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Watch: Bear helps himself to snack in convenience store 9 days ago

'Act of malice': Pro-abortion terror group attacks another pro-life pregnancy center, issues death threats 9 days ago

GOP will 'repeal 87,000 IRS agents' if they retake Congress 9 days ago

Joe Biden Quietly Lowers Expectations for Democrats in the Midterms 9 days ago

Biden says the Catholic Church wouldn't agree with Lindsey Graham's abortion bill 9 days ago

Liberal networks avoid North Dakota teen killed by man who dubbed victim a 'Republican extremist' 9 days ago

‘Walking Away From The Democratic Party’: MSNBC Contributor Paola Ramos Warns About Latino Voters 9 days ago

Hawley: Big Corporations 'Increasingly Anti-America' – 'On Board with the Woke Agenda 9 days ago

Woman Who Sabotaged Dakota Access Pipeline Gets 6 Years In Prison, $3M Fine 9 days ago

Pelosi extends proxy voting in the House until November due to coronavirus pandemic which Biden said 'is over' 9 days ago

Republican Rand Paul slams Biden's 'rhetoric' after teen killed 9 days ago

Conservatives call Biden ‘plain creepy’ for comment about his friendship with 12-year-old girl when he was 30 9 days ago

Gingrich insults NBC News reporter after Jan. 6 question: ‘I think you have a learning disability’ 9 days ago

Chris Christie mocks ‘disaster’ Donald Trump at upstate biz conference 9 days ago

Federal Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Group Involved in '2000 Mules' Documentary 9 days ago

DeSantis to face trial for suspension of prosecutor who defied abortion ban law 9 days ago

Texas farmer near border says migrants 'bull-rushed' his property 9 days ago

California first state to ban natural gas heaters and furnaces 9 days ago

New Jersey schools must teach middle schoolers about anal sex, pregnancy options or risk 'disciplinary action' 9 days ago

House Democrats and exiting impeachment Republicans pass Liz Cheney's bill, which allows voting 5 days after elections 9 days ago

Americans have lost $4,200 in​ ​income under Biden​, wiping out Trump gains​: Heritage 9 days ago

Trump could be back on Facebook in January, Meta executive says: report 9 days ago

A man set himself on fire on the tennis court that will host Roger Federer's last ATP event ever 9 days ago

Kevin McCarthy vows GOP-led House would immediately repeal Biden admin's hiring of 87,000 IRS agents 9 days ago

Federal watchdog admits $45.6bn in pandemic benefits was stolen 9 days ago

Man pleads guilty to making a dozen Molotov cocktails for plot to burn down Seattle police union building. He faces 10 years in prison. 9 days ago

Disney's 'Andor' Actress Says Her Performance was Inspired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Liz Cheney 9 days ago

Biden Says It ‘Remains To Be Seen’ Whether He Will Firmly Commit To Running Again In 2024 9 days ago

Alex Jones: ‘I’m done saying I’m sorry’ over false Sandy Hook hoax claims 9 days ago

US drops charges against judge accused of helping illegal immigrant avoid ICE capture 9 days ago

Air Force’s ‘Gender Inclusive’ Training Tells Cadets To Avoid Using ‘Mom,’ ‘Dad’ 9 days ago

Matthew McConaughey considers possibly 'inevitable' presidential run 9 days ago

Oxford High School teachers who flagged shooter's 'concerning' warning signs were ignored: attorney 10 days ago

Christians slam Newsom for 'disgusting' pro-abortion billboards quoting Jesus: 'Satanic' 10 days ago

US military leaders warn China could militarize the ports it owns in Latin America 10 days ago

Sen. Paul Blames Rise of Inflation on Biden Administration's 'Free Checks' 10 days ago

Atlanta newspaper highlights Stacey Abrams' 'troubling' struggles with Black voters in Georgia race 10 days ago

Scientists at America’s top nuclear lab were recruited by China to design missiles and drones, report says 10 days ago

Nikki Haley slams Biden's 'embarrassing' Taiwan pivot: 'Don't throw your cards out on the table' 10 days ago

Scalise wants Biden to condemn 'leftist violence' after death of North Dakota teen 10 days ago

Stacey Abrams claims fetal heartbeats are 'medically false' and 'biologically a lie' at student forum in Atlanta 10 days ago

Most Americans Believe Migrants Should Be Sent To Sanctuary Cities 10 days ago

The next James Bond will be more in touch with his feelings, producers say 10 days ago

Beverly Hills smash-and-grab suspects who allegedly stole millions from jewelry store arrested: police 10 days ago

Matthew McConaughey considers possibly 'inevitable' presidential run 10 days ago

Lara Trump rips Letitia James' 'political targeting' of her family as NYC crime skyrockets 10 days ago

Parents remain frustrated by baby formula shortage, call on Biden admin to put more pressure on manufacturers 10 days ago

Rudy Giuliani ‘attacker’ to file $2 million wrongful arrest lawsuit after charges dropped 10 days ago

Videos show Hunter Biden going down waterslide naked at pool party 10 days ago

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, agrees to Jan. 6 committee 'voluntary interview' 10 days ago

CNN taps Jake Tapper for prime-time slot test amid network shakeup 10 days ago

Mississippi official pleads guilty in welfare scandal that involves Brett Favre 10 days ago

Rep. Claudia Tenney torches 'corrupt, politically partisan' Letitia James over Trump lawsuit 10 days ago

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol's profanity-laced hot mic criticism of U.S. goes viral 10 days ago

Twitter progressives praise NY AG Letitia James for filing civil lawsuit against Trump: 'Eternally grateful' 10 days ago

Tyler Perry Says Harry and Meghan Are the Example of True Love 10 days ago

Appeals court allows DOJ to resume review of classified records in Trump case 10 days ago

Zelensky calls for special tribunal to punish Russia in UN speech 10 days ago

Ocasio-Cortez blames capitalism for low birth rate and says more immigrants are needed to keep social services afloat 10 days ago

Tiktoker calls to ban Republicans from all establishments 10 days ago

Gavin Newsom blames Trump for people leaving California 10 days ago

National Guard Prepares To Lose 14,000 Troops Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate 10 days ago

MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan attacks Ron DeSantis for 'throwing his own ancestors under the bus' 10 days ago

DOJ investigating Mike Lindell over potential identity theft, damage to protected computer 10 days ago

JP Morgan Bank CEO DIMON Rekts Rashida Tlaib After She Asked Them To Stop Funding Fossil Fuel 11 days ago

China calls for Ukraine, Russia peace talks as Putin launches military mobilization 11 days ago

New Florida Poll With DeSantis, Trump & Biden 11 days ago

New York Post slams UN assembly-goers as climate hypocrites for using private instead of public transport 11 days ago

These are the happiest states in America: report 11 days ago

Border Patrol ordered agents not to assign migrants registration numbers to clear over-crowded facilities 11 days ago

Report: German Intelligence Operates 'Hundreds' of Fake Right Wing Accounts 11 days ago

Zeldin torches 'corrupt' NY Gov. Hochul as state heads in 'wrong direction': She's 'in over her head' 11 days ago

Poll: Just 7% View Mitch McConnell Favorably 11 days ago

GA school worksheet characterizes 'hypothetical' abortion ban as ‘abuse of power,' prompts parental pushback 11 days ago

Two people claim the $1.34B Mega Millions jackpot, they had vowed to split the prize, Illinois lottery says 11 days ago

Andrew Cuomo bashes Biden, Democrats for not standing by him during sexual harassment scandal: 'Traumatizing' 11 days ago

Kamala Harris mocked for new word salad: 'Community banks are in the community' 11 days ago

TikTok Bans Political Fundraising Just Weeks Before Midterms 11 days ago

Activists suing DeSantis over Martha's Vineyard flights received over $1.3M from George Soros network 11 days ago

North Dakota man free after admitting he fatally hit 'Republican extremist' teen with car while drunk: Records 11 days ago

Ratings-challenged Don Lemon ‘not the answer,’ to CNN’s morning show issues, critics say 11 days ago

Survey: Trump Still Performs Better than Biden on Key Issues 11 days ago

Canadian high school says it is ILLEGAL to criticize trans teacher 11 days ago

'Meme Wars': Man arrested after reportedly kicking projector, shouting expletives during Benny Johnson's TPUSA college tour 11 days ago

Washington Monument vandalized with red paint 11 days ago

North Dakota man free after admitting he fatally hit 'Republican extremist' teen with car while drunk: Records 11 days ago

AP updates story after avoiding political affiliation of Democrat on trial for murdering Las Vegas reporter 11 days ago

New York AG sues Trump over fraud allegations 11 days ago

DeSantis’ office hits back after class action suit from migrants, reveals 'consent form' they allegedly signed 11 days ago

Ex-FBI head James Comey set to release crime novel next spring 11 days ago

Rubio sounds off on migrants suing DeSantis: 'They're not even here legally' 11 days ago

Blackrock CEO says the crisis in the price of energy is accelerating investment in green energy 11 days ago

New York AG Letitia James files $250M lawsuit against Trump for defrauding lenders, others 11 days ago

Rep. Budd: DOE Must Explain Why it Gave Battery Technology to China 11 days ago

Will DeSantis Be Convicted For Kidnapping Over Martha’s Vineyard Flights? Experts Say It’s Unlikely 11 days ago

‘Fact Tsunami’: Tucker Carlson Ridicules Don Lemon For Getting Bamboozled By Guest 11 days ago

DeSantis hits back at migrant lawsuit, calls it ‘political theater’ 11 days ago

Sheriff who wants to charge DeSantis says US should embrace migrants 11 days ago

Texas sheriff opens criminal probe into DeSantis operation to fly migrants to Martha's Vineyard 11 days ago

White House Says It Received Reports of Illegal Aliens Being Flown to Biden's Delaware Home 12 days ago