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Federal appeals court denies Trump request to toss gag order in DC election case 35 days ago

'Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison says son Adam died from fentanyl overdose, blames border crisis 35 days ago

US Defense officials say more large scale strikes conducted against Houthi forces 36 days ago

BREAKING: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended his 2024 campaign 37 days ago

US Army promoted over 10,000 soldiers without required military education, training: report 37 days ago

Biden struggling in Michigan, Democrats warn, as level of concern grows: 'The problem is the man' 37 days ago

Maine official appeals her removal of Trump from voting ballots to state's top court 38 days ago

Harvard responds to Congress, details 'rigor' reviewing plagiarism allegations against Claudine Gay 38 days ago

Tim Scott to endorse Trump at rally in New Hampshire Friday evening 38 days ago

Barbara Lee claims White man at Capitol tried to block her from entering elevator, accused her of theft 39 days ago

VP Kamala Harris says it's 'unfortunate' some 'deny fact' America has racist past 39 days ago

Freshman Dem proposes bill to remove Statue of Liberty in protest of GOP's 'bigoted' immigration law 40 days ago

Officer warns teens they 'can get shot' if they participate in TikTok trend causing 'distress for residents' 40 days ago

Lloyd Austin aide asked EMS to be 'subtle' en route to hospital, 911 call reveals 41 days ago

Hollywood producer who introduced Hunter Biden to art dealer raised at least $25K for Joe Biden's campaign 41 days ago

Scotland threatens parents who block transition of children with up to 7 years jail time: report 41 days ago

Anti-Israel protesters swarm NYC cancer hospital, accusing 'complicity in genocide' 41 days ago

DHS threatens Texas with legal action over seizure of park along Rio Grande: 'Cease and desist' 41 days ago

Hunter Biden knew 70% of art buyers, contradicting White House narrative on 'anonymous' collectors: Gallerist 42 days ago

Biden campaign split between Delaware and White House, worrying allies: 'Everybody's nervous' 42 days ago

NYC mandates curfew for migrants amid panhandling complaints 42 days ago

Left-wing policies to blame for mass exodus of New Jersey residents in 2023: expert 43 days ago

Mayor Adams says NYC migrant crisis has 'nothing to do with sanctuary cities' 45 days ago

House Republicans blast Biden admin for allowing CBS to film at border facility but not Congress 46 days ago

Hunter Biden pleads not guilty to tax charges brought by Special Counsel David Weiss 47 days ago

Iran seizes oil tanker linked to crisis between US and Tehran, military officials confirm 47 days ago

Newt Gingrich: Democrats won't rest until Trump is 'in chains,' but 'explosion of outrage' is more likely 47 days ago

House Judiciary Committee votes Hunter Biden contempt resolution by a final vote of 23-14 48 days ago

House GOP erupts in division over call to push Johnson out of speakership: 'Working for Joe Biden' 48 days ago

'ARE YOU ON CRACK?': Hunter Biden called out after president's son crashes House hearing dubbed as a 'political stunt.' 48 days ago

Stefanik slams NYC move to shift migrants to high school, forcing students into remote learning: 'Outrageous' 48 days ago

Chip Roy says booting Mike Johnson from speakership 'on the table' 48 days ago

Nevada man who leaped at judge in courtroom charged with attempted murder 48 days ago

NYC high school students forced into remote learning as 2,000 migrants sheltered in school instead 49 days ago

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin diagnosed with prostate cancer 49 days ago

Fulton County prosecutor, Fani Willis romantic partner, met with Biden White House twice before charging Trump 49 days ago

Defense Secretary Austin has no plans to resign, Pentagon says 50 days ago

Trump backed by 27 states in Supreme Court fight, who warn of 2024 'chaos' if he's removed from ballot 52 days ago

Epstein allegedly invoked 5th Amendment 500 times during deposition, skirted questions about Clinton 52 days ago

House Republicans consider holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress 53 days ago

New York AG seeks over $370M from Trump, co-defendants for 'ill-gotten gains' 53 days ago

Elon Musk zings Mavericks' Mark Cuban as billionaires debate DEI merits 53 days ago

Jeffrey Epstein list: 2nd batch of documents unsealed in Ghislaine Maxwell lawsuit 53 days ago

Democrat lawmaker renews call to expel Menendez after latest bribery charges 53 days ago

UN Women group crowns pro-Palestinian transgender woman to be their 'champion,' sparking outrage 54 days ago

AP admits widely panned story on Harvard plagiarism didn't meet standards 55 days ago

Trump asks Supreme Court to keep name on Colorado ballot 55 days ago

Blackburn cheers Harvard President Gay's resignation: 'She should have done it sooner' 55 days ago

Maine secretary of state denies politics played role in decision to kick Trump off ballot 56 days ago

Harvard president Claudine Gay resigns amid antisemitism, plagiarism controversies 56 days ago

Migrant encounters at southern border hit record 302K in December, sources say 56 days ago

Embattled former Biden official accused in multiple airport thefts ends 2023 free 57 days ago

Texas AG blasts Biden admin for ‘aiding and abetting’ cartels after migration numbers smash record 58 days ago

Xi says China must fight ‘escalating oppression’ from West with ‘diplomatic iron army’ 58 days ago

Maine Sec. of State says she's received 'threatening communications' after Trump move: 'Truly unacceptable' 59 days ago

Biden admin threatens to sue Texas if state arrests and deport migrants 60 days ago

CNN legal expert rips Maine ruling to remove Trump from ballot: Would 'never pass' muster in 'normal court' 60 days ago

Ohio governor vetoes bill banning gender-reassignment treatment, trans participation in women's sports 60 days ago

Democrats in Biden's home state switch to GOP: I didn't vote for 'Bernie Sanders lite' 60 days ago

Biden administration to send Ukraine last batch of aid as US depletes available funds 60 days ago

Riley Gaines puts heat on Republican Ohio governor to sign ban on transgender surgery for minors 61 days ago

House GOP probing if Biden was involved in Hunter's 'scheme' to defy subpoena, potential 'impeachable offense' 61 days ago

Pro-Palestinian protesters block main entrance to LAX on busy travel day, cops making arrests 61 days ago

Jack Smith asks judge to block Trump from making ‘partisan political attacks’ during trial 62 days ago

'Chaos' and 'fury' in NYC as officials lose faith in Mayor Eric Adams over migrant crisis: report 62 days ago

Iran ramps up production of highly enriched uranium, nearing weapons' grade levels 63 days ago

Pro-Palestinians disrupt Christmas fundraiser for blind children 65 days ago

Gen Z voters concerned with Biden's 'retiree' lifestyle, question his cognitive abilities 66 days ago

Biden team's central 2024 message paints Trump as 'threat to democracy': report 67 days ago

Obama privately lobbied on Harvard President Claudine Gay’s behalf amid antisemitism controversy: Report 67 days ago

Liberal activist disinvited from speaking at UC Berkeley after students complained he was pro-Israel 67 days ago

Supreme Court declines to issue expedited ruling on Trump immunity case 67 days ago

Harris says US will land 'international astronaut' on the moon by the end of the decade 67 days ago

New York lost more residents in a year than any other state in the country, US census data shows 68 days ago

Embattled Harvard University President Claudine Gay hit with more plagiarism charges 69 days ago

California Lt. Governor: ‘Explore Every Legal Option’ To Remove Trump From Ballot 69 days ago

Pete Buttigieg spent $59,000 in taxpayer money traveling on govt jets: inspector general 69 days ago

Trump kicked off Colorado ballot in 14th Amendment case 70 days ago

Trump edges Biden again in new 2024 poll, builds support with younger voters 70 days ago

Pentagon announces new Red Sea international mission to counter escalating Houthi attacks on ships 70 days ago

Second drill sergeant found dead at Fort Jackson within 8 days, Army says 70 days ago

Military experts blame Biden's DEI push as US military enters 2024 with smallest fighting force in 80 years 71 days ago

Trump blasts Biden at NH rally, says inflation, Ukraine and Israel wars 'wouldn't have happened' on his watch 72 days ago

Virginia county school board member sworn in on stack of LGBTQ books featuring graphic content 73 days ago

3 grenades detonated at local council meeting in Ukraine, 26 people injured 74 days ago

Kevin McCarthy takes parting shot at Matt Gaetz as he exits Congress: 'He was psychotic' 74 days ago

Fetterman bluntly admits ‘I’m not a progressive’ as he angers far-left with stances on Israel, immigration 74 days ago

Supreme Court allows Illinois semiautomatic weapons ban to stay in place 75 days ago

Kamala Harris at odds with Biden over Israel-Hamas war, wants more support of Palestinians: Report 75 days ago

Senior Hamas official threatens Blinken, says America must 'pay the price' for Gaza blood: report 75 days ago

Joe Biden frustrated and anxious about Hunter, snaps at aides when asked about investigation: report 75 days ago

Chicago mayor accused of prioritizing migrants over Black community as vote to recall sanctuary status stalled 75 days ago

House votes to authorize Biden impeachment inquiry 76 days ago

Hunter Biden faces backlash after defying subpoena with press conference 'stunt': 'Hold him in contempt!' 76 days ago

Marine at Camp Pendleton, California killed, 14 injured in training accident 76 days ago

FBI, DHS warn of ‘threats to public safety’ during holiday season, amplified by Israel-Hamas conflict 76 days ago

GOP infighting blows up plans for controversial surveillance tool’s renewal this week 77 days ago

Montana woman arrested after plowing vehicle through 'Israel United in Christ' group: police 77 days ago

Teachers pass failing students despite evidence showing holding them back might help them: Report 77 days ago

Johnson defends vote to formalize Biden impeachment inquiry amid White House ‘impasse’: 'We have no choice' 77 days ago