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Another one bites the dust: Biden FAA nominee withdraws amid shaky Senate support 2 hours ago

Operation Lone Star: More than 30,000 foreign nationals turned back to Mexico 3 hours ago

Zuckerbucks minus Zuckerberg: States, counties clash over new sources of private election funding 4 hours ago

Marine veteran killed during Uber carjacking in California 5 hours ago

Mississippi news anchor is taken off-air for using Snoop Dogg lyric 6 hours ago

'Humiliated' trans woman claims TSA agent punched her testicles 7 hours ago

Idaho law bans transgender students from using bathrooms inconsistent with biological sex 7 hours ago

NPR gets roasted for claiming there's 'limited scientific evidence' men have 'physical advantage' over women in sports: 'Beyond a joke' 8 hours ago

TikTok Threatens American Privacy and Democracy, Says Washington Post Columnist 9 hours ago

Chris Christie reveals when he will announce 2024 decision while blasting competition 10 hours ago

House GOP passes Parents Bill of Rights Act 11 hours ago

New Docs Catch Fauci In A Lie About Secret COVID Origins Call, House Committee Suggests 12 hours ago

Biden declares emergency for Mississippi after massive storm kills at least 25 13 hours ago

Gordon Moore, Intel Co-Founder, Dies at 94 14 hours ago

Gwyneth Paltrow testifies a 2016 ski accident that injured a man wasn't her fault 15 hours ago

Nearly $100 billion in deposits pulled from banks; officials call system 'sound and resilient' 16 hours ago

Alex Stein ASSAULTED by far-left activists at 'Child Trans Rally' in San Francisco 17 hours ago

Trump slams Biden admin’s ‘weaponization’ of justice system as he kicks off 2024 campaign with Waco rally 18 hours ago

Gaetz Calls on DeSantis and Cruz to Endorse Trump for 2024 Presidential Run 19 hours ago

Meta to end news access for Canadians if Online News Act becomes law 20 hours ago

A Rivian buyer got his dream car after a 3-year wait. Days later, the car was dead and he faced a $2,100 bill 21 hours ago

Mississippi tornado and storms kill at least 23 1 day ago

Schiff gets away with one, judge throws out lawsuit by Hunter laptop repairman 1 day ago

Watch: Crowd Erupted When Matt Gaetz Called Out DeSantis And Ted Cruz 1 day ago

Andrew Cuomo calls out Georgia and New York Trump investigations, says they're politically motivated 1 day ago

Donald J. Trump "I stepped up to fight for America because no one else would do it,or do it properly." 1 day ago

Bill Maher describing bringing charges against Donald Trump as a "colossal mistake" 1 day ago

WE LOVE TRUMP! 1 day ago

Donald Trump on Michael Cohen "They took the word of a proven liar, a convicted felon, and a disbarred lawyer. All the same person believe it or not" 1 day ago

Ratcliffe: Iran Is Attacking Us Because China Has Their Back 1 day ago

New York nears deal creating first ban in the country on gas stoves for new homes 1 day ago

Trump attorney 'hopeful' DA will not press charges against former president 1 day ago

Tornado survivor: "If we wouldn't have been in the closet, we wouldn't be here right now" 1 day ago

DeSantis on possibly joining Trump’s ticket: ‘I’m probably more of an executive guy’ 1 day ago

Jason Mille previews Trump's rally in Waco, Texas 1 day ago

At least 23 killed after tornadoes ripped through Mississippi 1 day ago

Andrew Cuomo slams NY, Georgia investigations into Trump as feeding ‘cancer in our body politic’ 1 day ago

NPR hit with massive layoffs, cancels 4 podcasts 1 day ago

Chocolate factory explosion in West Reading leaves 2 dead, 9 unaccounted for 1 day ago

2 dead, at least 9 unaccounted for after explosion rocks Pennsylvania chocolate factory 1 day ago

Reporter to Alan Dershowitz: “Did Jeffery Epstein kill himself?” 1 day ago

Mexican president fires back at Blinken, denies cartels control any part of country 1 day ago

Idaho on Verge of Becoming Fifth State to Use Firing Squads for Executions 1 day ago

Walt Disney World to host world’s largest LGBTQ+ conference amid criticism from DeSantis 1 day ago

Small U.S. banks see record drop in deposits after SVB collapse 1 day ago

U.S. strikes Iran-backed groups in Syria after drone kills an American and injures 6 others 1 day ago

John Fetterman expected to return to Senate "soon," but no timeline yet 2 days ago

Female Cyclers Speak Out Against Unfair Competition in Sports for Transgender Women 2 days ago

'Squad' defender of alleged Chinese spy app tied to nonprofit that received $150K from its parent company 2 days ago

Nancy Pelosi calls out San Francisco archbishop who barred her from communion: ‘His problem, not mine’ 2 days ago

McCarthy rips 'extreme minority party' after no Dems support 'parents bill of rights' 2 days ago

Government Disrupting Our Privacy: Biden Administration's Attempt to Censor Vaccine-Skeptical Content on WhatsApp 2 days ago

Retired Memphis Police Officer Silenced by City Council Over "Pro-Criminal" Ordinances 2 days ago

Republicans blast Biden response to American death in Syria as 'weak,' 'indefensible' 2 days ago

US base in Syria attacked by Iranian proxy forces after retaliatory airstrikes 2 days ago

Louisville, Colorado Proposes Ban on New Gas Stations 2 days ago

‘Sounded like Mitch’: McConnell ‘alive and well,’ ‘eager’ to return, tells senators 2 days ago

New York DA Receives Threatening Letter 2 days ago

Biden admin cracks down on air conditioners as war on appliances continues 2 days ago

'Parents Bill of Rights' wins zero votes from Dems who attack it as 'fascism,' 'extreme' attack on schools 2 days ago

Alienating Asian-Americans: San Francisco's Radical Politics Is A Warning To Democrats, Says CNN Report 2 days ago

Florida parent sue over transgender youth ban 2 days ago

Press Secretary Refuses To Answer on Biden Payment From Chinese 2 days ago

GOP fails to override Biden's veto 2 days ago

New York Prosecutor Claims Trump Misled Public About Arrest 2 days ago

Biden Admin to fly illegal immigrants from Canada to Texas 2 days ago

Court Rules Against Biden Admin's Vaccinate Mandate 2 days ago

Mass Layoffs hit NPR 2 days ago

Outrageous Game Played in Texas School Sparks Concern for Student Safety 3 days ago

Veteran GOP Strategist Joins Super PAC Supporting DeSantis' Potential Presidential Run 3 days ago

Moms For Liberty Founder Tiffany Justice speaks out 3 days ago

Chinese pastor who fled communism warns America is descending into 'dark reality' with leftist censorship 3 days ago

Russian jets have flown over U.S. base in Syria nearly every day in March 3 days ago

3D-Printed Rocket Test Flight Falls Short, But Relativity Space Sees the Launch as a Success 3 days ago

Disney World Florida to host world's largest LGBT+ conference 3 days ago

Alan Dershowitz eviscerates Alvin Bragg's potential Trump indictment: 'I have never seen a weaker case' 3 days ago

Elon Musk trolls top House Dem: 'That's what she said' 3 days ago

Manhattan DA Refuses to Cooperate with House Republicans' Investigation into Trump Due to Pending Local Prosecution 3 days ago

Franklin Graham Urges Prayer Amid Rumors of Politically Motivated Charges Against Trump 3 days ago

America First Legal Reveals FBI’s Counterterrorism Division Pushed Back Against AG Garland’s Memo Targeting American Parents 3 days ago

Stanford Law School Associate Dean Put On Leave After Fueled Protests Against Trump Appointed Judge 3 days ago

Iowa signs ban on gender transition surgery for minors, says it's 'in the best interest of the kids' 3 days ago

Trans flight attendent dead from suicide after being featured in United Airlines ad 3 days ago

Republican Senators criticize Pentagon's diversity and inclusion agenda, raising concerns over military readiness. 3 days ago

Van Jones accused of betraying his race for saying Manhattan DA might 'step back' from charging Trump 3 days ago

Rep. Jamaal Bowman: "Republicans ain't got no swag. That's why they want to ban TikTok." 3 days ago

Trump grand jury canceled for rest of the WEEK 3 days ago

Manhattan DA Bragg responds to House GOP doc request, says Trump 'created a false expectation' of arrest 3 days ago

TikTok 'too integral' to Americans to sell or shut down, CEO says 3 days ago

More than 40 percent of Americans support banning TikTok: poll 3 days ago

Top California Dem defends controversial no vote on bill to increase penalties for sexual assault 3 days ago

'American Idol' contestant calls Katy Perry’s ‘mom-shaming' joke 'hurtful' and 'embarrassing' 3 days ago

Former Meta employee says she was paid $190k ‘to do nothing’ 3 days ago

Alec Baldwin slams prosecution over 'improper' public statements, says right to fair trial 'threatened' 3 days ago

Schumer Refuses to State Confidence in Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg 3 days ago

Death toll linked to contaminated eye drops rising as more report vision loss 3 days ago

Ford is about to break out big EV losses for the first time 4 days ago

Kari Lake scores win as Arizona Supreme Court sends part of her lawsuit back to trial court 4 days ago

U.S. Bishops Ban Sex Reassignment, No One Born with the ‘Wrong Body’ 4 days ago

2018 letter shows Michael Cohen lying to feds about Stormy Daniels payment 4 days ago