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‘Awkward For CNN’: Brian Stelter Says Chris Cuomo Revelations ‘Cast Some Doubt’ On His ‘Interactions With Press’ 2 days ago

Jussie Smollett just got exposed again! 2 days ago

Public school science teacher goes after Kyle Rittenhouse 2 days ago

California ban on high-capacity magazines reinstated by U.S. appeals court 2 days ago

Waukesha parade suspect dodged jail in deadbeat dad case just five days before deadly attack 2 days ago

Michigan high school shooting leaves three people dead; suspect in custody, according to police 2 days ago

MTG: Dump the centrists. 'We are the base' 2 days ago

McCarthy's floor speech pays off as he becomes first House GOP leader to launch national ad blitz 2 days ago

Waukesha suspect intimidated a witness from jail weeks before deadly rampage, prosecutor says 2 days ago

Jussie Smollett trial: Legal expert says guilty verdict is highly probable because of 'strong evidence' 2 days ago

Calls grow for CNN to fire Chris Cuomo after documents reveal extensive involvement in brother's scandal 2 days ago

Pilot testifies against Ghislaine Maxwell! 2 days ago

Dem senator warns Supreme Court of 'revolution' if Roe v. Wade is overturned 2 days ago

Oakland police to increase presence amid crime wave, city leaders seek to reverse planned cuts 2 days ago

Hoyer: House Dems 'considering what action ought to be taken' against Boebert for Omar comments 2 days ago

Ghislaine Maxwell is 'dangerous predator' who 'served up' minors for Jeffrey Epstein to abuse, prosecutors say 2 days ago

Long Beach state provides 'psychological services' in 'debriefing' of Rittenhouse trial 2 days ago

Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows providing records to Jan. 6 committee, to sit for deposition 2 days ago

Waukesha parade suspect speaks publicly for first time since attack 2 days ago

The FAA accidentally disclosed more than 2,000 flight records associated with Jeffrey Epstein's private jets 2 days ago

Chris Cuomo Used Media Sources to Dig into Gov. Cuomo’s Accusers 2 days ago

Prosecutor says during trial that actor Jussie Smollett staged 'fake hate crime' 2 days ago

Liberal students forced Kyle Rittenhouse to quit ASU! 2 days ago

Tiger Woods admits he may never be at the pinnacle of golf again: 'It’s an unfortunate reality' 2 days ago

They're demolishing it! 2 days ago

Waukesha Suspect Charged With Homicide After 8-Year-Old Boy Dies From Injuries 2 days ago

‘His Face Was Uncovered, Why?’: Peter Doocy Corners Psaki Over Biden’s Maskless Shopping 2 days ago

Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell trial begins: Key takeaways from Day 1 3 days ago

Journalists stunned how Chris Cuomo still has CNN job amid damning revelations of his role in helping brother 3 days ago

18 Dems Announces House Exits -- Over 3X what GOP Needs for Majority 3 days ago

Senate Republicans request AG Garland testify again, say 'statements appear to be deeply misleading' 3 days ago

Schiff is now going after a Former Trump DOJ Official 3 days ago

Judicial vacancies open door for Biden to offset Trump's legacy in court system 3 days ago

WH Cancels Scheduled Joe Biden Speech 15 Minutes Before It Starts 3 days ago

Michigan middle school teacher quits after refusing to remove pride flag: 'Oppression' 3 days ago

Piers Morgan tells Fauci to Shut the F*** Up 3 days ago

Buttigieg Says Americans Should Buy Electric Cars So They ‘Never Have To Worry About Gas Prices Again’ 3 days ago

Enes Kanter on Tucker: "People should feel really blessed to be in America" 3 days ago

Jussie Smollett won't admit it! 3 days ago

CNN forced to issue a statement 3 days ago

Pete Buttigieg: Rural Drivers Should Buy Electric Cars Because They Use the Most Gas 3 days ago

Jussie Smollett taking the stand in trial could be double-edged sword in alleged hoax case, attorneys say 3 days ago

Woman At A Vegas Golden Knights Game Uses Her Fake Leg During A Brawl 3 days ago

NY defund police candidate for governor has NYPD detail, home protected by military with 'M16s' 3 days ago

Self-Proclaimed First Grade Teacher Boasts: ‘My Favorite Moments Are Always When My Students Ask About My Queerness’ 3 days ago

Rape victim quits therapy as she feels threatened by trans woman 3 days ago

Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy victim, 52, to be laid to rest Monday 3 days ago

Ron DeSantis: Florida Won't Bring Back Lockdowns Based on 'Media-Driven Hysteria' 3 days ago

Tom Cotton hits back at Fauci: Bureaucrats like him think 'they are the science' 3 days ago

Polar Bear Eating Reindeer Proposed as ‘Evidence of Climate Change’ 3 days ago

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial gets underway 3 days ago

Montana rallies oppose federal COVID vaccine mandate 3 days ago

What could go wrong? 3 days ago

Australian woman charged after setting fire in COVID quarantine hotel 3 days ago

Gov. Noem pushes back on narrative GOP is anti-woman, says telemedicine abortions show left is 'hypocritical' 3 days ago

Federal Government to Run Out of Money in Four Days 3 days ago

Waukesha holds vigil and a moment of silence one week after attack 3 days ago

President of South Africa Rages Against Travel Bans over Omicron Variant 3 days ago

Cuomo testimony released! 3 days ago

Barbados To Remove Queen Elizabeth II As Head Of State, Declare Itself A Republic 3 days ago

Chris Cuomo Used His Media Contacts To Help Track Down Leads On Sexual Assault Allegations Against His Brother, Documents Show 3 days ago

Buttigieg adviser called Christine Blasey Ford 'looney tunes' 3 days ago

Senate GOP blocks defense bill, throwing it into limbo 3 days ago

Enes Kanter FREEDOM: I am proud to be an American. Greatest nation in the world. The Land of the free, and home of the brave 3 days ago

Heritage Foundation sues Biden admin over vaccine mandate 3 days ago

CNN's Chris Cuomo offered 'unsolicited advice' to me, ex-Andrew Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa told investigators 3 days ago

Simpsons bends the knee 3 days ago

Biden won't boot out unvaccinated federal workers until after holidays 3 days ago

Biden has no plans 'at this point in time' to visit Waukesha after Christmas parade attack 3 days ago

Prince Charles lands in Barbados to remove his mother as head of state 3 days ago

Supreme Court won't exempt Mass. hospital workers from vaccine mandate 3 days ago

Ghislane Maxwell's alleged victim arrives at court 3 days ago

They're going after Bill Cosby again 3 days ago

CNN’s Chris Cuomo just got busted! 3 days ago

Rep Boebert on her call with Ilhan Omar: 'Representative Omar hung up on me. Rejecting an apology' 3 days ago

Best Buy and Levi's face customer boycott over verdict counseling 3 days ago

Federal judge blocks Biden administration's vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in 10 states 3 days ago

Couple arrested fleeing Dutch COVID quarantine, moved to ‘forced isolation’ 3 days ago

New book substantiates claim Joe Biden was the ‘big guy’ in shady Chinese deal, expected a 10% cut 3 days ago

Meghan McCain has blunt message for Democrats who think Kamala Harris, Pete Buttiegeg would make 'strong ticket' in 2024 3 days ago

Rep. Omar hangs up on Rep. Boebert after tense phone call 3 days ago

Joe Biden Emerges from Five-Day Vacation to Address Omicron Variant, Supply Chains 3 days ago

Justice accuses Bannon 3 days ago

Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Hoax Trial: Brothers to Testify Disgraced Actor Paid Them to Pose as His Attackers 3 days ago

No cameras! 3 days ago

They're trying to boot Kyle! 3 days ago

Cuomo is still making money off the government! 3 days ago

Reporter to Biden: Reporter: "Are you calling on state and local officials to reinstate mask mandates?" 3 days ago

House Republicans vow to boot radical Democrats from committees when they take over Congress majority 3 days ago

Jack Dorsey announces resignation from Twitter 3 days ago

Poll: 36% of Dems Unsure Who They'd Support if Not Biden, 13% Kamala 3 days ago

Kim Potter trial: Jury selection begins Tuesday for former cop who allegedly mistook handgun for her Taser 3 days ago

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz roar back at Dr. Fauci, who claims criticism of him is 'dangerous' because 'I represent science' 3 days ago

Florida school did not commit child abuse by tying mask to disabled student's face: police report 3 days ago

Jack Dorsey expected to step down as Twitter CEO 4 days ago

CNN gets nuked for deceptively blaming a car for the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre: 'You guys are a joke' 4 days ago

Trial set to start on charges Smollett faked racist attack 4 days ago

Rand Paul Scolds Fauci for Saying 'I Represent Science' 4 days ago

Arizona police officer uses Taser on man holding knife, causing him to fall over and stab his neck 4 days ago

Matthew McConaughey makes decision on whether he will run for Texas governor 4 days ago