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Missouri Police Chief Resigns After Signing of Second Amendment Bill 59 minutes ago

Transgender Olympian Wants To Burn US Flag On The Podium 1 hour ago

Kansas Gov. Candidate Schmidt Signs ‘1776 Pledge’ to Fight ‘Anti-American Indoctrination’ 1 hour ago

US Olympic transgender athlete Chelsea Wolfe threatened to burn US flag on podium if she wins medal 2 hours ago

Tom Cotton: Fauci now acting like a Democrat 'activist,' not a scientist or doctor 5 hours ago

Widespread support for voter ID and making early voting easier: national poll 5 hours ago

Republicans slam Biden's 'vague threats' to China over COVID stonewall 5 hours ago

NYC business owner doubts criminals who looted her store will be punished: 'The system has failed us' 5 hours ago

Clarence Page on Chicago weekend of violence: 'A lot of the problems are internal' 5 hours ago

New York Times’ scribe Maggie Haberman can’t quit Trump, largely ignores Biden 5 hours ago

Obama ethics chief: Hunter Biden selling art at 'obviously inflated prices' to mystery buyers feels 'grifty' 5 hours ago

Jen Psaki dodges question on whether Biden thinks 15-week-old unborn baby is a person 5 hours ago

Psaki on possible violence at Trump rallies: 'Obviously, we take the rhetoric of the former guy, as we like to say, quite seriously' 7 hours ago

Widespread support for voter ID and making early voting easier: national poll 7 hours ago

SCOTUS Defends Trump Admin Legacy Policy On 'Remain in Mexico' 7 hours ago

House to take big step on eliminating Trump-era rules 7 hours ago

Biden Adviser on COVID-Origin Probe: U.S. Won’t Issue Threats to China ‘at This Point’ 7 hours ago

California weighs extending eviction protections past June 7 hours ago

U.S. Senate Democrats aim to advance contentious federal voting rights bill 7 hours ago

In win for athletes, U.S. Supreme Court rejects some NCAA compensation limits 7 hours ago

Nebraska State Troopers Will Team Up With Texas To Manage Border Crisis 7 hours ago

Watch: Senator Whitehouse (D) membership at an all-white private beach club: “It’s a long tradition in Rhode Island” 7 hours ago

Minneapolis Gunshot victims up 90% from last year 8 hours ago

New Book Claims Trump Wanted to Send COVID-Infected Americans to Guantanamo Bay 8 hours ago

New Poll Show One-third of Americans believe Biden won because of fraud 8 hours ago

American Airlines cancels hundreds of flights amid staffing, maintenance issues 23 hours ago

Portland Police Association leader explains why all members of Portland police riot squad resigned 23 hours ago

Nina Simone's grandaughter says Kamala Harris 'bullied' her mother to the point she 'almost killed herself' 23 hours ago

Despite campaign promises, 60% could see tax increase under Biden proposals 23 hours ago

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott defunds Texas Legislature after Dem lawmakers blocked election integrity bill 23 hours ago

Baltimore, San Francisco Saw Largest Population Declines at Start of Pandemic 23 hours ago

‘Throuple’ Rep. Katie Hill says she is considering another run for office 23 hours ago

Brian Stelter Gets Peeled Live On Air By C-SPAN Callers 23 hours ago

Radical Ilhan Omar Denies Schools Are Teaching Critical Race Theory 23 hours ago

Brown University economist says reparations will be 'disastrous' for future of United States 1 day ago

St. Louis couple touts new AR-15 after guns seized over BLM encounter 1 day ago

New Zealand selects transgender athlete for Tokyo 1 day ago

Biden admin looking to end Trump era migrant family expulsion by July 31 1 day ago

Teacher explains critical race theory 1 day ago

46 shot, 4 fatally, in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago over the weekend 1 day ago

Biden’s Approval Rating Sinking 1 day ago

DeSantis tops Trump in early 2024 straw poll 1 day ago

Don Lemon wonders if America sees Black people as 'fully human' 1 day ago

YouTuber Logan Paul believes he can beat Mike Tyson: ‘He’s old old’ 1 day ago

Fauci shrugs of critics: Says he puts 'very little weight in the craziness of condemning me' 1 day ago

Gov. Kristi Noem Blast Singer's Call To Abandon U.S. Flag 1 day ago

Atlanta Mayor Says Lifting Of Restrictions Contributed To City's Soaring Crime Rate 1 day ago

Charles Payne: Juneteenth Reminds Me Of My Mother. ‘She Raised Us To Seize The Future And Not Be Chained To The Past’ 1 day ago

56 House Republicans Call On Biden To Fire Harris From Border Crisis Role 1 day ago

Twitter, California Sued for Cooperating on Censorship 1 day ago

Georgia plans to remove 100,000 'outdated' names from voter rolls 1 day ago

Graham: Dems' voting bill is 'biggest power grab' in US history, will not support Manchin compromise 1 day ago

Portland police union rails against 'defund police' commissioner after riot squad resignations 1 day ago

Sanders says he won't support infrastructure deal with higher gas taxes, electric vehicle fees 1 day ago

Judge to hear motions to toss Georgia ballot review case 1 day ago

VA moves to offer gender confirmation surgery to vets 1 day ago

California launches digital COVID-19 vaccine pass but won't require it 1 day ago

Olympics venue medical officers want no spectators amid COVID-19 fears 1 day ago

Mike Pence heckled during speech at conservative summit 2 days ago

Man arrested after 'throwing water bottle at California Gov. Newsom  2 days ago

Chicago Alderman Says Gangs Are Responsible For Chicago Problems, Not Racism, As Mayor Lori Lightfoot Claimed 2 days ago

Noem: 'We'd Love to Help' Texas with Border, Working to See If We Can Make That Possible 2 days ago

Ron DeSantis Rising in Presidential Betting Markets 2 days ago

Charges dropped for hundreds of alleged looters in New York City 2 days ago

California will spend $500 million to thin forests to prevent fires 2 days ago

McCarthy’s Office Clarifies Comments After Multiple People Claim He Said Trump Wanted To Be House Speaker 2 days ago

TX AG Paxton: Illegal Immigration ‘as Bad as It's Ever Been’; ‘Cartels Are the Primary Beneficiaries’ 2 days ago

Young NYC homeless people to get $1,250 each month in city-backed study 2 days ago

Wisconsin GOP congressman pushes bill to ban critical race theory in DC public schools 2 days ago

Obama's Land Management director says Biden nominee should be disqualified over tree spiking plot 2 days ago

Illinois governor signs bill making official titles more gender inclusive 2 days ago

California's Willow Fire spreads to 2,000 acres as record drought, heat continue to grip state 2 days ago

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu accuses Catholic bishops of hypocrisy, 'dares' the Church to deny him Communion 2 days ago

Rep. Massie scolds reporter who asks if he's vaccinated 2 days ago

Ilhan Omar renews call for reparations in Juneteenth tweet 2 days ago

ICE arrests remain low in May amid controversy over narrowed enforcement rules on illegal immigration 2 days ago

Macy Gray's call for a new American flag receives mixed reactions: 'Now the flag is too white?!' 2 days ago

Ilhan wants 'Reparations' to 'address the lasting consequences of slavery' 2 days ago

California Launches Digital Vaccine Proof 2 days ago

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu accuses Catholic bishops of hypocrisy, 'dares' the Church to deny him Communion 2 days ago

Singer Macy Gray: The US flag is 'tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect' 2 days ago

Former Obama Ethics Chief Says Biden Admin Family Hires Are ‘F*** You’ to Watchdogs 2 days ago

Trump Endorses Lisa Murkowski's Primary Challenger 2 days ago

Trump endorses Murkowski challenger in 2022 Senate race 2 days ago

Conservative activists heckle Pence at conference in Florida 2 days ago

Electrifying kickoff to U.S. Olympic trials, world record shattered 2 days ago

Catholic bishops advance effort to deny Biden communion and other politicians 2 days ago

'Funding should not be provided for those who quit their job early': Texas governor yanks funding for legislative staff over Democrats' walkout 2 days ago

Judge gives DeSantis Victory, CDC can't regulate cruises 2 days ago

Joe Biden's Dog 'Champ' Has Died 2 days ago

Florida Man Charged With Felony For Allegedly Desecrating Pride Flag With Burn Out 2 days ago

Millionaire Captain America Star says he feared 'representing a country who doesn’t represent' him 2 days ago

Unvaccinated NFL player takes stand with league's COVID-19 rules: 'I'd rather die living' 2 days ago

Georgia Secretary of State moving to delete 102,000 voters from rolls 2 days ago

OP-Ed argues to replace American Flag with Flag to Honor Juneteenth 2 days ago

Catholic bishops moving to deny Joe Biden communion 3 days ago

Shark attack prompts dramatic rescue at Florida beach 3 days ago

DeSantis Blasts Biden, Harris for Abdicating Responsibility at Border, Says Cartels 'Absolutely' Eating Their Lunch 3 days ago

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Declares Racism a 'Public Health Emergency' 3 days ago

McConnell Blasts Manchin’s Voting Compromise, Alleging It Has The Same ‘Rotten Core’ As Democrats’ Bill 3 days ago