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Mural of Cop Hanging from Noose Found in Houston, Says Police Union 41 minutes ago

2 affiliated with 'boogaloo' extremist group charged with inciting a riot: SC sheriff 47 minutes ago

Conservatives charge liberals with social-distancing hypocrisy 1 hour ago

Video: Crowd Heard Cheering As The Officer Was Knocked Off His Horse 2 hours ago

UK anti-racism protesters clash with mounted police 3 hours ago

EXCLUSIVE: Pompeo Sees Parallels Between Nazi Germany And Communist China 3 hours ago

Republicans expressing anxiety and nervousness about President Trump possibly costing them the Senate in 2020 3 hours ago

Bill Maher: 'Reckless' lockdowns helped fuel riots, could lead to 'blood in the streets' after election 3 hours ago

Snoop Dogg reveals his plans to vote for the first time ever this November 3 hours ago

California Gov. Newsom allows film, TV production to resume next week 3 hours ago

Warriors' Steve Kerr says Trump is 'drawing the battle lines for the election' amid George Floyd protests 3 hours ago

Video: Projectiles launched at police horse during protest 3 hours ago

Abraham Lincoln Statue Vandalized During BLM Protest 3 hours ago

Walmart Donating $100 Million to Fight 'Systemic Racism' 3 hours ago

BREAKING: Buffalo cops plead not guilty to assault charges in shoving of 75 year old protester 3 hours ago

White House to be under siege Saturday as protesters plan massive swarm on Washington 4 hours ago

Uber Eats stops charging delivery fees to black-owned restaurants 4 hours ago

Judge rules Hillary Clinton must testify in email case 4 hours ago

Seattle bans tear gas for 30 days amid George Floyd protests 4 hours ago

'This was huge': City of Fredericksburg removes 176-year-old slave auction block 4 hours ago

Bail Revoked for Attorneys Charged with Molotov Cocktail Attack on NYPD 5 hours ago

Over 1,000 health professionals sign a letter saying, Don't shut down protests using coronavirus concerns as an excuse 5 hours ago

‘Imagine what Donald Trump would say’: Key swing state sweats over vote-counting fiasco 5 hours ago

Maxine Waters Freaks Out: Remove Trump 'Before This Would-Be Dictator Takes Us All Down' 5 hours ago

Trump has reportedly ordered the military to pull thousands of US troops out of Germany 5 hours ago

Texas Ranger statue removed from Dallas airport over racism concerns 5 hours ago

Video: Nick Cannon asks "Can we get rid of the Police?" 6 hours ago

Buffalo mayor said 75 old man pushed by police was an ‘agitator’ and incited violence 6 hours ago

US Soccer player loses job after wife’s ‘racist and violent’ comments about protesters 9 hours ago

Joe Biden Calls Trump “Despicable” for putting words “in the mouth of George Floyd” 9 hours ago

Cops and Live PD Pulled Off the Air Amid Protest 17 hours ago

Texas Ranger statue at Love Field removed due to concerns about depicted lawman’s racist history 17 hours ago

Bill Murray's son arrested for assault and battery on a cop after protest: reports 18 hours ago

82-Year-Old Attacked For Holding A Trump Sign Gets Emotional When He Receives A Call From Donald Trump Jr. 19 hours ago

CNN, MSNBC completely avoid Biden's claim that '10 to 15 percent' of Americans are 'just not very good people' 19 hours ago

BREAKING: Michigan Supreme Court sides with barber over Governor Whitmer in unanimous decision 19 hours ago

Twitter search for 'racist' shows Trump's profile as top account 19 hours ago

Philadelphia gun shop owner 'justified' in shooting burglars, killing one, DA says 19 hours ago

Hillary Clinton “We have 152 days to win back our country’s place in the world” 19 hours ago

Biden clinches Democratic presidential nomination with latest delegate haul 19 hours ago

NFL: "We were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest. We, the NFL, believe Black Lives Matter" 20 hours ago

Wild video shows moment suspect smashed vehicle into Hammond Target 20 hours ago

Michigan Supreme Court Unanimously Sides with 77-Year-Old Barber over Gov. Gretchen Whitmer 21 hours ago

Bay Area deaf, hard of hearing say face masks cut off communication 21 hours ago

Jordan Brand to donate $100 million to organizations fighting for racial justice and equality 1 day ago

President Trump On Drew Brees: ‘I think he’s truly one of the greatest quarterbacks, but he should not have taken back his original stance...’ 1 day ago

President Trump Says Drew Brees Shouldn’t Have Apologized for Anti-Kneeling Comments 1 day ago

Minneapolis Mayor Seeks $55m in Aid For Damage Caused By Riots 1 day ago

Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page joins MSNBC as national security & legal analyst 1 day ago

Reopening California: State to allow schools, pro sports, gyms, bars to begin resuming operations next week 1 day ago

Newsom Orders End to ‘Carotid Hold’ Training 1 day ago

MBTA board orders that buses won’t transport police to protests, protesters to police 1 day ago

Entire BPD Emergency Response Team resigns in support of suspended officers 1 day ago

Trump hails 'tremendous progress' on Covid-19 vaccine 1 day ago

Biden says 'much more work to be done' on economy after surprising jobs report 1 day ago

House Democrats Call for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Trump’s Handling of WH Protesters 1 day ago

Detroit Father Of 5 ‘Devastated’ After Riots Destroy His Home 1 day ago

Joe Biden: 10-15% Of Americans Are ‘Not Very Good People’ 1 day ago

De Blasio claims spike in COVID-19 hospitalizations not linked to massive protests 1 day ago

Washington Post blasted over inaccurate 'grim milestone' tweet on unemployment rate: ‘It’s not true’ 1 day ago

Chris Wallace marks Trump's 'political resilience' after surprise jobs report 1 day ago

Utah National Guard confirms they are being relocated from their hotel rooms, mayor claims budget issue 1 day ago

Reddit co-founder Ohanian resigns from board, urges company to replace him with a black candidate 1 day ago

DC Mayor Bowser unveils 'Black Lives Matter Plaza' near White House 1 day ago

2.5M jobs added in May, US unemployment rate drops to 13.3% 1 day ago

With little social distancing, Whitmer marches with protesters 1 day ago

Redlands fire: Massive distribution center engulfed in flames as three-alarm fire rages 1 day ago

Florida Supreme Court Stops Assault Weapons Ban Ballot Proposal 1 day ago

‘This is unacceptable’: Sen. Mike Lee says D.C. mayor will evict Utah National Guard from hotel 1 day ago

Ilhan Omar: ‘The Minneapolis Police Department has proven themselves beyond reform. It’s time to disband them ...’ 1 day ago

John Kelly agrees with Mattis: 'We need to look harder at who we elect' 1 day ago

Economy Adds 2.5 Million Jobs! 1 day ago

Al Sharpton Blasts Trump Bible Photo, Says “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks” 1 day ago

Andrew Cuomo Complains That Looters Are Getting Out Of Jail, But It Is His Bail Reform 1 day ago

Al Sharpton Announces August March On Washington 1 day ago

Two members of National Guard injured in DC lightning strike 1 day ago

State Controller Urges Bill de Blasio To Cut $1b of Funding From NYPD 1 day ago

Celebrities John Legend, Common, the Weeknd, Lizzo Sign Open Letter to Defund the Police 1 day ago

Fall River man accused of attacking 82-year-old Trump supporter 1 day ago

Drew Brees makes a second apology for kneeling remarks 1 day ago

Minneapolis City Council president, Dem Jeremiah Ellison claim they'll 'dismantle' police 1 day ago

Michigan lawmakers seek to question Whitmer on state’s coronavirus response 1 day ago

Democrats Call For Special Prosecutor Probe Into President Trump’s Handling Of Rioters Outside White House 1 day ago

Long Beach police seek evidence of ‘criminal activity’ during recent protests using new online portal 1 day ago

Suddenly, Public Health Officials Say Social Justice Matters More Than Social Distance 1 day ago

Senator Chuck Schumer Offers His Support: 'I'm proud of New York and I'm proud of the protests' 1 day ago

‘You’ve Gone Completely Mad’: Interview Between Piers Morgan, Rudy Giuliani Goes Off The Rails 1 day ago

Supreme Court Urged To Rethink Legal Immunity For Police Officers Amid Floyd Protests 1 day ago

‘Looters Were Flag Burning:’ World War II Flag Stolen From Museum During Riot Returned With Message 1 day ago

Minneapolis City Council president, Dem Jeremiah Ellison claim they'll 'dismantle' police 1 day ago

NY Times editor Bari Weiss says there's a 'civil war' within paper amid Tom Cotton uproar 1 day ago

Adam Carolla mocks CNN's coverage of coronavirus, George Floyd: 'We're all going to die. We're all racist' 1 day ago

Ralph Northam: Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond to come down “as soon as possible” 4 others to be removed, too 1 day ago

Greek demonstrators hurl firebombs towards U.S. embassy in Athens 1 day ago

Mark Cuban says he's decided not to run for president 2 days ago

Nancy Pelosi Sends letter to Trump “We are concerned about the increased militarization and lack of clarity” 2 days ago

US Navy veteran Michael White released from Iran, thanks President Trump and the Trump Administration for their efforts in his release and for Making America Great Again! 2 days ago

Prince Andrew's removal from royal duties likely permanent: Report 2 days ago

GOP calls for investigation of Arizona lawmaker and son accused of voter fraud 2 days ago

Mayor Bill De Blasio booed off stage, protesters turn their backs at George Floyd rally 2 days ago