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TRUMP: "I’m stuck here.. I would rather be right now in Iowa" 33 minutes ago

Trump says he would do it 3 hours ago

Sen. Graham is not happy 15 hours ago

Newt Gingrich calls the 8 Republicans who voted to oust Kevin McCarthy "traitors." 16 hours ago

McHenry ordered Pelosi to leave her Capitol hideaway office by Wednesday 16 hours ago

Sean Hannity says Donald Trump has been contacted to be Speaker 16 hours ago

Rep. Gaetz: This is not the time to go home for a week. We should stay and elect a new Speaker 16 hours ago

BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy will not run for Speaker of the House again 20 hours ago

Matt Gaetz calls Kevin McCarthy a “feature of the swamp” 20 hours ago

Rep. Nancy Mace: Today I voted for the Motion to Vacate and remove the Speaker 20 hours ago

Breaking: Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy has been removed as House Speaker 21 hours ago

MCCARTHY: “No. If five Republicans go with Democrats, then I'm out.” 1 day ago

Initial vote on whether to remove McCarthy as speaker set for Tuesday 1 day ago

Hunter Biden pleads not guilty to federal gun charges out of Special Counsel David Weiss' probe 1 day ago

Trump: "This is called election interference." 1 day ago

MTG: Jamaal Bowman knew what he was doing. He was trying to interrupt the vote 1 day ago

Border Patrol agents processed 200,000 migrants in September 1 day ago

Trump: "This is a continuation of the single greatest witch hunt of all time." 2 days ago

House GOP members seek to expel Gaetz amid renewed threat to vacate House Speaker McCarthy 2 days ago

Marine Corps relaxes uniform standards due to camouflage shortage 2 days ago

Meghan 'considers run for office' to fill seat of California senator 3 days ago

Michigan high school student charged with felony over viral video of her knocking teacher out with metal chair 3 days ago

Speaker McCarthy: "When we found that an individual who was elected to Congress would pull the fire alarm" 3 days ago

Government shutdown would 'undermine' Biden admin's economic 'progress': Yellen 4 days ago

Ex-bodega clerk Jose Alba sues NYC DA Alvin Bragg for racial discrimination after murder charges dropped 4 days ago

Conservatives cheer Biden OMB director warning GOP cuts could purge thousands of FBI, ATF agents: 'Good start' 4 days ago

Elon Musk: Hip-firing my Barrett 50 cal 4 days ago

'I see more fear than any time in my business career,' says BlackRock's Larry Fink 4 days ago

'I'm ashamed': Grandmother of social media influencer arrested during Philly looting speaks out 4 days ago

Trump on Joe Biden: “Does anybody think he’s going to make it to the starting gate? I mean the guy can’t find his way off of a stage” 4 days ago

Federal investigators floated sex trafficking charges against Hunter Biden, doc shows 4 days ago

Arrest reported in Tupac Shakur’s 1996 murder 5 days ago

BREAKING: Senator Feinstein Has Passed Away 5 days ago

Rep. Comer ends first impeachment inquiry hearing by announcing he is issuing subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden’s personal and business bank records 5 days ago

San Francisco supe calls for banning right turns on red citywide 6 days ago

‘Age Of Disorder’: Bill O’Reilly, Tucker Discuss Who Has ‘Control’ Over Biden 6 days ago

Trump Will Not Attend Any Future GOP Presidential Debates, Campaign Confirms 6 days ago

Looting rocks Philly for SECOND night as thieves smash up liquor store 6 days ago

Sen. Katie Britt: That's not the American dream. That's an American NIGHTMARE! 6 days ago

Senate leaders reach short-term budget deal with $6B in Ukraine aid, setting up showdown with House 7 days ago

Heat star Jimmy Butler ticked off by $145 gas bill after filling up car: 'F---ing highway robbery' 7 days ago

UAW president sees 'no point' in meeting Trump: 'He serves a billionaire class' 7 days ago

Bob Menendez, wife Nadine plead not guilty on federal corruption charges 7 days ago

Canada's House speaker resigns over inviting a man who fought for a Nazi unit to Parliament 7 days ago

New York judge announces decision in Trump real estate fraud case 7 days ago

Elon Musk to visit southern border in Texas as migrant numbers hit new records 7 days ago

Hunter Biden sues Rudy Giuliani over laptop, accuses ex-Trump lawyer of 'hacking' 7 days ago

Republicans open probe into Biden's energy secretary after police called on her EV road trip 7 days ago

Biden's 2024 team is on a mission to stop him from tripping amid struggle with 'significant spinal arthritis' 8 days ago

Pelosi among growing list of Dems calling for Menendez to resign after bribery indictment 8 days ago

Trump responds to Dem efforts to ban him from 2024 ballots, says First Amendment protects him 8 days ago

Over a dozen Senate Democrats call for Sen. Menendez to resign amid corruption charges 8 days ago

Bob Menendez Offers Explanation For Wads Of Cash Found In His Home 8 days ago

Pro-life leader denounces FBI, DOJ's prosecution of activists: 'It's a different America' 9 days ago

Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul calls in National Guard amid New York's worsening migrant crisis 9 days ago

Canada under fire for applauding 'literal Nazi' in parliament during Zelenskyy visit 9 days ago

DeSantis’ influence plummets in Florida amid troubled presidential campaign: report 10 days ago

Trump edges out Biden 51-42 in head-to-head matchup: POLL 10 days ago

Newsom vetoes California bill involving parent's affirmation of child's identity in custody cases 11 days ago

Lauren Boebert addresses theater incident: 'I messed up' 11 days ago

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin to issue bipartisan resolution to reinstate dress code 11 days ago

Biden announces $325M aid package to Ukraine after meeting with Zelenskyy 12 days ago

Elon Musk accuses media of ignoring the border crisis because they were 'instructed not to cover it' 12 days ago

Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez facing indictment on bribery charges 12 days ago

Elon Musk calls for San Francisco supervisor to be fired over city's 'destruction' amid crime surge 12 days ago

Gov Abbott: We will not back down 12 days ago

Rand Paul: ‘I Will Not Consent’ to Stopgap Spending Bill that Includes Funding for Ukraine War 12 days ago

Disney CEO says company will 'quiet the noise' in culture wars, according to analyst note 12 days ago

New DHS Intelligence Expert Group Features Signers of Letter Discrediting Hunter Biden Laptop Story 12 days ago

Poor oversight leaves military barracks in dire condition, report says 13 days ago

Ukrainian-born Republican Congresswoman Victoria Spartz UNLOADS on Merrick Garland 13 days ago

Gov. Abbott: I officially declared an invasion at our border because of Biden's policies. 13 days ago

Watch: President Lula of Brazil Visibly Upset After Biden Walks Off Stage 13 days ago

Eric Adams slams Biden for not meeting, ignoring migrant crisis on NYC visit: 'Everybody knows where I am' 14 days ago

Jim Jordan grills AG Garland over allowing Hunter Biden's potential Burisma charges to 'lapse' 14 days ago

Michigan school board demands removal of LGBTQ mural in middle school health clinic 14 days ago

Rep. Thomas Massie: “These look like mafia tactics” 14 days ago

FTX sues Sam Bankman-Fried's parents, aims to claw back some of the $26 million in gifts and property 14 days ago

Chicago's Mayor wants to create city-run grocery stores 14 days ago

House will hold first Biden impeachment inquiry hearing next Thursday 15 days ago

Pennsylvania high school students organize walkout to protest trans bathroom rule: 'Compromised' our rights 15 days ago

Newsom justifies Hunter Biden business deals, says using family to ‘get a little influence’ is ‘hardly unique' 15 days ago

Ray Epps charged with felony! 15 days ago

Cash bail ends in Illinois Monday 16 days ago

Hunter Biden sues IRS, alleges agents tried to 'target' and 'embarrass' him 16 days ago

Officials: F-35 goes missing near North Charleston; pilot hospitalized after ejecting 16 days ago

Trump Drops Massive Hint For Potential VP Selection 17 days ago

Boebert 'truly sorry' after causing disturbance at Denver theatre that was caught on video 17 days ago

Eye-Witness: Border Patrol drop off & release this Guatemalan family at a random Dollar Tree store in the Tucson, AZ 17 days ago

Three men involved in Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot found not guilty by jury 17 days ago

BREAKING: Texas AG Ken Paxton acquitted on all impeachment charges 18 days ago

Ford CEO: "There's no way we can be sustainable as a company", if they paid what the UAW is demanding 19 days ago

Chaos caught on camera as Democrats were shouted down by protesters furious over the migrant crisis 19 days ago

Virginia parents appeal to remove a so-called anti-racist policy from school district: 'Racist at its core' 19 days ago

'Marxist Lesbian' American Library Association head says conservative book bans are ‘attacks on children' 19 days ago

NM GOP leaders to file suit against Dem Gov Grisham to block gun carry ban 20 days ago

Dylan Mulvaney says it would be 'epic' to star in Super Bowl ad following Bud Light backlash 20 days ago

FBI agent involved in Hunter Biden probe does not believe politics were involved 20 days ago

Ex-FBI official in Trump-Russia probe who admitted to Russian oligarch scheme nearing plea deal in 2nd DC case 20 days ago

Hunter Biden receives felony indicted by special counsel 20 days ago