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COVID-19 vaccination cards will be issued...

LA city residents ‘ordered to remain in their homes’...

Biden jokes Bill Barr needs witness protection...

United States issues travel curbs...

New UK Watchdog to Curb Market Dominance of Tech Giants

Austin mayor stressed residents ‘need to stay home.’ He was vacationing in Cabo at the time

Facebook Says It Will Provide The "Authoritative Information" On COVID Vaccines

Mueller interview...

Kayleigh McEnany: WHCA should investigate Playboy's Brian Karem for 'demeaning, misogynistic' behavior

20% cut to police...

Start Jailing Lawmakers Who Break Their Own COVID Rules

Ted Cruz urges US Supreme Court...

Illegal Money-for-Votes Raffles Conducted in Several States in 2020 Election

“And why stop there?”: CNN analyst calls for sweeping regulation of free speech...

Just As We Feared – California's Economic Refugees Ruined Arizona in the 2020 Election

LA city residents ‘ordered to remain in their homes’ amid COVID-19 surge 3 hours ago

Joe Biden jokes Bill Barr will need 'witness protection' 3 hours ago

In new interview, Mueller talks about Vietnam, but not Trump or Russia 3 hours ago

Chinese researchers quit U.S.; agents target Biden team - U.S. officials 3 hours ago

United States issues travel curbs for Chinese Communist Party members: NYT 3 hours ago

Obama will take coronavirus vaccine and might film it to build confidence – ‘I trust this science’ 6 hours ago

JUST IN: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti: "It’s time to cancel everything." 6 hours ago

Cruz Presses Supreme Court to Hear Emergency Appeal on PA Challenge 6 hours ago

Wisconsin governor calls Trump lawsuit an 'assault' 6 hours ago

Trump files lawsuit challenging Wisconsin election results 6 hours ago

Caitlyn Jenner supports Elliot Page after coming out as transgender 6 hours ago

U.S. states plan to sue Facebook next week: sources 7 hours ago

Details announced for President Trump's Georgia visit on Saturday 7 hours ago

Witness Responds To Rep. Cynthia A. Johnson Accusing Her of Lying: ‘If it is truth, you can ask me in the middle of the night and it would still be the same’ 7 hours ago

Obama suggests Trump's 'stereotypical macho style' appealed to some young Black voters 8 hours ago

Los Angeles official who voted for outdoor dining ban says being caught dining out is a non-story 8 hours ago

CNN pundit defends Tlaib's retweet of anti-Israel slogan 'From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free' 8 hours ago

White House Set To Hold As Many As 20 Indoor Christmas Parties Despite Warnings 8 hours ago

‘Christmas Is Gonna Be A Lot Harder’: Biden Warns Against Holiday Travel, Says Coronavirus Deaths Could Double In December 8 hours ago

Judge Reportedly Denies Request To Dig Up President Harding’s Body 8 hours ago

Sandalwood High teacher gets 5-day suspension for ‘unprofessional conduct’ 9 hours ago

House passes bill that could delist Chinese companies from U.S. stock exchanges 9 hours ago

‘We are being subjugated’: Mac’s Public House protest draws large crowd to Grant City 9 hours ago

Jenna Ellis to Michigan legislators: "It is your obligation under the Constitution to not allow this corruption to continue" 10 hours ago

Sidney Powell, Lin Wood Oppose Trump, Push Georgians Not to Vote in Senate Runoff 11 hours ago

South Africa's lottery probed as 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 drawn and 20 win 11 hours ago

Crowd Of Trump Supporters Go Wild When Sidney Powell Is Introduced As “The Kraken” 11 hours ago

Whitmer doesn’t rule out extension of partial shutdown, discourages people from defying orders 11 hours ago

Federal Lawsuit Challenges Maryland 'Assault Weapons' Ban 11 hours ago

Georgia sees Hollywood figures posing as Republicans, mockingly urging conservatives not to vote 12 hours ago

McEnany defends White House hosting Christmas parties: If You Can Loot During Pandemic, You Can Celebrate Christmas 12 hours ago

Donald Trump: 'We Must Work Hard' for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler 12 hours ago

Iowa Democrat to challenge 6-vote loss in appeal in US House 12 hours ago

Trump: "This may be the most important speech I've ever made..." 12 hours ago

Republican Sen. Andrew Lanza nearly arrested outside Mac’s Public House 13 hours ago

As Democrat mayor urged Austin to ‘stay home,’ he was vacationing in Mexico following daughter’s wedding 13 hours ago

Chairwoman Kelli Ward announces the findings of multiple duplicate ballots 13 hours ago

Mo Brooks plans to challenge Electoral College vote 14 hours ago

Biden plans to keep on Wray as FBI director: report 14 hours ago

Appeals court reverses judge's ban of NC's voter ID law 14 hours ago

Six Months After Minneapolis Pledged To Dismantle The Police, Residents Grapple With Triple Digit Increase In Carjackings 14 hours ago

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan signs city's 2021 budget with nearly 20% cut to police 14 hours ago

Ky. attorney general taking lawsuit to SCOTUS for religious schools | One America News Network 14 hours ago

Ted Cruz urges US Supreme Court to take up Pennsylvania election challenge 14 hours ago

Man Aggressively Harasses Woman For Not Wearing Mask At Hobby Lobby 15 hours ago

Footage: Trump Supporters March Across Washington Crossing, PA In The Rain 15 hours ago

German city grieves after 5 killed in pedestrian zone attack 15 hours ago

Brindisi-Tenney House race could be decided by 809 disputed ballots 15 hours ago

GOP Mo Brooks to challenge Electoral College votes in support of President Trump 15 hours ago

Georgia group founded by Stacey Abrams under investigation for seeking out-of-state, dead voters 15 hours ago

Kayleigh McEnany Rips Pelosi - Says She 'Does Not Deserve To Be Speaker' 15 hours ago

'Staggering' surge in violent carjackings continues across Minneapolis 15 hours ago

Sasha Obama’s TikTok dance vid goes viral after she sings ‘b***h’ with friends 15 hours ago

Nashville nurse, two roommates charged in large Halloween house party 15 hours ago

Watch: PressSec embarrasses the Democratic politicians and media figures who have been hypocritical with COVID restrictio 15 hours ago

Jen Psaki Warns of 'Russian Propaganda' After Images of Pink Communist Hat Resurface 16 hours ago

NYC bar owner who defied coronavirus restrictions arrested 16 hours ago

Former Trump Campaign Manager Parscale Said Trump Lost Due to Lack of Empathy 16 hours ago

Massena Democrat mayor arrested on drug charge 16 hours ago

55 Uncounted Ballots Found In House Race Where NY Republican Is Up By 12 Votes, 20% Are Tossed Due To Voters Not Being Registered 17 hours ago

Judge Blocks Donald Trump's H-1B Reforms 17 hours ago

Trump teases 2024 run in White House remarks 17 hours ago

Tomi Lahren slams California politicians' 'hypocrisy' on coronavirus restrictions 17 hours ago

Fauci named among People Magazine's '2020 People of the Year' 18 hours ago

At White House Christmas, Trump tells crowd "see you in four years" if we can't stay in power next year 18 hours ago

GOP leader McDaniel to run for 3rd term with Trump's backing 18 hours ago

U.S. Senate panel votes to approve Trump FCC nominee 18 hours ago

Biden to carry Georgia after second recount: state election official 18 hours ago

Trump vows defense bill veto unless internet liability shield scrapped 1 day ago

Rep. Collins: Georgia Officials Doing 'Disservice' to State's Voters 1 day ago

Obama: You lose people with 'snappy' slogans like 'defund the police' 1 day ago

Republican wins race to maintain California House seat after special election win 1 day ago

Staten island bar that declared 'autonomous zone' shut down, owner arrested 1 day ago

Six Republicans to Explore 'Immigration Reform' with Amnesty Advocates 1 day ago

A Group Of Anti-Maskers Are Hosting Their Own Santa Claus Parade In Toronto - Narcity 1 day ago

Justice Department Investigating White House ‘Bribery-For-Pardon’ Scheme 1 day ago

Dr. Anthony Fauci lays out timetable for when sports fans can return to packed stadiums, arenas 1 day ago

USA Today panned for 'fact checking' viral photo of Jen Psaki wearing hammer and sickle hat: 'missing context' 1 day ago

Obama: ‘White population' fear that 'African American community' will 'get out of control’ with police reform 1 day ago

Coronavirus vaccine should go to health care workers, long term care facilities first, CDC panel recommends 1 day ago

UK High Court Rules Children Under 16 ‘Unlikely To Be Able To Give Informed Consent’ To Puberty Blockers 1 day ago

BREAKING: Sen. Cruz Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Emergency Appeal on Pennsylvania Election Challenge 1 day ago

Whole Foods In Fair Lakes Evacuated After Car Crashes Into Store 1 day ago

Sen. Susan Collins Found A Number Of Body Bags On Porch Of DC Home 1 day ago

BREAKING: DOJ spox releases statement ‘Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the Department has concluded its investigation of election fraud’ 1 day ago

GOP senators find bodybags with anti-Trump notes on their front porches 1 day ago

Barr letter to Congress regarding Durham 1 day ago

Biden: Constitution 'Clearly Requires' Illegals be Included in Apportionment 1 day ago

Massachusetts small businesses closed by coronavirus at 37%: Report 1 day ago

Bill Mitchell: “Okay Mr Barr, why don't you go on Fox News and explain for us in detail” 1 day ago

McConnell plans for new coronavirus relief bill that President Trump will sign into law 1 day ago

Barr taps Durham as special counsel, pushing probe into Biden era 1 day ago

Rudy Giuliani to Appear at Michigan House Committee Hearing 1 day ago

Secretary of state’s office says online posts are putting lives in jeopardy 1 day ago

Twitter Blacklists Mathematician Who Testified at Arizona Voter Fraud Hearing 1 day ago

Sidney Powell claims election fraud witnesses are being threatened and beaten up 1 day ago

Barr appoints Durham as special counsel investigating 2016 presidential campaign investigators 1 day ago

Georgia secretary of state slams 'dysfunction' in Fulton County recount 1 day ago

Whistleblower alleges that up to 280,000 completed ballots were shipped from New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1 day ago

Trump Legal Team Slams AG Barr "With All Due Respect" 1 day ago