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What's going on today according to our WOKE A.I.: Today has seen a number of important news stories, many of which have a right-wing slant. Reports show that a record number of Americans are worse off financially since President Biden took office. On the international front, Vladimir Putin issued a direct warning to America and the West, and US aid to Ukraine could be the next victim of Kevin McCarthy's pact with far-right Republicans. In the US, the GOP are slamming Biden for his balloon failure, and the Koch network will back G.O.P. primary candidates taking aim at Trump. Finally, America First Legal is suing the Biden administration for 'enabling' Palestinian terror.

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Kim Petras becomes first trans Grammy winner 33 minutes ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved in Bicyclist Traffic Accident, Not at Fault 1 hour ago

Megyn Kelly Schools Whoopi: She's "dumb" and "uninformed" 2 hours ago

3 Navy Warships, FBI Now Hunting for Wreckage of Chinese Spy Balloon off South Carolina 3 hours ago

‘Rust’ director likely to testify against Alec Baldwin in New Mexico trial 4 hours ago

Massive earthquake hits Turkey! 5 hours ago

Sununu says he don't think Trump could beat Biden 10 hours ago

China sends warning after popping their balloon 11 hours ago

Severe ice storm causes eight deaths, travel chaos 12 hours ago

Breaking: Harry Whittington, prominent Texas attorney shot by VP Cheney in hunting incident, dies at 95 12 hours ago

Surfer Bethany Hamilton speaks out against transgender policy in women's division 13 hours ago

Breaking: Quake Hits Turkey 13 hours ago

Report: Don Lemon Blows Up at Staff Again After the First Blowup Went Public 14 hours ago

Russian pilots report UFO sighting during Putin's visit 14 hours ago

Daughter charged after mom’s body found in Chicago freezer 15 hours ago

Koch network indicates it won't back Donald Trump in 2024 16 hours ago

Another Chinese spy balloon spotted Pentagon says 17 hours ago

"Top Gun 3" gains plot from Chinese spy balloon takedown 18 hours ago

Former DNI John Ratcliffe addresses claims that Chinese Spy balloons occupied airspace during Trump admin 18 hours ago

Principal jumps to death at Disneyland; suicide confirmed by officials 20 hours ago

Proposal to reduce prisoners' sentences for organ donations faces criticism 20 hours ago

Republican senators introduce bill to reinstate COVID vaccine mandate discharged service members 21 hours ago

Passenger disarms train gunman, saving lives, hailed as hero 22 hours ago

DeSantis files complaint against Orlando Philharmonic for hosting drag holiday event 23 hours ago

China's reaction to balloon takedown will offer 'very important clues' to how it operates: Gordon Chang 1 day ago

Iowa woman arrested after allegedly faking cancer and collecting more than $37,000 in online donations, police say 1 day ago

Bitter wind chills as low as -109 degrees recorded in Northeast as cold blast continues 1 day ago

REPORT: Former Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Weighing Senate Run 1 day ago

Ban on marijuana users owning guns is unconstitutional, U.S. judge rules 1 day ago

Abbott issues disaster declaration following Texas ice storm 1 day ago

Goonies' house fish dumper rescued from capsized yacht 1 day ago

US military seeks valuable intelligence on balloon 1 day ago

Salem police officers' deadly force deemed justified in shooting incident 1 day ago

Monster Truck driver arrested one day before Youngstown event 1 day ago

Chinese spy balloon poses 'no imminent danger,' top Foreign Affairs Democrat says 1 day ago

Montana governor rips Biden's Chinese balloon inaction: 'Americans are endangered' 1 day ago

China calls US spy balloon claim a "force majeure accident" 1 day ago

U.S. military shoots down Chinese spy balloon, Schumer praises Biden. 1 day ago

14-year-old secretly changed gender, abused, rescued by law enforcement 1 day ago

Biden says he ordered the shoot-down of Chinese spy balloon 1 day ago

Jury sides with Elon Musk and Tesla in shareholder lawsuit 1 day ago

Pro-abortion students mock, steal from pro-life display 1 day ago

Biden reportedly overruled on decision to shoot down Chinese spy balloon 1 day ago

Republican Representative announces retirement, cites family as priority 1 day ago

US military shoots down Chinese spy balloon over Atlantic Ocean 1 day ago

Jordan subpoenas Garland, Wray over school board memo 1 day ago

'Rust' Armorer was Stretched Thin, Tried to Ensure Gun Safety with Baldwin 1 day ago

Priest in Indiana says he's cured of brain tumor after Lourdes pilgrimage 1 day ago

Couple found dead on porch, child saved by relative 2 days ago

Mixed race man accused of killing CA doctor ranted about ethnicity 2 days ago

House GOP bill to cut IRS funding stagnates in Senate 2 days ago

Democrat delegate Eleanor Norton aims to remove Lincoln statue with kneeling slave 2 days ago

Trump warns of Chinese espionage in US 2 days ago

Beijing confirms balloon is Chinese, says entry into US airspace was unintended 2 days ago

Melinda Dillon, ‘Close Encounters,’ ‘A Christmas Story’ star, dead at 83 2 days ago

US announces new nutrition standards for school meals 2 days ago

CIA Director: Chinese President Xi Jinping orders army ready for Taiwan invasion 2 days ago

Princeton University Student Claims Honor Code Discriminates Against Minority Students 2 days ago

BREAKING: Additional Memphis police officer fired for violating rules in Tyre Nichols death 2 days ago

Woman thought dead, found alive at funeral home in Iowa 2 days ago

Nick Carter fights back against sexual assault accusers with countersuit 2 days ago

Bill Gates seeks love, addresses Covid-19 conspiracy theories, Epstein ties 2 days ago

Student charged with battery after attacking teacher in classroom 2 days ago

MTG Trolls AOC: When are you going to be an adult and actually debate me on policy instead of run your mouth like a teenage girl? 2 days ago

REP. OMAR: "I didn't come to Congress to be silent...My voice will get louder and stronger" 2 days ago

'Shoot Down the Balloon': Donald Trump calls for shooting down Chinese balloon in Montana 2 days ago

Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Spotted Over Montana Raises National Security Concerns 2 days ago

China says suspected spy balloon drifting over U.S. is "civilian airship" that was blown off course 2 days ago

Schoolgirl beaten on bus, parents plan to press charges against attackers 2 days ago

China confirms balloon is theirs, as spokesperson claims it is civilian research airship 2 days ago

Doctor Stabbed to Death After Hit and Run Incident 2 days ago

CNN's Morning Show Drama: Don Lemon Yells at Co-Host, Kaitlan Collins Runs off Set in Tears 3 days ago

Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Over Montana Tracked by US Military 3 days ago

Michigan Woman's Honesty Returns Lost Wedding Funds, Sparks Online Generosity 3 days ago

Tate Brothers Ruled as Human Traffickers in Romanian Court 3 days ago

FBI to Conduct Search at Former Vice President Mike Pence's Home 3 days ago

Former DNI Ratcliffe Calls Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal a 'Domestic Disinformation Campaign' 3 days ago

Massachusetts bill offers reduced sentences for organ donations 3 days ago

Netflix's Latest Move: Limit Sharing and Spark Controversy 3 days ago

House Judiciary Committee Launches Investigation into Former FBI Agent Indicted for Money Laundering and Collusion with Russian Oligarch 3 days ago

Freshman Senator John Fetterman Receives Closed-Caption Technology to Aid Stroke Recovery 3 days ago

Apple Shares Plunge as Rare Misses on Revenue, Profit, and Sales Shake Investors 3 days ago

North Korea Threatens Response with 'Most Overwhelming Nuclear Force' Against US-South Korea Military Drills 3 days ago

Steve Laffey Announces Presidential Bid for 2024 3 days ago

House Oversight Chairman Probes John Kerry's Secret Climate Negotiations with China 3 days ago

Rising Star Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders Will Take Center Stage in Republican Response to State of the Union 3 days ago

Democrats Try to Rein in Wild West Atmosphere in House Committee Room, Republicans Shoot Down Idea 3 days ago

Santos Congratulates House for Sending Strong Message Against Antisemitism 3 days ago

New Bill Aims to Protect Youth's Mental Health by Limiting Social Media Access 3 days ago

Republican Efforts to Enhance School Safety in Maine Gain Support 3 days ago

Hunter Biden's Lawyers Try to Have It Both Ways in Laptop Controversy 3 days ago

Breaking News: Tragic Shooting at Memphis Library - One Dead and Police Officer in Critical Condition 3 days ago

Mike Pence Braces for FBI Search of His Home Over Classified Documents 3 days ago

Rainbow Signs at NJ Middle School Brought Down 3 days ago

Former GOP Governor says he will support Trump if he’s the nominee 3 days ago

Former GOP Rep. Issues Stark Warning to Republicans: Don't Investigate Hunter Biden's Laptop 3 days ago

Video: Rashida Tlaib literally breaks down in tears 3 days ago

Breaking: Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour Shot Dead in Sayreville, NJ: Officials Investigate 3 days ago

BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Gets The Boot 3 days ago

Republicans vote to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee 3 days ago