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Undocumented Honduran Man Arrested in Kenner for Series of Violent Crimes 45 days ago

JPMorgan Warns of Potential Return to 1970s Stagflation Amid Stock Market Highs 45 days ago

Wendy's Sets the Record Straight on Dynamic Pricing Plans 45 days ago

Mitch McConnell stepping down as Republican leader 45 days ago

Elon Musk explains why he's ringing the 'alarm bell' on illegal immigration: 'Crushing the country' 45 days ago

Nikki Haley says GOP becoming 'playpen' for Trump 45 days ago

Nikki Haley Stays Republican Amid Speculation, Trump's 2024 Lead Unchallenged 45 days ago

Wendy's Contemplates Dynamic Pricing Model: A Bold Move or Consumer Concern? 45 days ago

Shift in Sentiment: Democrats Reconsider Trump Ahead of 2024 Election 45 days ago

Virginia State Senator Walks Out After Misgendering Incident 45 days ago

Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley drops out, endorses Trump 46 days ago

Rashida Tlaib 'proud' to not vote for Biden in Michigan Democratic primary 46 days ago

Donald Trump Jr. Faces Threatening Incident 47 days ago

3 Waltons are worth a combined $224 billion — more than Elon Musk — thanks to Walmart's stock surge 47 days ago

San Francisco Store Blocks Shoppers, Makes Them Wait For Help Because Of ‘Rampant Crime’ 47 days ago

Vermont girls basketball team banned from play after forfeiting game against team with transgender player 47 days ago

US Air Force member dies after setting himself on fire at Israeli Embassy in DC yelling, ‘Free Palestine’ 47 days ago

PETA takes jab at Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce for visiting Australian zoo during 'Eras Tour' stop 47 days ago

Newsom says Biden should debate Trump, 'beat' him like in 2020 48 days ago

Biden tells staffers 'key' to lasting marriage is 'good sex': book 48 days ago

Senate Minority Whip Endorses Former President Trump for Re-Election: A Key Win for Trump within Republican Establishment 48 days ago

Palantir co-founder warns unprecedented rulings against Donald Trump and Elon Musk pose a significant threat to business 48 days ago

Sylvester Stallone is 'permanently' leaving California behind for Florida: 'It's a done deal' 48 days ago

Construction workers being replaced by AI robot bricklayers 48 days ago

Conservatives outraged after Axios reposts article claiming southern border is 'more fortified' than ever 48 days ago

Top Ukrainian official hints at potential peace summit with Russia 48 days ago

Comer insists indicted FBI informant Smirnov's claims 'not an important part' of Biden family probe 48 days ago

Trump Triumphs in South Carolina as Haley Vows to Fight On 49 days ago

Donald Trump WINS South Carolina 2024 Republican Primary 49 days ago

Trump says South Carolina is a 'bigger win than we anticipated,' looks forward to saying 'Joe, you're fired' 49 days ago

Red-faced Google apologizes after woke AI bot gives 'appalling' answers about pedophilia, Stalin 49 days ago

House Democrats could vote against certifying Trump if he’s elected, writes The Atlantic 49 days ago

Sen. Tom Cotton torches Google AI system as 'racist, preposterously woke, Hamas-sympathizing' 49 days ago

Former NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre found liable for corruption, cost gun rights group more than $5 million: jury 49 days ago

Democrat lampooned for plea to press to stop fact-checking Biden: 'Fact-check her facts' 49 days ago

2 Mississippi National Guard members killed in helicopter crash during training flight 50 days ago

Ex-FBI informant charged with lying about Bidens' business dealings re-arrested 50 days ago

US successfully lands on moon for first time in half-century with private robot spacecraft 51 days ago

AOC suggests cutting off aid to Israel after U.S. vetoes ceasefire resolution 51 days ago

Rubio warns Chinese cyberattack 'will be 100 times worse' than AT&T outage 51 days ago

AT&T customers report a massive outage, disrupting phone service across America 51 days ago

Trump received 'nuclear option' in unprecedented NYC civil fraud case, says Turley 52 days ago

Hunter Biden lawyer says photo on his phone showed sawdust, not cocaine: ‘prosecution is flat out wrong’ 52 days ago

Trump has 'ripe argument' for fighting 'outrageous' NYC civil fraud penalty, says legal expert 52 days ago

2 adults charged in deadly Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade shooting 52 days ago

7.2M illegals entered the US under Biden admin, an amount greater than population of 36 states 53 days ago

Kevin O’Leary educates CNN host about the Trump trial 53 days ago

Outside of Trump International Golf Club this afternoon 54 days ago

House Republican introduces bill to reimburse Texas the nearly $4 billion it spent to secure border 54 days ago

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Not Happy with What New York Just Did to Trump 54 days ago

Kansas City mayor accuses governor of racial 'dog whistle' for calling Super Bowl parade shooters 'thugs' 54 days ago

Hochul apologizes after saying Israel 'has right to defend itself' with 'inappropriate' Canada analogy 54 days ago

OpenAI valued at $80B after deal: report 54 days ago

US launches 5 airstrikes against Houthi anti-ship missiles, destroys underwater drone 55 days ago

Trump barred from operating business, ordered to pay over $350 million in NY civil fraud case 57 days ago

Montana Air Force Base on lockdown due to ‘active shooter alert’ 58 days ago

Orthodox Jewish student sues Columbia over 'virulently hostile' environment in the wake of Oct. 7 attack 58 days ago

Eric Adams warns NYC is 'out of room' amid sanctuary struggle: People will soon be 'sleeping on the streets' 58 days ago

1 dead, multiple people injured in shooting near Chiefs' Super Bowl victory rally in Kansas City 59 days ago

California school terminates contract with controversial 'Woke Kindergarten' program 60 days ago

House votes to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas over border crisis 60 days ago

Judge in Trump Georgia case says DA Fani Willis’ alleged ‘improper’ affair ‘could result in disqualification' 60 days ago

Trump asks Supreme Court to extend delay in election case, claiming presidential immunity 60 days ago

House Republicans demand transcript of Biden’s interview with special counsel as part of impeachment inquiry 61 days ago

Waymo Autonomous Vehicle Vandalized and Set on Fire in San Francisco's Chinatown. 62 days ago

Biden allies go on defense blitz following Hur report: 'Bucket of BS' 62 days ago

Defense Sec. Austin back in hospital ahead of busy travel week: Pentagon officials 62 days ago

Georgia whistleblowers lining up to testify against Fulton County DA Fani Willis, state lawmaker says 62 days ago

New York Times editorial board demands Biden ‘do better’ in defending his memory, fitness for office 63 days ago

Foreign outlets pull no punches over Biden ‘confusion’ and ‘rage’ after surprise press conference 64 days ago

Trump says he's a 'believer' in the Supreme Court after oral arguments in Colorado ballot case 64 days ago

No charges for Biden after Special Counsel probe into improper handling of classified documents 64 days ago

Trump demands DOJ 'immediately' drop charges against him in classified docs case after Biden decision 65 days ago

White House says ICE will reduce deportations, detention capacity if Republicans don't pass border bill 66 days ago

Fetterman blasts pro-Palestinian protesters: 'Why aren't you demanding that Hamas surrenders?' 66 days ago

Senate tanks immigration, foreign aid spending package after GOP backlash against border provisions 66 days ago

Trump not immune from prosecution in 2020 election case, federal appeals court rules 66 days ago

Kirby apologizes for Biden admin lying about warning the Iraqi government ahead of strikes 66 days ago

Senate Republicans mobilize to block border bill: 'This will not pass' 66 days ago

Tributes pour in for Toby Keith, legendary 'Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue' singer dead at 62 67 days ago

Fetterman warns young voters to support Biden even if they don’t like him: ‘F—- around and find out’ 67 days ago

Biden support from Black voters plummeting as Democrats blame ‘disinformation’ 67 days ago

Biden says Americans will be living in a ‘nightmare’ if Trump wins re-election 67 days ago

Pramila Jayapal says Biden caved to 'extremist views' in bipartisan border deal 68 days ago

Biden aides panicked over classified document report containing 'embarrassing details,' photos: Report 68 days ago

Houthis vow 'escalation' after US, UK launch more strikes in Yemen 68 days ago

Trump teases possible rally at New York City venues, predicts migrant crisis could sway Democrat voters 69 days ago

Graham grills DOJ, DHS over illegal migrants’ ‘brazen’ NYC police attack: ‘will they be deported?’ 70 days ago

Migrant arrested in spat with police after showing off NYPD attack video 70 days ago

Sly Stallone’s tribute to Carl Weathers 70 days ago

'Merit-based hiring' might be 'unfair': American Psychological Association 71 days ago

Fox News Poll: Trump leads Biden in Georgia, receiving just over 50% support 72 days ago

GOP senators demand the FBI 'repair the damage' to it's credibility over anti-Catholic memo debacle 72 days ago

'Squad' Democrat accuses Walgreens of racism for leaving Boston neighborhood: 'Shame on you' 72 days ago

Curtis Sliwa slams NYC mayor for shocking migrant attack on NYPD 72 days ago

Josh Hawley goes off on Mark Zuckerberg 73 days ago

Florida mom defends OnlyFans ad on car after parents at Christian school complain: 'It supports my family' 73 days ago

Speaker Johnson endorses bipartisan tax bill as 'conservative,' 'pro-growth' reform 73 days ago

Harvard antisemitism task force head skips panel on antisemitism: 'Not appropriate at this time' 74 days ago

Biden admin backs off gas stove crackdown after widespread pushback 75 days ago