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CNN host suggests 'MAGA' Trump supporters would have defended OJ Simpson during murder trial 1 day ago

Biden campaign: We don't want the votes of 'Death to America' protesters in Michigan 1 day ago

Harvard defends return to old policy requiring SAT/ACT test scores for admission 2 days ago

NPR editor's bombshell essay causing 'turmoil' at liberal outlet: Report 2 days ago

Trump demands 'no more funding' after NPR scandal: 'Not one dollar!' 2 days ago

Top Nikki Haley backer says Republicans will unite around Trump to 'do what's right for America' 2 days ago

Trump campaign demands Biden debate him 'much earlier' and more often 2 days ago

New poll reveals crucial battleground state prefers Trump over Biden in heated 2024 rematch 2 days ago

JK Rowling says 'Harry Potter' stars who criticized her trans views can 'save their apologies' 2 days ago

OJ Simpson dead at 76, family says 2 days ago

Pro-Palestinian protester derails dinner at UC Berkeley law school dean’s home, refuses to leave 2 days ago

Senators demand FBI agents testify about 'highly credible' source who allegedly made up Biden bribery scheme 2 days ago

Eric Trump 'guarantees' father will defeat Biden in November: 'Americans are upset' 2 days ago

Undecided voters say 'timing' of Trump indictments is ‘politically motivated:’ ‘Doesn't seem fair at all’ 2 days ago

Donald Trump stops by a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, Georgia 3 days ago

Arizona Supreme Court upholds near-total abortion ban 3 days ago

FBI director says China is the 'defining threat of our generation' 3 days ago

Mayorkas deflects when asked if ‘above 85%’ of illegal immigrants are released into the US 3 days ago

Fanni Willis' Affair Partner Pleads Poverty And Unable To Make Alimony Payment 3 days ago

Anti-Israel agitators shut down Senate cafeteria; around 50 arrested 3 days ago

NCAA faces calls to ban trans athletes from competing in women's sports after NAIA's decision: 'Your move' 4 days ago

NPR editor found registered Democrats outnumbered Republicans 87 to zero in newsroom 4 days ago

Joe Rogan reveals when he thinks the Democratic Party will kick Biden to the curb 4 days ago

The View's Sunny Hostin blames eclipse, earthquake and cicadas on 'climate change' 4 days ago

DOJ will not turn over Biden's recorded interview with Special Counsel Hur, risking contempt of Congress 5 days ago

Hillary Clinton met with student protests during visit to alma mater Wellesley College: 'Blood on her hands' 6 days ago

Desperate Zelenskyy warns 'Ukraine will lose the war' if Congress does not send more aid 6 days ago

Wisconsin becomes 28th state to pass a ban on ‘Zuckerbucks’ ahead of 2024 election 7 days ago

GOP Megadonor Who Backed Haley Now Funding Trump 7 days ago

New York City to pay $17.5 million for forcing women to remove hijabs for mug shots 7 days ago

Suge Knight ribs Sean 'Diddy' Combs in prison call, drops ominous warning: 'Puffy, your life's in danger' 8 days ago

UCLA medical school's 'structural racism' class featured 'quite disturbing' prayer to pagan god: Witness 8 days ago

GOP committee demands answers on Biden taxpayer push to register voters in key swing state: 'Inconceivable'' 8 days ago

First lady Jill Biden reportedly urging the president privately to end the war in Gaza: 'Stop, stop it now' 8 days ago

Michigan Republican grills Biden on taxpayer-funded rent subsidies going to asylum-seekers 8 days ago

'The Rock' explains why he's not endorsing Biden this time, how he feels about 'woke culture' 8 days ago

Spike in number of illegal Chinese immigrants becoming US national security issue 8 days ago

Colorado community threatens to fine, seize buses that drop off illegal immigrants: 'No more freeloading' 9 days ago

Jill Biden snaps at mention of poll with president trailing Trump in six swing states: 'No, he's not' 9 days ago

Lauren Boebert has surgery to remove blood clot, diagnosed with rare condition 9 days ago

Texas university clears DEI offices, lays off employees in light of new state law: report 9 days ago

Biden ripped in new ad spotlighting his immigration record as border crisis escalates: 'Trump was right' 9 days ago

DOJ sues Utah for 'discrimination based on gender dysphoria' of transgender prisoner 10 days ago

New York judge says FDNY booing of Letitia James, pro-Trump chants not about politics, 'has to do with race' 10 days ago

House Republicans push to rename DC international airport after Trump 10 days ago

Americans are draining their retirement accounts, racking up debt due to high inflation 10 days ago

Federal Appeals Court Deals Legal Blow To Trump Aide Currently Facing Prison Sentence 10 days ago

Trump says Biden 'orchestrated' legal challenges ahead of campaign stops in battleground states 11 days ago

Speaker Johnson, Marjorie Taylor Greene exchange texts after motion to oust him: 'We're going to talk' 11 days ago

Trump demands Biden issue apology over 'blasphemous' Trans Visibility Day on Easter Sunday: 'Appalling' 12 days ago

American voters say Trump is better able to handle nuclear emergency than Biden: poll 13 days ago

Video of Guyana’s president snapping back at BBC reporter’s climate quiz goes viral: ‘Let me stop you’ 14 days ago

Chicago mayor defends council member who appeared at a pro-Palestinian rally where an American flag was burned 14 days ago

Biden cracks down on diesel trucks in bid to fight climate change, reduce emissions 15 days ago

Anti-squatting 'professional' celebrates Florida ban, as other state laws frustrate homeowners 15 days ago

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, raise a $25 million bulwark for Biden as Dems fret over Trump poll advantage 15 days ago

Donald Trump arrives at the wake of slain NYPD officer 16 days ago

Disgraced crypto king Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years for FTX fraud 16 days ago

Trump campaign unleashes on Biden for backing California's gas car ban 16 days ago

Chris Christie withdraws from consideration for ‘No Labels’ presidential run 16 days ago

Johnson to formally hand Mayorkas impeachment articles to Senate, urges trial 'expeditiously' 16 days ago

Pro-Palestinian protesters at UMich disrupt, cut short honors convocation 17 days ago

Disney accused of misleading shareholders with ‘woke political agenda’ 17 days ago

Obama making regular calls to Biden’s chief of staff, fears Trump 2024 win: report 17 days ago

Republicans top Dems on key factor motivating voter turnout for Biden-Trump rematch: poll 17 days ago

Boeing CEO to step down in broad management shake-up as 737 Max crisis weighs on aerospace giant 17 days ago

Trump tells Israel to 'finish up' Gaza offensive because nation is 'losing a lot of support' 18 days ago

New York City begins giving illegal immigrants prepaid debit cards as part of $53 million pilot program 18 days ago

Homeland Security raids Holmby Hills home associated with Diddy film company 18 days ago

New census data analysis suggests Pennsylvania advantage for Trump and GOP in 2024 19 days ago

Former New York residents reveal reasons for blue state exodus: 'I stopped loving it' 19 days ago

Transgender female darts player wins women's event, sparks fury 19 days ago

Trump's $454M judgment bond slashed by more than half in appeals court ruling 19 days ago

Conservative California school board members ousted after trans-related parental notification policies 19 days ago

Rubio warns ISIS-K could exploit US southern border following deadly Moscow attack 19 days ago

Berkeley professor apologizes after telling students to leave Bay Area 'if you want a girlfriend' 19 days ago

Hero teen saves over 100 people in deadly Moscow terror attack: video 19 days ago

Anti-Trump GOP Alaska Senator doesn't shoot down notion of becoming independent 19 days ago

Trump vows to fight New York AG case 'all the way up to the US Supreme Court,' as deadline to post $454M looms 20 days ago

Donald Trump Jr. wants a 'fighter' to serve as Trump's VP: 'Someone who can take those hits' 21 days ago

Apple’s ‘green bubble’ Android texts fuel ‘social stigma,’ DOJ claims in landmark suit 21 days ago

Midwest state on verge of defying Biden with Texas-style bill to combat illegal immigration 23 days ago

Former NBC executive sparks backlash for saying 18-year-old Barron Trump is now 'fair game' 24 days ago

AOC get triggered: asks Tony Bobulinski to list the crimes he witnessed Joe Biden commit 24 days ago

Georgia judge allows Trump, co-defendants to appeal Fani Willis disqualification decision 24 days ago

Judge orders FBI to hand over trans school shooter Audrey Hale's manifesto 24 days ago

Donald Trump may not pay bond — and instead let Letitia James seize Trump Tower: insiders 24 days ago

NY AG asks court to ignore Trump claim that posting $464M bond is 'practical impossibility' 24 days ago

NYC residents in AOC's district furious over 'unbearable' migrant crisis, crime: She 'abandoned' us 24 days ago

Christine Blasey Ford was 'devastated' by investigations finding no evidence to support Kavanaugh accusations 24 days ago

Kevin O'Leary warns 'extraordinary' NYC civil fraud penalty against Trump is 'an attack on America' 25 days ago

Trump sues ABC News, George Stephanopoulos for defamation 25 days ago

Jonathan Turley Says Prosecutions Of Trump Prove Him ‘Right’ About Weaponization Of Government 25 days ago

NAVARRO speaks before turning himself into prison 25 days ago

Gaetz leads push for Biden to take 'immediate' action on feared Haitian migrant crisis 25 days ago

Georgia lawmaker demands Fani Willis step aside in Trump election case: 'Her credibility is shot' 25 days ago

Trump unable to get $464M appeal bond to stop collection, attorneys say: 'Practical impossibility' 26 days ago

Report: Biden Is 'Angry and Anxious' About Lagging Reelection Campaign 26 days ago

Trump warns lawmakers that if they ban TikTok, users will flock to ‘worse’ platform Facebook 27 days ago

Ohio Republican US Senate candidate Bernie Moreno has special message for GOP members who 'don't like' Trump 28 days ago