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Carlson Backs Vance: Trump's Team vs. Media Establishment 22 minutes ago

Obama Doubts Biden's Reelection, Divides Democratic Party 52 minutes ago

Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal Still Haunts Approval Ratings 1 hour ago

Trump Mourns Loss of 'Incredible' Conservative Icon Lou Dobbs 3 hours ago

JD Vance: From Never-Trump to MAGA, Influenced by Niche Thinkers 4 hours ago

Cuban Nationals Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Immigrants in Texas 4 hours ago

Donald Trump tells the story about how he almost lost his life on Saturday 4 hours ago

Congressman Mike Waltz says according to an FBI briefing, the Trump shooter had three encrypted accounts OVERSEAS 4 hours ago

Hulk Hogan Ignites RNC: USA Chant, Trump 2024 5 hours ago

Hulk Hogan Ignites RNC: 'USA' Chant, Shirt Rip Stuns Crowd 5 hours ago

Watch: Hulk Hogan Steals Show With Iconic Move 7 hours ago

Former CIA Analyst Charged with Espionage for South Korea 7 hours ago

Tyson's Fight with Paul: Not About Money, All About Glory 7 hours ago

Mike Lindell Unveils Plan to Secure 2024 Election at RNC 7 hours ago

Hulk Hogan is a full blown MAGA Patriot now 7 hours ago

8th Circuit Blocks Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan 8 hours ago

Supreme Court Ruling Upends Trump's Felony Conviction 9 hours ago

Nashville Councilwoman Falsely Blames Trump for Assassination Attempt 9 hours ago

Biden Reportedly Planning to Withdraw from 2024 Race 9 hours ago

Special Counsel Jack Smith Appeals Dismissal of Trump Classified Files Case 10 hours ago

Kid Rock Unveils Trump-Themed Song at RNC Convention 10 hours ago

Trump Accepts Nomination, Outlines Second Term Vision at RNC 11 hours ago

Legendary Conservative Comedian Bob Newhart Passes Away at 94 11 hours ago

BREAKING: President Trump responds to passing of Lou Dobbs 12 hours ago

Trump Meets Secret Service Director Amid Assassination Attempt Scrutiny 12 hours ago

BREAKING: Biden Admin Gets Blocked By Fed Court 13 hours ago

Democrats Doubt Biden's Viability: Pelosi, Schumer Urge Reconsideration 13 hours ago

Trump's RNC Speech, Patriotism at Eskimo King: Uniting America 14 hours ago

Democrats Push Biden to Drop 2024 Race, Eye Harris 14 hours ago

Secret Service Scrutinized in Trump Shooting Incident Probe 15 hours ago

Obama Questions Biden's Viability Amidst Democratic Anxiety 15 hours ago

Vance: Trump's VP Pick Balances Tech, Antitrust, Free Speech 16 hours ago

Austin Private Wealth Denies Shorting Trump Stock Pre-Attempt 16 hours ago

Watch: Democrats promoting "Make America Great Again" 16 hours ago

Trump Surges Ahead of Biden-Harris Post-Assassination Attempt 17 hours ago

Hulk Hogan to RNC! 17 hours ago

BREAKING: New Emerson Poll Has Trump Leading In 7 Major Swing States!!! 17 hours ago

Georgetown University Embraces Gender-Inclusive Housing, Catholic Conservatives Concerned 17 hours ago

Elon Musk to Address RNC, Announce Major Commitment to Combat Ballot Harvesting 18 hours ago

Democrats Urge Biden to Step Aside, Endorse Harris 18 hours ago

US Christian Leaders Imprisoned in Nicaragua Spark Outrage, Action 18 hours ago

Biden Tests Positive, Cancels Latino Event in Vegas 19 hours ago

Secret Service Director Under Fire: DEI Policies Questioned After Trump Assassination Attempt 20 hours ago

Trump Survives Assassination Attempt, Ignites Debate on Security, Rhetoric 21 hours ago

JD Vance Delivers Powerful Speech, Slams Biden's Policies 22 hours ago

Biden's False Claims: January 6 Gallows Mystery Remains 23 hours ago

Vance Praises Alex Jones, Slams Rachel Maddow in Unearthed Speech 23 hours ago

Navarro Welcomed Back: Ex-Trump Aide Receives Warm RNC Reception 1 day ago

Illegal Alien Attacks Woman with Machete in Florida: Time for Biden to Secure Borders 1 day ago

Navarro's Defiant RNC Speech: 'I Went to Prison So You Won't Have To' 1 day ago

Secret Service Failed: Trump's Assassin Spotted Before Shooting 1 day ago

Trump's Views on Economy, Energy, Big Tech, Tariffs, and Foreign Policy 1 day ago

Eighth Circuit Strikes Down Minnesota's Under-21 Gun-Carry Ban 1 day ago

Biden Tests Positive for COVID, Cancels Las Vegas Speech 1 day ago

Trump's Eldest Grandchild Speaks at RNC 1 day ago

Vance Emerges as Harris's Toughest Debate Opponent 1 day ago

Greene Grills: How Did Trump Assassin Evade Capture? 1 day ago

Disney Axes Beloved Character Over Alcoholism Concerns, Poland Rejects Pro-Abortion Bill 1 day ago

Navarro Released, Slams 'Weaponized' Justice System 1 day ago

YouTube's New Policy Threatens Gun Content Creators 1 day ago

Texas Governor Abbott Welcomes Elon Musk, Promises Business Freedom 1 day ago

Trump Honors Fallen Hero: Attends Funeral of Slain Firefighter 1 day ago

Senate Briefing Reveals Details of Trump Assassination Attempt 1 day ago

Man trolls Secret Service in video 1 day ago

Trump's VP Pick, JD Vance, Addresses RNC on Foreign Affairs, Border Security 1 day ago

Rust Armorer Seeks New Trial Amid Alec Baldwin's Dismissal 1 day ago

Sen. Blackburn: I just got off a briefing with the Secret Service and FBI 1 day ago

Sanders Backs Biden, Slams Trump's Cognitive Abilities 1 day ago

Trump Ready to Act 'Immediately' as Peace Broker in Russia-Ukraine War 1 day ago

Democrats Divided: Congressional Concern Over DNC's Virtual Roll Call 1 day ago

Biden Refuses to Tone Down Rhetoric, Blames Trump for Division 1 day ago

Google Buries Trump's Campaign Site, Boosts Biden's at RNC 1 day ago

Biden's Health Shock: May Drop Out If Diagnosed 1 day ago

Former Thomas Crooks classmate says Crooks was a known Trump hater and was a "know it all" 1 day ago

Tech Titans Andreessen, Horowitz Back Trump's 2024 Bid 1 day ago

Brick Suit guy shares footage from front row immediately after the attempt on President Trump's life 1 day ago

House GOP Subpoenas Secret Service Head Over Trump Assassination Attempt 1 day ago

Chairman Comer Subpoenas Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle 1 day ago

Watch: ER Patient at the hospital in Butler, Pennsylvania captured the moment President Trump arrived to hospital 1 day ago

Johnson Creates Task Force to Investigate Secret Service Over Trump Assassination Attempt 1 day ago

Iran's Hostage Diplomacy: A Threat to International Law 1 day ago

Secret Service Director Under Fire for Trump Rally Security Lapses 1 day ago

Navarro Freed: Trump Advisor Completes Prison Sentence 1 day ago

Trump Mulls Jamie Dimon for Treasury After CEO Meeting 1 day ago

Clark Advocates DOJ Reform, Celebrates Navarro's Release 1 day ago

Local Cop Hailed Hero: Delayed Shooter, Saved Trump's Life 1 day ago

Czech Data Reveals Moderna Vaccine Increased All-Cause Mortality by Over 50% Compared to Pfizer 1 day ago

White House Panic: Biden Team Reacts to Trump's VP Pick 1 day ago

Dr. Ben Carson: God Protected Trump, Let's Re-elect Him! 1 day ago

Gold Soars, Stocks Shift: Biggest Reversal Since 1987 1 day ago

Tim Scott: Miracles Happened with Roe v. Wade Overturn 1 day ago

Leftmedia Dismisses Effort to Remove Biden as 'Conspiracy Theory' 2 days ago

Teamsters President Challenges GOP on Union Support 2 days ago

Trump Campaign Sues Michigan Governor Over Voter Registration 2 days ago

Far-Left Protesters Target Trump, Biden's Chances Dim 2 days ago

MSNBC Analyst Fears JD Vance's Potential Impact on Administrative State 2 days ago

Politico Perplexed by Conservatives' Faith in God 2 days ago

Vivek gives amazing speech: “For those of you watching at home” 2 days ago

Bob Costas Accuses Democrats of Gaslighting Voters on Biden's Mental Decline 2 days ago

Kennedy Apologizes After Leaked Talk with Trump 2 days ago