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Biden's Controversial Alliances: Losing Jewish Support, Funding Anti-Media NGO 1 day ago

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Jonathan Turley says prosecutors in the Hunter Biden trial did an “extraordinarily good job” 1 day ago

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Trump's Fighter's Heart: UFC President Dana White's Unwavering Support 1 day ago

Senator Paul Proposes Oversight Bill, Disney Star Criticized, SNL Writers Join Pro-Biden PAC 1 day ago

Illinois Bill Sparks Debate: Protecting Drug Addicts or Children? 1 day ago

Conservative Values Triumph: EU Rejects Globalism, Biden's Immigration Policy Backfires 1 day ago

Democrat Corruption Exposed, BBC Reporter Defends Hamas 1 day ago

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Trump's Legal Woes: Family Unity and God's Will 1 day ago

62% Support Deportation, Ex-Manager Fired, Kansas City Crime Surge 1 day ago

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Trump's Courage, Gold Struggles, and LA's Bizarre Striptease Pursuit 1 day ago

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Anti-Semitism on Campuses, Misguided Response in Spokane: A Troubling Trend 1 day ago

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Trump's Legal Battles: Bragg Agrees to Testify, Oral Arguments Requested in Willis Case 1 day ago

Australian Director Sounds Alarm on Sudden Deaths, US Unveils 'Hellscape' Taiwan Defense 1 day ago

US Defense Struggles, Middle East Conflict, Martha's Vineyard Pot Crisis 1 day ago

Portland Officials Slam $7M Budget for Syringes, Homeless Tents 1 day ago

Florida SWAT Sniper Heroics, DC Prosecution Leniency, Pelosi's J6 Responsibility 1 day ago

Hunter Biden Trial: Sympathy Plea, Southern California Snubs Pride Flag 1 day ago

Trump, Biden Neck and Neck; GOP Launches 'Protect the Vote' Tour 1 day ago

Gates' Abortion Donation Sparks Backlash, Transgender Uterus Debate 1 day ago

Biden's Border Failure: 10,000 Migrants in One Day 1 day ago

Biden's Pricey Paris Trips: Taxpayers Foot Bill as Conservatives Rise 1 day ago

Biden's Approval Plummets, Border Crisis Persists: Potential 2024 Replacements Emerge 1 day ago

Trump's Legal Move Delays Case, No Excuses Model Succeeds 1 day ago

Trump, Biden Neck and Neck: Economy, Inflation Favor Former President 1 day ago

Whistleblowers Allege Biden Family Corruption, Biden Approval Hits Low, Pro-Hamas Protests Unchecked 2 days ago

Michigan Businesses Decline: Republicans Call for Pro-Growth Policies 2 days ago

Trump Leads Biden on Key Issues: Economy, Inflation, Border 2 days ago

House Republicans Take Aim at Diversity and LGBTQ Policies in Defense Bill 2 days ago

Trump Rallies Conservatives, Slams Biden Tax Policies 2 days ago

Majority of Americans, Including Democrats, Support Illegal Alien Deportation 2 days ago

Trump's VP Pick Amid Record Fentanyl Seizures at Arizona Border 2 days ago

Record Fentanyl Seizures at Border; Trump's 2024 VP Race Heats Up 2 days ago

Whitmer Evades Hunter Biden Query, Americans Back Deportation: Poll 2 days ago

Hunter Biden Trial: Sobriety Claims Contradicted, Political Implications Loom 2 days ago

Hunter Biden Trial Unravels, Iran Elections, SCOTUS Decisions Loom 2 days ago

Trump's Virtual Probation Interview: Implications for 2024 Election 2 days ago

Trump announces he will ask Congress to eliminate all taxes on TIPS for restaurant workers and hospitality workers 3 days ago

Debate Over Child Gender Transition Sparks Controversy Among Medical Experts 3 days ago

Arizona Governor Hobbs Faces Pay-for-Play Probe 3 days ago

Social Media Shenanigans: Jury Integrity in Question at Trump Trial 3 days ago

Second Amendment Foundation Is Standing Up for Trump's Gun Rights 3 days ago

Donald Trump reacts to the Manhattan jury's guilty verdict 13 days ago

Trump's Conviction: A Game-Changer for the 2024 Presidential Race? 13 days ago

Watch Dennis Quaid: "I was ready not to vote for Trump... [It] is more than politics." 15 days ago

Key GOP Donor Stephen A. Schwarzman Backs Trump 18 days ago

Justice Sotomayor Opens Up About Emotional Reactions to Court Decisions 18 days ago

Nicki Minaj Arrested at Amsterdam Airport While on Her Pink Friday 2 World Tour 18 days ago

Trump dancing at the Bronx rally 19 days ago

Boston City Council Member Sparks Controversy with Wild Behavior 19 days ago

Trump Energizes New York Voters with Historic Rally in the Bronx 19 days ago

Ted Cruz Takes On CNN Host in Fiery Debate Over Voter Fraud Claims 20 days ago

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) has explosive exchange with Northwestern University's president 20 days ago

Harvard Corporation Rejects Faculty Vote to Let 13 Pro-Palestine Student Protesters Graduate 20 days ago

House GOP claims Hunter Biden lied under oath 21 days ago

Amal Clooney's Role in ICC's Warrant for Netanyahu and Hamas Leaders Criticized by Israeli Prime Minister 22 days ago

State Department's Condolences for Iran's President Sparks Controversy 22 days ago

Bill Maher Sparks Debate: Is Biden Losing His Momentum? 25 days ago

Swing State Voters Rethink Biden: Could Trump Make a Comeback in 2024? 25 days ago

Climate Protesters Cause Chaos at Munich Airport, Arrested for Runway Stunt 25 days ago

London Mayor Khan Takes Aim at Trump Again 25 days ago

Boeing whistleblower John Barnett's cause of death revealed 26 days ago

CNN Panel Slams Michael Cohen for Secretly Recording Trump: Highly Uncool and Unethical 26 days ago

Dems Consider Returning to Old Tools to Block Trump Nominees - A Desperate Move? 26 days ago

Trump Sounds Alarm on China-Russia Alliance from Manhattan Courtroom 26 days ago

Man Who Attacked Paul Pelosi with Hammer Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison 26 days ago

UK Schools to Avoid Teaching Gender Theory in Updated Sex Ed Guidelines 27 days ago

Jimmy Fallon Roasts CNN's Ratings and Reveals Biden-Trump Debate Details 27 days ago

Jake Tapper Selected to Moderate Presidential Debate Despite Anti-Trump Bias 27 days ago

Robert De Niro's Trump Derangement Syndrome on Full Display 28 days ago

House Republicans Seek to Award Congressional Gold Medal to Trump 28 days ago