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Dems lose ground to Republicans with Latino voters ahead of 2022 midterm elections 3 hours ago

California Decriminalizes Jaywalking Due to Alleged Racial Bias 4 hours ago

New Virginia law mandates public schools alert parents to sexually explicit instructional material 5 hours ago

Meghan Markle was 'very unhappy' over her 2017 Vanity Fair cover and found the headline 'racist': report 6 hours ago

Judge can lead prayer in courtroom, federal appeals court rules 7 hours ago

Lloyd Austin DOWNPLAYS threat of Putin using nuclear weapons 8 hours ago

Molotov cocktail-tossing lawyer who torched NYPD van blames booze 9 hours ago

Chris Wallace’s New Show Gets Horrible News 10 hours ago

Watch: Happy 1st anniversary of Lets Go Brandon! 11 hours ago

Cajun Navy Deploys Florida to Assist with Hurricane Ian Rescue Efforts 12 hours ago

Jeffrey Dahmer's Prison Glasses For Sale At $150k 13 hours ago

BREAKING: Obama’s brother Malik endorses Doug Mastriano for PA governor 14 hours ago

California's gas-powered vehicle ban will be 'difficult' to meet, Toyota's president says 15 hours ago

Watch professional fishermen get caught cheating to win high-stakes tournament, furious crowd wants to tear them apart: 'You should be in jail!' 16 hours ago

Biden DOJ Trying To ‘Intimidate People Of Faith,’ Says Lawyer For Pro-Life Activist Arrested By FBI 17 hours ago

Disney reopens after closing for two days as Hurricane Ian blasted across Florida 18 hours ago

New York to ban sale of all gas-powered new cars by 2035 to benefit 'disadvantaged communities,' follows California's lead to convert to electric vehicles 19 hours ago

Joy Reid says DeSantis warning to looters in Ian’s aftermath is like racist threat from ‘segregationist’ 20 hours ago

Attorney Who Firebombed Police Cruiser At George Floyd Riots Says She Was Drunk And Dealing With ‘Unprocessed Trauma’ 21 hours ago

Watch: President Trump does a no lol catch! 22 hours ago

'Don't Listen to Putin' – Biden Denies West Sabotaged Russian Pipelines 1 day ago

Fauci’s net worth doubled during COVID-19 pandemic: Watchdog report 1 day ago

House Oversight Committee votes down GOP resolution to investigate Hunter Biden 1 day ago

BREAKING: At least 127 people killed, 180 injured in chaotic riot at football stadium in Indonesia 1 day ago

Facebook’s Meta Freezes All Hiring, Warns of Possible Layoffs Due to Economic Turmoil: Reports 1 day ago

'You loot, we shoot': Ron DeSantis delivers unflinching warning to criminals after looters caught stealing in devastating Hurricane Ian aftermath: 'Don't even think about looting' 1 day ago

Arizona Judge Stands By Pro-Life Ruling 1 day ago

DeSantis Warns Potential Looters: 'I would not want to chance that if I were you given that we’re a second amendment state' 1 day ago

SEAN HANNITY: Washington is now led by some of the dumbest, most incompetent people on the face of the earth 1 day ago

Michigan prosecutor announces charges against man who shot elderly pro-life canvasser 1 day ago

Military Judge Acquits Sailor Of Setting Fire That Destroyed Amphibious Assault Ship 1 day ago

Man convicted of dumping 24 human body parts, including heads, in the Arizona desert 1 day ago

Fox News reporter carries elderly man to safety while reporting in Florida 1 day ago

Kamala on Hurricane Ian relief: The Biden administration will focus on “giving resources based on equity” 1 day ago

Newsom Signs Bill Making California ‘Sanctuary State’ For Child Sex Changes 1 day ago

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue accuses government of using inflation to 'enslave us for their own greed and power' 1 day ago

FBI insiders say agents who took a knee during BLM protests were rewarded 1 day ago

Rep. Steve Scalise Slams Dem Candidate’s Tweet About 2017 Baseball Shooting 1 day ago

CNN, MSNBC avoid Biden's 'Where's Jackie?' snafu after obsessing over Trump's 'Tim Apple' gaffe 1 day ago

Democrat attacks Pelosi for ‘failure of House leadership’ after STOCK Act fizzles, calls for ‘new leaders’ 1 day ago

John Fetterman attacked NRA members as 'lunatic fringe of gun ownership' 1 day ago

Biden midterm campaign schedule nearly nonexistent as Trump rallies for Republicans across the country 2 days ago

Andrew Cuomo’s stunning, remorseless return to public life after sex scandal 2 days ago

Pelosi says farmers need illegal immigrants ‘to pick the crops’ in Florida 2 days ago

Fauci And Wife’s Net Worth Skyrocketed During Pandemic, Analysis Finds 2 days ago

Trevor Noah is out after ruining The Daily Show: MEGHAN MCCAIN 2 days ago

Trevor Noah LEAVING The Daily Show after seven-year run 2 days ago

Pelosi decimated for claiming illegal immigrants need to stay in Florida to ‘pick the crops down here’ 2 days ago

Gaige Grosskreutz, man shot by Kyle Rittenhouse, filed petition to change his name 2 days ago

Hundreds of DHS employees took pandemic unemployment aid even though they were working: Audit 2 days ago

Joy Reid gloats over DeSantis’ asking for Biden’s hurricane help: He must ‘go hat in hand’ for aid 2 days ago

Planned Parenthood doctor tells Congress men can get pregnant: ‘This is medicine’ 2 days ago

Government Disclosed Jan. 6 Activities of 5 Confidential FBI Sources: Defense Lawyer 2 days ago

Gavin Newsom vetoes bill that would have given illegal aliens unemployment benefits in California 2 days ago

Judge denies student debt cancellation lawsuit after Education Department clarifies plan 2 days ago

Arizona AG sues Biden to stop ‘illegal’ student loan handout 2 days ago

GOP claims House Judiciary subcommittee postponed hearing because 'Democrats are so scared' of MTG testifying 2 days ago

Judge allows Darrell Brooks to represent HIMSELF at his homicide trial 2 days ago

House Republicans push bill that would nix IRS funding from the 'Inflation Reduction Act' and reallocate it for CBP to hire agents to secure the southern border 2 days ago

Facebook Says Pornhub's Instagram Account Is 'Permanently Banned' 2 days ago

'My Son Hunter' Producer Files Ethics Complaint Against Hunter Biden's Attorney Alleging Spying on Movie Set 3 days ago

12 GOP senators demand explanation for FBI arrest of pro-life activist 3 days ago

Senate passes bill to fund the government, including another $12 billion for Ukraine 3 days ago

Report: Brett Favre's Charity Gave Money Meant For Kids, Cancer Patients To Alma Mater 3 days ago

WH plays damage control yet again after Biden search for deceased Rep. Walorski adds to list of walk-backs 3 days ago

There's a 98% chance of a global recession, research firm warns | CNN Business 3 days ago

CNN reporters blasted for using Hurricane Ian to attack Ron DeSantis: 'This is undiluted partisan hackery' 3 days ago

Trump attorneys reveal whopping 200,000 pages of docs were seized from Mar-a-Lago in FBI raid 3 days ago

'Mr. President...': Joe Biden walks off as staffers try to get his attention 3 days ago

Reporter gets caught up in Hurricane Ian 3 days ago

Trump warns World War 3 can be accidentally sparked over Ukraine, Taiwan conflict 3 days ago

Hurricane Ian: Florida firefighters, good Samaritans rescue drivers trapped in flooded roads 3 days ago

Footage: Fort Myers Beach Times Square LEVELED following Hurricane Ian 3 days ago

‘No Decency, No Shame’: Tucker Blasts Politicized Hurricane Response From Dems, Media 3 days ago

Florida Reporter Defends Condom on Microphone: 'Can’t Get These Wet' 3 days ago

Scared footage of flooding in Naples, Florida 3 days ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s husband files for divorce 3 days ago

‘Money Is Tight’: CBS News Reporter Says People Can’t Afford To Flee Hurricane Ian 3 days ago

Hurricane Ian 'biggest flood event' in southwest Florida, DeSantis says 3 days ago

Rapper Coolio dead at 59 3 days ago

Majority of Texas voters support migrant bussing, Hispanics list border as top election issue: poll 4 days ago

Michigan man says he accidentally shot elderly pro-life volunteer who was allegedly 'screaming' about abortion 4 days ago

Kari Lake leading Bigly in Arizona poll 4 days ago

Maine Dept. of Ed. Promotes Overnight Camp for Trans Six Year Olds 4 days ago

Still No Charges For Man Who Admits To Shooting 84-Year-Old Pro-Life Canvasser 4 days ago

Poll: Just 36% Approve of Joe Biden 41 Days out from Election  4 days ago

President Biden shocks Twitter with cringeworthy gaffe about deceased congresswoman 4 days ago

The View thinks that hurricane Ian is a direct result of Governor Desantis' stance on climate change 4 days ago

Philadelphia bans guns in city rec spaces; even legal permit holders will have ‘problem with me,' DA says 4 days ago

National Hurricane Center chief shuts down CNN's Don Lemon trying to link Hurricane Ian to climate change 4 days ago

‘Where’s Jackie?’: Biden Asks Where Dead Congresswoman Is At White House Conference 4 days ago

Footage: Powerful storm surge southern tip Pine Island FL eye wall Hurricane Ian 4 days ago

In key midterm states, Dem voters move on from abortion, now say protecting democracy top election issue 4 days ago

Georgia Gov. Kemp opposes changing Atlanta Braves' name, says World Series champs need to ‘keep chopping' 4 days ago

New Jersey sex ed standards discussing anal sex in eighth grade ‘age appropriate,' says Gov. Murphy 4 days ago

Libertarian group files lawsuit to block student debt cancellation 4 days ago

Lawyer for pro-life activist arrested by FBI blasts 'outrageous abuse of power' from DOJ: 'Pure intimidation' 4 days ago

Democrats introduce bill banning lawmakers, judges from trading stocks 4 days ago

Poll: 71% Are Poorer Under Joe Biden's Inflation, Up From February's 58%  4 days ago

Chinese, Russian warships spotted near Alaska 4 days ago