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VIDEO: Tucker Discussing Trump's Executive Order & Steps Congress Must Take To Deal With Big Tech Bias 32 minutes ago

Brooke Baldwin Breaks Down On Air: ‘As A White Woman, Aware Of My Own Privilege’ 38 minutes ago

‘These People Don’t Give A Damn About George Floyd:’ Former NAACP St. Paul President Watches Police And Protesters Clash 41 minutes ago

Reporter: "Given your concern with Twitter, have you given any consideration to deleting your account?" 44 minutes ago

Hillary Clinton reacts to controversial Trump retweet: 'We need a real president' 44 minutes ago

US disrupts Iranian fuel deliveries to Venezuela, official says 46 minutes ago

Steve Carell, Seth Rogen among Hollywood stars donating to bail out Minneapolis protesters 46 minutes ago

6 feet likely not far enough to stop COVID-19 transmission: experts 2 hours ago

Prosecutor urges caution in George Floyd case after seeing 'other evidence that does not support a criminal charge' 2 hours ago

Trump campaign quit Twitter ads because of 'obvious political bias,' Brad Parscale says 2 hours ago

Texas to let fans attend sporting events at 25 percent capacity 2 hours ago

Trump campaign releases statement on Trump's Executive Order targeting social media 2 hours ago

Former club owner says George Floyd, fired officer overlapped security shifts at south Minneapolis club 2 hours ago

Target, AutoZone respond to violent Minneapolis protests 3 hours ago

George Floyd case: Two Minneapolis cops caught on tape have history of conduct complaints 3 hours ago

FCC commissioner says he looks forward to "taking action" on Trump's executive order on social media 4 hours ago

Minnesota governor activates National Guard to respond to violence following death of George Floyd 5 hours ago

FCC commissioner bashes Twitter over fact-check of Trump: 'This is opinion journalism' 5 hours ago

Rep. Paul Gosar: "I look forward to continuing to work with the Trump Administration to stop censorship!" 5 hours ago

Reporter to Trump: "Have you given any consideration to deleting [your Twitter] account, just walking away from this platform you've been so critical of?" 5 hours ago

Alyssa Milano Calls Trump “a Garbage Human” Shares “Anti-Racism Resources for White People” 5 hours ago

President Trump speaks on his social media executive order: "Social media companies that engage in censoring or any political conduct will not be able to keep their liability shield" under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. 5 hours ago

President Trump signs an executive order that will challenge liability protections for social media companies 6 hours ago

The 2020 Boston Marathon has been canceled 6 hours ago

Man who allegedly broke into bank says he did it for a ‘Hot Pocket’ 6 hours ago

‘Star Wars’ Actor John Boyega Goes On NSFW Rant Against ‘Racists’ 6 hours ago

NBC Bans Reporters From Using The Word ‘Riot’ In Coverage Of Minnesota Riots 6 hours ago

Jamie Foxx defends Jimmy Fallon over 'SNL' blackface controversy: 'This one is a stretch' 7 hours ago

Pennsylvania woman allegedly kept grandma's corpse in freezer for 15 years, collected Social Security checks: reports 7 hours ago

Trump says he's ordered DOJ, FBI to investigate George Floyd's death, calls it a 'very, very sad' situation 7 hours ago

George Floyd case: Minneapolis police chief says city's 'deficit of hope' cannot be compounded with more trauma, violence 7 hours ago

White House Press Secretary speaks on President Trump's concerns with regard to social media bias 7 hours ago

'It’s about damn time': Men calling themselves 'heavily armed rednecks' protect Minneapolis store against looting 7 hours ago

Violent protests over death of George Floyd leave widespread damage across south Minneapolis 7 hours ago

Senate Dems raise alarm on 'captured' federal courts as Trump, Republicans keep judicial confirmations coming 7 hours ago

Minneapolis Mayor Calls In Nat’l Guard Amid Deadly Riots Over George Floyd's Death 7 hours ago

More than 1 in 4 working Americans are tapping into their retirement funds early, financial study says 7 hours ago

Michigan Court of Appeals sides with state against Owosso barber, orders him to shut down shop 8 hours ago

Lindsey Graham: Comey, McCabe, Brennan and Clapper Will Be Called to Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee 8 hours ago

NYC Mayor de Blasio pushes back on Trump's insistence at reopening churches, calls the move 'dangerous' 8 hours ago

Zuckerberg on President Trump Twitter Dispute: Internet platforms should not be arbiters of truth 8 hours ago

BREAKING: Kaepernick Says ‘revolting is the only logical reaction’ following night of chaos and looting in Minnesota 9 hours ago

"Everyone Is Shocked": CBS News Hit Hard by Layoffs 9 hours ago

VIDEOS: Target Store Looted And Cleaned Out Amid Chaos in Minnesota 9 hours ago

Alyssa Milano Calls Trump “a Garbage Human” Shares “Anti-Racism Resources for White People” 9 hours ago

Rapper Cardi B Says Minnesota's Protesters Left With 'No Choice' But to Loot 11 hours ago

After second night of riots, Minneapolis mayor says George Floyd would "be alive today if he were white" 12 hours ago

Texas Supreme Court blocks ruling that expanded voting by mail 18 hours ago

Bid to extend U.S. surveillance tools stalls after Trump threatens veto 18 hours ago

Trump to sign executive order on social media Thursday 18 hours ago

Texas bar owner bans customers with masks 18 hours ago

Minneapolis Mayor Frey asking for Minnesota National Guard assistance with protest response 18 hours ago

Barr asks US Attorney John Bash to review 'unmasking' before and after 2016 election, DOJ tells Fox News 18 hours ago

Trump says "stay tuned": "Big Tech is doing everything in their very considerable power to CENSOR in advance of the 2020 Election" 1 day ago

Watch: Donna Brazile Gets Laughed For Stating, ‘there is no first amendment right to lie‘ 1 day ago

BREAKING: Target Looted By Protestors in Minneapolis! It’s Chaos! 1 day ago

Trump: "If the FISA Bill is passed tonight on the House floor, I will quickly VETO it" 1 day ago

Speaker Pelosi just claimed that “every crisis is” an opportunity. 1 day ago

U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit rejected a lawsuit conservative legal organization Freedom Watch and Laura Loomer filed in 2018 against four major technology companies: Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple 1 day ago

Senator Hawley sends letter to Twitter CEO: "Please send a prompt response by June 15 identifying the sources on which Twitter relied to decide to editorialize regarding the President's political speech" 1 day ago

BREAKING: Space X launch postponed due to weather 1 day ago

Cuomo Calls for Canada-to-NYC Power Line to Deliver Clean Energy 1 day ago

Outgoing Trump intel chief declassifies calls between Flynn, Kislyak 1 day ago

President Trump expected to sign bill that would expand Holocaust education 1 day ago

Republicans Threaten To Boycott House Oversight Committee’s ‘Unsactioned Quasi-Hearings’ 1 day ago

Ingraham: 'No good reason' to keep lockdowns in place except to hamstring economy ahead of election 1 day ago

Trump committed to July 4 celebration despite lawmaker alarm 1 day ago

‘I SURE DID, F*CKER’: Kathy Griffin Doubles Down On Hoping Trump Gets Stabbed With Potentially Fatal Air-Filled Syringe 1 day ago

Antibody Testing Shows Many Utahns Had COVID-19 But Did Not Know It 1 day ago

Los Angeles officials looking to crack down on coronavirus mask, glove littering 1 day ago

Washington, DC, to lift stay-at-home order on Friday 1 day ago

23 states to sue President Trump for rolling back Obama-era fuel efficiency regulations 1 day ago

Want to hold a protest in California? Here are strict new rules from Gov. Gavin Newsom 1 day ago

Ford-Wyoming Drive-In theatre reopening in Dearborn with new safety measures 1 day ago

AG William Barr To Recommend Trump Veto Latest FISA Bill If Passed 1 day ago

Trump's pitch to voters: Trust me, economy will soar in 2021 1 day ago

Marco Rubio zeroes in on Russia — not Obama 1 day ago

Joe Biden on "You Ain't Black" comment: "I shouldn't have been such a wise-guy with him. He was being a wise-guy and I responded in kind." 1 day ago

Kathy Griffin placed in Twitter jail for tweet about stabbing Trump with syringe full of air 1 day ago

Hollywood Celebrates Twitter Fact Checking Trump on Vote By Mail: 'Welcome to Accountability B**ch' 1 day ago

New Video Shows Moments Leading Up To George Floyd Being Pinned On Ground 1 day ago

Woman considers divorcing husband after in-laws buy house next door 1 day ago

Elon Musk says if historic SpaceX launch 'goes wrong, it's my fault' 1 day ago

Biden says officers must be held ‘fully accountable’ in George Floyd’s death 1 day ago

CNN’s Anderson Cooper joins Nancy Pelosi in mocking Trump’s weight: ‘Little man despite his girth’ 1 day ago

De Blasio warns of New York City's multibillion-dollar deficit amid coronavirus, pleads for aid 1 day ago

Pompeo declares that Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China, threatening trade with U.S. 1 day ago

Rosenstein to testify as first witness in Senate Judiciary's Russia probe 1 day ago

Romney condemns Trump for Scarborough staffer tweets: 'Enough already' 1 day ago

Gov. Ron DeSantis Extends His Hand And Said Florida Would ‘Love’ To Host Republican National Convention 1 day ago

GOP leaders from Georgia, Florida, and Texas welcome Republican National Convention after Democratic NC governor wavers 1 day ago

France, Italy, Belgium act to stop use of hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus on safety fears 1 day ago

BUSTED: NBC Cameraman Called Out For Not Wearing Mask In Live Segment 1 day ago

Ann Coulter Doubles Down on Ripping President Trump "Jack*ss President Being a Big Baby" 1 day ago

Joy Behar Says President Trump’s “Enablers” don’t “realize that they are pawns in his game” 1 day ago

BREAKING: Don Jr Responds to Kathy Griffin’s Threat Against His Father -‘just remember they have no problem with Dems making death threats’ 1 day ago

Veteran founder of multimillion-dollar company: 'This is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life' 1 day ago

Amid backlash, bar at Lake of the Ozarks says it stands by Memorial Day weekend party 1 day ago

Kathy Griffin Advocates for Someone to Stab President Trump with a “Syringe with nothing but air inside” 1 day ago

House Republicans to sue Nancy Pelosi to halt proxy voting 2 days ago