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What's going on today according to our WOKE A.I.: Today, news of a shocking cover-up has been revealed, with reports that Chinese spy balloons had been flying over the US during the Trump administration, unbeknownst to the Trump administration. This revelation has been met with strong condemnation from Republicans, who have accused the Biden administration of enabling Palestinian terror, as well as for providing aid to Ukraine despite an agreement with far-right Republicans. In addition, the Pope has spoken out against the sale of weapons, and the Koch network is fighting back against the Trump legacy by supporting GOP primary candidates.

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Cops are not safe either 7 days ago

Paul Pelosi's attacker calls TV station, says 'You're Welcome' 7 days ago

Public sees Biden cooperating with documents investigation; job approval remains unchanged — CBS News poll 7 days ago

Breaking: Former Twitter Execs To Testify on Censorship 7 days ago

Governments fear dissenters 7 days ago

Watch: President Trump prays with restaurant worker 7 days ago

Utah To Ban Transgender Procedures on Minors 7 days ago

Open border, open disaster 7 days ago

States enforcing immigration laws 7 days ago

Woke government, transgender prisoners 7 days ago

Google lays off immigrants first 8 days ago

Russia will still compete 8 days ago

Memphis Councilman Calls for Firing 8 days ago

Cardiac arrest can happen anytime 8 days ago

Biden's policies are destroying America 8 days ago

Millennial parents - enablers? 8 days ago

Activist at California slavery reparations meeting denounces proposed payment of $223,000: 'Not enough!' 8 days ago

Not. Suitable. For. Kids 8 days ago

Breaking: Protests gather for 2nd night 8 days ago

Tesla Roars After Fourth Quarter Report 8 days ago

Charles Barkley: Fans Not Trusted for All-Star Vote 8 days ago

Disband SCORPION taskforce... 8 days ago

Pompeo Blasts Reckless Schiff 8 days ago

South Dakota State Senator Suspended for Vaccine Views 8 days ago

Thune Urges Sinema to Caucus GOP 8 days ago

Justice for Tyre Nichols Demanded 8 days ago

French-Canadian Sentenced for Trump Ricin 8 days ago

LeBron James, NBA world react to video of police beating Tyre Nichols: 'We are our own worst enemy' 8 days ago

Al Sharpton Blasts Disgraceful Officers 8 days ago

Tyre Nichols' Final Moments 8 days ago

Deputies Placed on Leave After Bodycam Footage Release 8 days ago

Stop human smuggling 8 days ago

Galloway's abdominal pain is no joke 8 days ago

US buying Abrams tanks for Ukraine! 8 days ago

'He was a fearless leader': Eric Swalwell defends Adam Schiff, says they were kicked off Intel Committee for holding Trump accountable 9 days ago

Washington State Department of Corrections is an example of why the inmates should not be running the asylum 9 days ago

Schiff is a liar, not worthy of trust 9 days ago

Dollar store spending skyrocketing; food insecurity increasing 9 days ago

Biden’s Ukraine foreign policy is a joke 9 days ago

Homeless get health care, criminals get justice 9 days ago

TikTok, a threat to national security 9 days ago

"They're taking our lives": Chants on the freeway from tonight’s protest in Memphis 9 days ago

House GOP Wants to Dismantle COVID Emergency 9 days ago

Assange and Anderson, now that's a combo 9 days ago

Rick Scott not running for President in 2024? Smart move 9 days ago

Joe Biden, stop ducking the press 9 days ago

Hunter Biden is a swamp rat, who has been living off daddy's political power for way too long. Time for him to face the music 9 days ago

Biden ‘outraged and deeply pained’ by Tyre Nichols video 9 days ago

McCarthy deserves better 9 days ago

Breaking: Protesters heading onto I-55 in Memphis 9 days ago

Get well, McGregor! 9 days ago

BREAKING: Tyre Nichols video released in Memphis 9 days ago

Protesters gathering in Memphis ahead of the release of the Tyre Nichols video 9 days ago

Mayor Adams Releases Video: If you need to express your anger and outrage, do so peacefully 9 days ago

Memphis businesses have begun boarding up windows and their store fronts ahead of the release of Tyre Nicols’ arrest video 9 days ago

Paul Pelosi's 911 call reveals a lot 9 days ago

Protest in Peace: Tyre Nichols' Death 9 days ago

Nancy Pelosi: Insider trading at its finest 9 days ago

Crooks everywhere, even in nursing 9 days ago

BREAKING: Ronna McDaniel Re-Elected Chair Of The Republican National Committee 9 days ago

Hunter Biden: No artistic talent here 9 days ago

It’s time to make China pay for the damage they have caused 9 days ago

Memphis Police to Release Video at 7pm 9 days ago

Pamela Anderson: Tim Allen Innocent 9 days ago

Watch: Biden Does Not Salute Marine Exiting Marine 1 9 days ago

BREAKING: Just released police body camera video shows moments David DePape attacked Paul Pelosi 9 days ago

Limited Run Games should have done better 9 days ago

Reparations is just a way for the Democrats to buy votes 9 days ago

Trump 2024 - Make America Great Again! 10 days ago

Biden's judicial nominee is so incompetent and unqualified, it's almost like she was chosen for some other reason 10 days ago

Justice for the 19 year old student 10 days ago

No amount of jail time can repay the loss of an innocent life. Praying for the family of this baby girl 10 days ago

WaPo finally waking up to the reality that America is a center-right nation? Better late than never 10 days ago

Mike Rowe nails it. Seven million men have lost the fire to work. We have to get them back in the game 10 days ago

Disgraceful. This is just another example of China’s infiltration of the US 10 days ago

Nice try, Jill Biden - but you can't drag your husband onto the stage everytime you want him to do something 10 days ago

Unacceptable Oversight Blockage: Cornyn 10 days ago

BREAKING: BuzzFeed will use ChatGPT to create content 10 days ago

Soros-Backed Group Quietly Advises Biden White House, records show 10 days ago

Justin Bieber's $200M Catalog Sale 10 days ago

NYPD Officer Sues Over Trump Patch 10 days ago

Tyre Nichols case: 5 former Memphis police officers charged with second-degree murder 10 days ago

Chunli Zhao Admits Mass Shooting 10 days ago

Release of Pelosi Attack Video Ordered 10 days ago

Lemon: Desantis' Book Banning 'Bizarre' 10 days ago

Former Officers Charged with Murder 10 days ago

BREAKING: Adam Schiff Intends to Leave His House Seat! 10 days ago

Adam Schiff Announces Senate Run 10 days ago

Senator Kennedy Owns Biden'a Judicial Nominee With One Question: "Tell me what Article V of the Constitution does" 10 days ago

California judge issues preliminary injunction blocking COVID ‘misinformation’ law: reports 10 days ago

Woman allegedly steals $2.8 million from Holocaust survivor in romance scam 11 days ago

Ted Cruz says it's 'critical' for FBI to search Hunter Biden's home for classified docs 11 days ago

The 2024 Election Predictions Are Out, And It’s Bad News For Dems 11 days ago

California judge orders release of footage of Pelosi attack 11 days ago

Adam Schiff posted his first TikTok after being removed from the Intelligence committee by Kevin McCarthy 11 days ago

In the news: Electrification Push for Home Appliances 11 days ago

Ye may be banned from entering Australia over antisemitic comments 11 days ago

Chicago Street Vendors: Lori Lightfoot Nightmare 11 days ago

Stop Weaponization: GOP Panel Named 11 days ago

GOP Demanding Hunter Biden Art Deal Probe 11 days ago