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Gov. Ron DeSantis accuses Biden of making pandemic worse with lax border security 2 hours ago

‘It’s Orwellian, It’s Dictatorial’: Kayleigh McEnany Says Biden Is ‘Tiptoeing’ Towards Mandates 2 hours ago

‘Who Replaces Him?’: Greg Gutfeld Warns If Cuomo Goes, NY Could Go ‘From The Outer Circle Of Hell To The Inner Circle’ 2 hours ago

Alan Grayson raised $150k to investigate Trump but 'kept money' 2 hours ago

Texas Gov. Abbott to call 'special session after special session' to make fleeing Dems consider voting bill 2 hours ago

L.A. Dems Introduce Motion To Require Proof Of Vaccination To Enter Retail Stores, Dine Inside Restaurants 2 hours ago

Shock poll shows Gavin Newsom losing recall vote by double digits 2 hours ago

Jeb! Bush: Trump's Immigration Policies Would Mean Fewer Olympic Medals for USA 3 hours ago

New Mexico Education Dept. suspends school board that refused to comply with mask guidance 3 hours ago

Trump hitting the road again, sets Alabama rally for Aug. 21 3 hours ago

'I find that deplorable': Gov. Ron DeSantis rips into reporter for question about kids with COVID 3 hours ago

Obama-era official calls for the unvaccinated to be placed on a no-fly list 3 hours ago

Arizona biology teacher sues district over student mask mandate 6 hours ago

Cori Bush, Democrat demanding eviction halt, was sued for not paying rent 9 hours ago

Texas border city puts up temporary shelters to cope with ‘rapidly escalating’ migrant surge 9 hours ago

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to President Biden: 'Why don’t you do your job? Why don't you get this border secure?' 10 hours ago

Reporter Grills Psaki On Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Biden: Should He Face An Investigation Like Cuomo? 11 hours ago

Biden Administration Ignores SCOTUS Ruling CDC rolling out modified, limited eviction moratorium 12 hours ago

De Blasio says Cuomo should face criminal charges, predicts gov will resign 12 hours ago

Poll: Majority Oppose Public Figures Criticizing the Unvaccinated 12 hours ago

Trump Asks Court Not To Release Tax Returns To Congress 12 hours ago

Keith Olbermann: CNN ‘Cannot Keep Chris Cuomo On Air’ 13 hours ago

‘Poor Spin’: WaPo Slaps D.C. Mayor Bowser With Maximum ‘4 Pinnochios’ For Defense Of Maskless Wedding 13 hours ago

BLM PAC calls for Dem strategist who wished Sen. Graham dead to resign 13 hours ago

63 percent of New York voters say Cuomo should resign: poll 13 hours ago

Judge Sides With Biden Against Texas Governor’s Order To Block Transporting Released Migrants 13 hours ago

Jane Fonda mulled run in California recall election: report 13 hours ago

Meghan McCain: CNN's Cuomo ignoring brother's scandal 'the worst kind of nepotism' 13 hours ago

Marsha Blackburn Proposes Adding Keystone XL to Infrastructure Deal 13 hours ago

'Lockdowns Are Wrong': Texas Gov. Abbott Reaffirms No More State Shutdowns, Mandates During Pandemic 13 hours ago

Jennifer Aniston Rips ‘Anti-Vaxxers,’ Says They Have ‘Moral’ Duty To Identify Themselves 13 hours ago

Simone Biles on winning bronze medal: 'It means more than all the golds' 13 hours ago

Chris Cuomo mum on big brother’s scandal, observers say CNN botched chance to showcase journalism standards 13 hours ago

AOC puts on mask for picture, removes it afterward, video shows 13 hours ago

Cori Bush explodes over pardon of St. Louis couple in gun-waving incident: Mark McCloskey's 'day will come' 13 hours ago

DOOCY: "People are coming in record numbers. Does [Biden] think his immigration plan is working?" 13 hours ago

BREAKING: Judge Nap is Out! 16 hours ago

Jeff Bezos Gifts Van Jones $100 Million Dollars After Returning From Space 16 hours ago

Actress Jennifer Aniston says she's cut off those who haven't been vaccinated against the Coronavirus 17 hours ago

Millions of Chinese forced into lockdowns amid Delta variance 17 hours ago

Obama Cancels His Massive Birthday Bash, Scaling It Down To Family And A Few Close Friends 17 hours ago

De Blasio says scandal-scarred Cuomo is ‘past the point of no return’ 1 day ago

Missouri governor pardons McCloskeys of all charges related to BLM protest incident 1 day ago

Several Disney employees arrested in undercover child predator sting, Sheriff Grady Judd says 1 day ago

Trans YouTuber Chris Chan faces incest charges involving her mom 1 day ago

Olympics-Soccer-Swedes, Canada ask for women’s gold-medal match to be moved 1 day ago

Mike Carey, backed by Trump, wins primary for House seat in Ohio 1 day ago

Missouri Governor Pardons Armed St. Louis Couple Who Confronted BLM Mob 1 day ago

Times Up’ Calls for NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ‘Resign Immediately’ 1 day ago

Neighboring Democratic govs call on Cuomo to resign amid sex harass probe report 1 day ago

CNN’s Chris Cuomo avoids brother’s scandal: ‘We’re focused on COVID here’ 1 day ago

Sen. Cramer introducing bill requiring states that mandate vaccine passports to also mandate voter ID 1 day ago

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's office dropping slew of felony cases; critics say criminals can walk 1 day ago

Al Green Arrested outside of Capitol for protest 1 day ago

Missouri governor pardons the McCloskeys! 1 day ago

Sen. Rand Paul knocks YouTube for removing video he posted 1 day ago

S.F. Mayor Breed to be fined $22,000 for series of 'significant' ethics violations while in office 1 day ago

Elizabeth Warren: Abortion is 'about the functioning of our democracy' 1 day ago

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign 1 day ago

Mississippi parents demand governor ban mask mandates after superintendent overrules school board 1 day ago

Biden finally says Cuomo should resign hours after blistering harassment report 1 day ago

Chipmunks in California test positive for plague, parts of Lake Tahoe closed 1 day ago

Biden says Cuomo should resign following damning sexual harassment report 1 day ago

America’s Tamyra Mensah-Stock won gold at Tokyo in wrestling: 'I love representing the US. I freakin love living there' 1 day ago

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Mocked After Losing To Canada, Missing Out On Olympic Gold 1 day ago

Anthem-Snubbing Gwen Berry Fails To Medal At Olympics, Unable To ‘Represent The Oppressed’ At Podium 1 day ago

Cori Bush slammed for video of her camping, crying on Capitol steps to fight evictions surfaces 1 day ago

NY AG investigation confirms that CNN's Chris Cuomo helped his brother respond to sexual assault allegations 1 day ago

Rep. Elise Stefanik Calls On Cuomo To Be Arrested After Release Of AG Report Detailing History Of Sexual Assault 1 day ago

UPSET: U.S. Women’s Soccer Loses To Canada, Ending Shot At Gold  | The Daily Wire 1 day ago

Mexico bars US from returning many migrant families, threatening to make border crisis worse 1 day ago

House Dems Argue Senate ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Does Not Go Far Enough 1 day ago

Gwen Berry, hammer thrower who turned away from US flag, fails to medal at Olympics 1 day ago

Florida's Broward County school district reverses its mask mandate after funding threat from the governor 1 day ago

Rep. Stefanik: "Cuomo is digging in! Truly believes he is above the law" 1 day ago

Simone Biles on bronze medal victory: 'I was just happy to be able to perform' 1 day ago

‘He is wholly unfit to serve’: Calls for Cuomo’s removal amass after harassment findings 1 day ago

Cuomo defiantly declines to resign, denies wrongdoing after bombshell sexual harassment report 1 day ago

NIH director Francis Collins: “It may sound weird” but parents should wear masks at home in front of their unvaccinated kids 1 day ago

Investigation uncovers Cuomo sexually harassed state trooper assigned to protect him 1 day ago

Cuomo responds to sexual harassment claims: 'I never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances' 1 day ago

'No one is above the law': Rep. Stefanik calls for the arrest of Governor Cuomo 1 day ago

New York AG Finds Gov. Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women 1 day ago

New York City to require vaccination for indoor activities, restaurants, gyms 1 day ago

US renews policy that allows expulsion of illegal immigrants over COVID fears 2 days ago

Fourth Capitol Police Officer Dies By Suicide After Jan. 6 Riot 2 days ago

McDonald’s to require masks for customers, staff in high transmission areas 2 days ago

Jesse Jackson among 204 clergy and activists arrested at DC rally 2 days ago

Iceberg wall collapses at Titanic Museum in Tennessee, at least 3 guests hospitalized 2 days ago

Dem strategist’s tweet about Lindsey Graham’s COVID diagnosis panned 2 days ago

Laura Ingraham tells GOP senator ‘you guys got played’ on infrastructure bill 2 days ago

Washingtonian's attempt to cover for DC mayor's photo scandal relentlessly mocked on Twitter 2 days ago

Psaki attacks Florida's DeSantis, governor's office fires back: 'Psaki is the one playing politics' 2 days ago

Transgender Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Doesn't Medal After Making Olympics History 2 days ago

Tokyo Olympics Viewership Hits New Low On NBC 2 days ago

Rep. Byron Donalds Knocks Senate GOP for Enabling Leftist 'Infrastructure' Bill 2 days ago

New York Gov. Cuomo asks private businesses to require Covid vaccination for admission 2 days ago

Kathy Griffin reveals lung cancer diagnosis and suicide attempt 2 days ago

Two American travelers to Canada fined $16,000 each for fake vaccination documents 2 days ago

Drone images reveal up to 1,000 migrants being held in Mission, Texas 2 days ago