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Gwinnett County teacher left bloodied after being attacked by student, cellphone footage shows 3 days ago

Three Border Patrol agents die by suicide 3 days ago

House passes legislation to avert rail strike 3 days ago

Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie Dead at 79 3 days ago

Twitter previously "interfered in elections," Elon Musk says. 3 days ago

Jim Carrey: I’m leaving Twitter 3 days ago

Breaking: EU threatens Elon Musk with Twitter ban, citing compliance with content moderation rules 3 days ago

Republican Suzette Valladares concedes: "only a few hundred votes separate my opponent and me" 3 days ago

Ex-Twitter safety chief admits Hunter Biden laptop censorship was a 'mistake' 3 days ago

It's a blood bath! CNN hit with devastating news 3 days ago

BREAKING: Pelosi Picks Successor 3 days ago

Liberal Justices Use Legal Term 'Alien' to Describe Illegals in SCOTUS Hearing 3 days ago

‘I Have No Idea What He Is!’: Hollywood A-Lister Questions Whether Elon Musk Is A Real Person 4 days ago

Will Smith Fires Off A Series Of Excuses As To Why He Hit Chris Rock 4 days ago

CNN to Elon Musk after sharing fake headline: ‘Be Better’ 4 days ago

Senate PASSES vote to make same-sex marriage federal law  4 days ago

Kim Kardashian and Ye settle divorce; Kim to receive $200,000 per month in child support 4 days ago

Republican-led Arizona county sued over election certification delay 4 days ago

New York City to start hospitalizing more mentally ill people involuntarily 4 days ago

Senate passes bill to protect same-sex and interracial marriage over GOP opposition 4 days ago

American colleges join global protests against China's anti-COVID lockdown 4 days ago

Ron DeSantis unloads on Apple threat to remove Twitter: That would be a huge, huge mistake 4 days ago

Samuel L. Jackson tells 'The View' hosts that 'Twitter is not a real world,' so 'just quit it' 4 days ago

California plunges in state conservative rankings, CPAC study says 4 days ago

Apple Restricts AirDrop Tool Reportedly Used By China’s Anti-Lockdown Protestors 4 days ago

Kevin McCarthy: "Government is going after someone who wants to have free speech" 4 days ago

Kevin McCarthy Blasts Biden for Softness on China, Vows to ‘Reckon’ with CCP 4 days ago

Ben Carson: Left's attacks on Black conservative Herschel Walker an 'attempt to divide the Black community' 4 days ago

Netherlands seeks to close 3,000 farms by threatening farmers with 'compulsory' land buyouts if they refuse 'voluntary' offers to comply with EU climate rules 4 days ago

Biden admin slammed for 'very weak' response to protests over China's COVID lockdowns 4 days ago

Judge Allows Devin Nunes’ Defamation Lawsuit Against Rachel Maddow To Partially Move Forward 4 days ago

Iran Reportedly Threatens National Soccer Team's Families Ahead Of U.S. Match 4 days ago

Drying California lake to get $250M in US drought funding 4 days ago

Sam Bankman-Fried gave cash to liberal media organizations before FTX collapse 4 days ago

Watch: Ron DeSantis Rips Apple for Threatening To Remove Twitter From App Store 4 days ago

Biden’s Secret Service rental vehicles burst into flames after he left Nantucket vacation 4 days ago

WHO officially renames monkeypox under pressure from Biden administration 4 days ago

Lawyer for Supreme Court defends Justice Samuel Alito after allegations of a second leak 4 days ago

Kanye West abruptly leaves Tim Pool podcast while discussing antisemitism charges 4 days ago

Gov. Greg Abbott Vows to Put a 'Stop' to Classroom Indoctrination 5 days ago

Maricopa County Votes to Certify Election Results 5 days ago

Will Smith Reveals His ‘Biggest Concern’ For First Film Since Oscar Slap 5 days ago

Brittney Griner Facing Racism, Homophobia, 16-Hour Work Days In Russian Prison 5 days ago

Thousands of pedophiles in California getting less than a year in jail 5 days ago

NYT, CNN once claimed China 'won' the pandemic, now citizens are revolting 5 days ago

Twitter erupts after Elon Musk mocks CNN with satirical chyron about threats to free speech 5 days ago

Biden’s Former ‘Disinfo’ Czar Registers As Foreign Agent 5 days ago

Non-binary Biden nuclear official charged with stealing woman's luggage at airport 5 days ago

Kanye West Storms Out of Podcast Interview After Pushback on Antisemitism 5 days ago

New Disney Movie "The Santa Clauses" (2022) comedy, jokes “LOVE YOU SATAN” in scene 5 days ago

5 Republicans publicly oppose McCarthy's speakership bid, putting ascension to leadership role in jeopardy 5 days ago

Musk says Apple stopped Twitter ads, threatens to 'withhold' it from app store 5 days ago

Republicans want greater oversight for weapon shipments to Ukraine — only 10% of U.S. weapons have been inspected in person 5 days ago

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried on hot seat as Senate inquiries, criminal probes move forward 5 days ago

BBC says Chinese police assaulted one of its journalists at Shanghai protest 5 days ago

Warning from US embassy in China signals lockdowns are likely to intensify amid protests 5 days ago

Buffalo Mass Shooter Pleads Guilty To Murder, Terrorism Charges 5 days ago

Breaking: Elon Musk: The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published 5 days ago

Clashes in Shanghai as protests over zero-Covid policy grip China 5 days ago

Breaking: Sen. Cruz Issues Statement on CCP Crackdown 5 days ago

Top GOPs Back McCarthy as Next House Speaker 5 days ago

Elon Musk Posts Photo of Bedside Table Sparking Intense Commentary 5 days ago

Elon Musk: "Apple has also threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store" 5 days ago

Schiff Says He’ll Have To ‘Consider The Validity’ Of GOP Subpoena 5 days ago

First Disney Movie With LGBT Protagonist Flops, Critics Blame Poor ‘Marketing’ 5 days ago

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett faces calls to recuse herself from LGBTQ case over Christian faith 5 days ago

UK: Local Govt Drops Term 'Minority Ethnic' for 'Global Majority' 6 days ago

Dem. Sen. Murphy questions whether law enforcement should be funded in states that refuse to enforce gun laws 6 days ago

Elon Musks Blasts Alyssa Milano After She Trades In Tesla For Volkswagen 6 days ago

Proposed NYC Bill Prohibits Landlords from Conducting Background Checks 6 days ago

New York Times argues the Republican Party 'enables political violence,' downplays left-wing attacks 6 days ago

'TikTok is digital fentanyl addicting our kids': Rep. Gallagher issues dire warning over security concerns 6 days ago

Militants attack hotel used by officials in Somalia's capital 6 days ago

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett faces calls to recuse herself from LGBTQ case over Christian faith 6 days ago

New Mexico man arrested after allegedly dismembering and disemboweling wife ahead of Thanksgiving dinner 6 days ago

FBI Waited Over a Year to Fully Investigate Jan. 6 Pipe Bombs: House Judiciary Republicans 6 days ago

Human skull found in backpack next to Oregon interstate 6 days ago

'Woke' former NBA champ says Suns' gorilla mascot is racist 6 days ago

Schiff won’t say whether he’d comply with GOP subpoena, will ‘consider the validity’ 6 days ago

Schiff won’t say whether he’d comply with GOP subpoena, will ‘consider the validity’ 6 days ago

Alyssa Milano blasted by conservatives, Elon Musk after trading in Tesla for Volkswagen: 'Founded by Nazis' 6 days ago

Biden admin scrambles to track $20B in Ukraine aid as House Republicans warn of audits 6 days ago

Musk torpedoes Axios report on 'lives at risk' over reinstating Twitter accounts: 'Much ado about nothing' 6 days ago

Indigenous groups keep pushing for justice for victims of boarding school abuses 6 days ago

Less than a month after Musk takeover, half of Twitter’s top advertisers have halted activity: report 6 days ago

MyPillow Guy Reportedly Challenging Ronna McDaniel For GOP Chair 7 days ago

St. Louis mayor Tishaura Jones quits Twitter over Elon Musk’s Ferguson tweet 7 days ago

Alyssa Milano suffers devastating blows by conservatives, Elon Musk after trading in Tesla for Volkswagen: 'Founded by Nazis' 7 days ago

1 dead, 5 injured at Atlantic Station shooting: Police 7 days ago

‘Creepy’ Joe Biden roasted for strange selfies 7 days ago

Daylight Savings Time 'disproportionately' impacts 'communities of color,' insists CNN article 7 days ago

McCarthy’s Impeachment Push Against Mayorkas Not Likely to Succeed, Says Expert 7 days ago

Herschel Walker: Democrat Warnock Trying to ‘Mislead People’ to Get Votes 7 days ago

CNN Analyst Suggests Setting Minimum AR-15 Purchase Age at 26 7 days ago

NYC landlords could soon be denied criminal background checks for tenants 7 days ago

‘Strange World’ Eyes $25M Offshore Bow In Slimmed-Down Release As Disney Opts To Skip Middle East & More Over Potential Censorship 7 days ago

Alyssa Milano virtue-signals about scrapping her Tesla because of 'white supremacy,' but flood of comments point out how her new electric car is problematic 7 days ago

'Necessary for Oversight': House Republicans Warn Ex-FBI Official of Subpoena If He Doesn't Cooperate 7 days ago

US Treasury authorizes Chevron to expand oil pumping in Venezuela 7 days ago

European officials say US profiting from Ukraine war, call Inflation Reduction Act 'very worrying' 7 days ago