who don't want to be in Big Apple' to Florida 16 days ago

Reward to find Nevada horse killers doubles to $10K 16 days ago

White House press sec calls Republican govs sending migrants to blue states 'illegal stunt' 16 days ago

Queen Elizabeth II Lying-in-State: Chinese delegation blocked from Westminster Hall: report 16 days ago

AOC suggests Texas Gov. Abbott should retire after transporting migrants to Washington DC 16 days ago

CNN’s Don Lemon on new morning show gig: ‘I was not demoted’ 16 days ago

'CBS Mornings' anchors fret over Florida migrants being relocated to Martha's Vineyard: 'Inhumane' 16 days ago

Martha's Vineyard, Voting 84% for Biden, Gets Illegal Aliens Deported to Military Base 16 days ago

Martha's Vineyard homeless advocate says migrants there will eventually have to move 'somewhere else’ 16 days ago

DeSantis criticizes Democrats after sending migrants to Martha's Vineyard: 'Their virtue signaling is a fraud' 16 days ago

Hillary Clinton says Martha's Vineyard situation is 'literally human trafficking,' no one wants open borders 16 days ago

Cardi B pleads guilty in bottle-throwing incident at strip club, avoids jail time 16 days ago

Montana judge strikes down law requiring surgery to change gender on birth certificate, but the state says it will defy the order 16 days ago

‘I Had Never Seen So Many Drownings’: Border Town Requests Refrigerators For Bodies As Morgues Overwhelmed 16 days ago

Gavin Newsom asks DOJ to consider 'kidnapping' charges after GOP governors ship migrants out of state 16 days ago

Texas board denies posthumous pardon for George Floyd in 2004 Houston drug case 16 days ago

Senior Judge Raymond Dearie Appointed Special Master In Mar-a-Lago Case 16 days ago

California corrections officer arrested on charges of sexual misconduct with inmates 16 days ago

Establishment Lisa Murkowski Vows to Assist Biden Administration if Reelected 16 days ago

Biden to sign order blocking Chinese investment in US tech 16 days ago

Republicans Plan to Grill Gen. Milley on Books, Wokeness, Afghanistan 16 days ago

TRUMP ON POSSIBLE INDICTMENT: 'I don’t think the people of the United States would stand for it' 16 days ago

Americans fight back against lanternfly invasion 16 days ago

New Poll Has Trump Dominating Biden in Crucial States 16 days ago

AI scientist is SLAMMED for 'fixing' The Little Mermaid trailer 16 days ago

Hunter Biden wants to pay less in child support for the 4-year-old daughter he has never visited 16 days ago

CNN announces morning show overhaul fronted by Trump-hating Don Lemon 17 days ago

Top Dem economist has more bad news for Joe Biden's economy amid inflation crisis 17 days ago

Military Diversity Czar Made Racist And Derogatory Posts: REPORT 17 days ago

Sen. Josh Hawley says he'd back Trump in a 2024 GOP primary: 'I can't imagine I wouldn't' 17 days ago

‘I’m Not A Victim’: Hispanic College Student Condemns University Forcing ‘Social Justice’ On Her 17 days ago

'Ultraconservative' Supreme Court undermines science, Nature magazine reports 17 days ago

‘Cracks Everywhere’: Billionaire Warns The US Economy Is On The Verge Of A Massive Blow Up 17 days ago

McEnany sounds off on 'Outnumbered':' DeSantis, Abbott exposing 'untold' levels of liberal hypocrisy 17 days ago

McCarthy says 'I know who recorded me' privately talking about Trump 17 days ago

Judge denies DOJ request to regain access to some documents seized in Trump search 17 days ago

Secret Service Gives ‘Thousands’ of Records to House Jan. 6 Committee 17 days ago

Judge gives Biden's DOJ gets an L, appoints special master, denying them access to classified records 17 days ago

Biden's approval rating rebounds ahead of midterms 17 days ago

Meadows complies with DOJ subpoena related to Jan. 6: Report 17 days ago

Mark Meadows complying with DOJ subpoena, turning over documents previously shared with House Jan. 6 committee 17 days ago

Whoopi Goldberg slams ‘bonehead’ Ron DeSantis for sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard 17 days ago

BREAKING: Mike Lindell Announces he is Suing the US Govt and the FBI for seizing his phone 17 days ago

Queen's Funeral Expected to Be Most Watched TV Event in History 17 days ago

Judge says Delaware vote-by-mail law is unconstitutional 17 days ago

CNN axes Don Lemon from primetime, moves him to morning show in anchor shakeup 17 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: Tim Scott releases first campaign ad on how he 'will never back down' from his values 17 days ago

Lemon squeezed: Don Lemon loses prime-time role in latest CNN shake-up 17 days ago

2 migrant buses arrive outside Vice President Kamala Harris' Naval Observatory residence in DC | Fox News 17 days ago

FBI arrests upstate New York election official over alleged absentee ballot fraud scheme 17 days ago

Lara Trump, 'Outnumbered' hosts torch Biden for 'insulting' celebration of Inflation Reduction Act 17 days ago

Former Twitter engineer admits access to user data under grilling from Sen. Josh Hawley: 'Yes or no?' 17 days ago

Mike Lindell Reveals What The FBI Might Find On His Phone: 'They’re going to find a lot of promo codes' 17 days ago

California high school football coach shot after breaking up fight on campus 17 days ago

Watch: Joe Biden Wander Around a Bit After Speech 17 days ago

Giant San Francisco tech company lays off about 800 staffers 17 days ago

1.3 Million Jobs Were the Result of Double-Counting This Year, Says Heritage Economist 17 days ago

Stacey Abrams: 'I Have Never Denied That I Lost' the 2018 GA Gubernatorial Race 17 days ago

'Woke' Department of Defense DEI education officer has lengthy history of anti-white racism 17 days ago

Sen. Hirono blasted for 'call to arms' response to abortion bill: ‘Sounds like she’s calling for violence’ 17 days ago

CNN's Jake Tapper: "It doesn't make a lot of sense" that Biden is still forcing masks on young kids. 17 days ago

Rep. Hank Johnson compares protesting parents at school boards to Jan. 6 rioters 18 days ago

Migrant surge overwhelms Border Patrol and shelters in El Paso 18 days ago

Ron DeSantis sends two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard 18 days ago

Facebook Bans Holocaust Film for Violating Race Policy 18 days ago

Vulnerable Democrats won't say when Inflation Reduction Act will reduce inflation 18 days ago

Christian School Sued For Allegedly Refusing To Hire LGBTQ Teachers 18 days ago

U.S. mortgage interest rates top 6% for first time since 2008 18 days ago

Washington Post column says Democrats cannot ‘wish away’ inflation before midterms, could get worse next year 18 days ago

Zelensky involved in car crash! 18 days ago

Ted Cruz Calls to Defund 'Biden's Army of IRS Agents' 18 days ago

A Royal Guard has collapsed next to the Queen Elizabeth's coffin 18 days ago

Alyssa Milano Starring in Abortion-Themed Movie 'Give Me an A' About Overturning of Roe v. Wade 18 days ago

Jean-Pierre totally flounders when reporter asks when Inflation Reduction Act will actually reduce inflation 18 days ago

JUST IN: Huge fireball meteor spotted over Scotland 18 days ago

Tim Ryan Blamed Trump Rhetoric for El Paso Shooting; Now Says 'Kill' MAGA Movement 18 days ago