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Ashton Kutcher reveals autoimmune disorder left him unable to see, hear, walk 2 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Border Crossings, Migrant Deaths Shattered Records In Fiscal Year 2022 2 days ago

Trump Mar-a-Lago raid feels like 'pre-emptive coup': Sexton 2 days ago

Ari Fleischer on Trump Mar-a-Lago raid: "If they got the goods, announce it. Otherwise this search on a former President’s home is a disgrace" 2 days ago

Ben Carson releases statement: 'Never in my lifetime did I think I would see an American law enforcement agency be run and weaponized like the FBI this evening' 2 days ago

Eric on Trump raid: "This is banana republic antics. This is not who we are as a democracy" 2 days ago

Kari Lake rips into FBI: "Hey, FBI — any interest in Hunter Biden’s Laptop?" 2 days ago

Sen. Cruz: "The FBI raiding Donald Trump is unprecedented. It is corrupt & an abuse of power" 2 days ago

Trump raid: The crowd near Mar-A-Lago continues to grow into the night following that search warrant earlier today 2 days ago

'Preserve your documents and clear your calendar,' Leader Kevin McCarthy Torches Merrick Garland After The FBI Raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago 2 days ago

Kari Lake put out the strongest, most bold statement about the raid on Trump 2 days ago

BREAKING: Dan Bogino goes Nuclear on the FBI Raid on Donald Trump: “This is some Third World BULLSH*T” 2 days ago

Watch: Trump Supporters Gather Outside Of Mar-a-Lago! 2 days ago

Sen. Graham on Trump raid: "launching such an investigation of a former President this close to an election is beyond problematic" 2 days ago

DeSantis to hit campaign trail to rally support for Trump-endorsed candidates: 'Unite and win' 2 days ago

BREAKING: Ron DeSantis Responds To FBI Raid of Trump's Mar-A-Lago, Comparing It To A 'Banana Republic' 2 days ago

Democrats Reject Amendment Affirming Only Women Can Get Pregnant 2 days ago

GOP Issues Warning as Democrat 'Inflation Act' Includes Hiring of 87,000 New IRS Agents 2 days ago

BREAKING: White House Responds to FBI Raiding Trump's Home 2 days ago

Chris Pratt laughs at critics panning his new show as ratings soar 2 days ago

BREAKING: President Trump Says The FBI Has Raided Mar-A-Lago 2 days ago

New Jersey man gets five years in prison for $400k GoFundMe scam with fake story about homeless veteran 2 days ago

U.S. to send $4.5 billion more to Ukraine for budget needs 2 days ago

Olivia Newton-John remembered by John Travolta, Richard Marx and more celebrity friends: 'My dearest Olivia' 2 days ago

Olivia Newton-John dies at age 73 2 days ago

Trump pledges to campaign against Manchin in West Virginia because of spending bill deal 2 days ago

Kanye West roasts Pete Davidson after his breakup with Kim Kardashian: 'DEAD AT AGE 28' 2 days ago

'Grease' actress Olivia Newton-John dead at 73 2 days ago

Video shows Virginia mall chaos as light shattering mistaken for shots fired 2 days ago

Arkansas judge found dead in Mud Lake, investigated as accidental drowning 2 days ago

'I work hard for what I’ve got. If you come and take it, there’s consequences': Homeowner who shot armed intruder dead issues no-nonsense warning ​to crooks 2 days ago

First on CNN: Alex Jones' texts have been turned over to the January 6 committee, source says 2 days ago

Proposed curriculum in Wisconsin school includes gender identity, sexual orientation in elementary school 2 days ago

Travis McMichael, gunman convicted in Ahmaud Arbery killing, gets life in prison for hate crime charges 2 days ago

Gen. Mark Milley feared Trump would try to use the military to stay in office after 2020: Report 2 days ago

Alec Baldwin slammed online for supporting Anne Heche in wake of fiery crash: 'She put lives in danger!' 2 days ago

Former US ambassador predicts Griner will be released in ‘two-for-two’ prisoner swap 2 days ago

Video: NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson delivers rousing speech at CPAC calling for conservatives to save America from 'socialist horde that is trying to drag it down into the pit of hell' 2 days ago

Anne Heche crash: Online campaign raises $45K in one day for victim who lost 'entire lifetime of possessions' 2 days ago

Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Shot, Killed by Man He Pinned and Then Freed 2 days ago

Ted Cruz: Dems Want To Make The IRS ‘Larger Than The Pentagon, The State Dept, The FBI, And The Border Patrol Combined’ 3 days ago

VIDEO: $10K Raised for Boy Scammed at His Lemonade Stand 3 days ago

Trump roots out 'deep state': People 'you would least suspect' 3 days ago

Nancy get sanctioned by China 3 days ago

Jack Dorsey Calls for End to Chinese Communist Party 3 days ago

Women's Football Team with Trans Player Beats Opponent by 8 Goals 3 days ago

Winning: Donald Trump Easily Claims CPAC Straw Poll in Dallas 3 days ago

Dems Reject Ban on Middle Class Tax Hikes in 'Inflation Reduction Act' 3 days ago

LA Times urges Biden to use executive powers to declare a 'national climate emergency' 3 days ago

Pelosi: 'I was told if I dug a hole deep enough we would reach China' 3 days ago

Schumer-Manchin social spending and tax increase bill clears the Senate after last-second amendment drama 3 days ago

‘Reunification’ And ‘Reeducation’ Coming For Taiwan, Chinese Ambassador Says 3 days ago

Police arrest abortion activists who harangued Catholics in NYC 3 days ago

Bodega clerk Jose Alba leaves NYC 'afraid for his life,' mulls move back to Dominican Republic: report 3 days ago

Graham slams Democrats’ climate, tax, health bill: ‘This is gonna make everything worse’ 3 days ago

Gavin Newsom criticized over handling of California drought as farms languish 3 days ago

Over 45 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago 3 days ago

Tulsi Gabbard blasts Kamala Harris' 'hypocrisy' for Brittney Griner response after marijuana lockups as AG 3 days ago

Former Nickelodeon Star Jennette McCurdy Claims She Was Offered $300,000 In Hush Money Not To Talk About Top Executive 3 days ago

Senate Democrats pass climate, tax and health care bill after marathon voting session 3 days ago

Republican attorneys general sue federal government over LGBTQ school meal guidance 3 days ago

Sour views on economy keep Biden approval on issues down: POLL 3 days ago

Utah man arrested after stealing excavator, digging up grocery store parking lot in Salt Lake City: police 3 days ago

Rachel Levine gets SKEWERED for suggesting 'gender affirmation treatments' somehow 'empower' youth 3 days ago

Lindsey Graham: China flexing its muscles because Biden's admin is 'dumb and weak' 3 days ago

Man arrested trying to get on Space Force base to warn of war between aliens and dragons 3 days ago

Woodlawn shooting: Teen dies days after being shot during attempted robbery, Chicago police say 3 days ago

FLASHBACK: Fauci Warned Of Accidental Pandemic Caused By Lab Accident In Foreign Countries A Decade Ago 3 days ago

Trump makes law and order pitch at Texas CPAC, condemns raging crime and illegal immigration 3 days ago

Senate rules official strikes part of Democrats’ drug pricing measures 3 days ago

New York Times column urges Biden to give up re-election dreams: ‘Hey, Joe, don’t give it a go’ 3 days ago

Trump rally attendees weigh in on who they want on the 2024 presidential ticket 3 days ago

Brooklyn Nets Royce O’neale Posts up his Mother & hits her with an elite spin move at summer camp 4 days ago

Tennessee college alumni lobby to remove Supreme Court Justice Barrett from school's 'hall of fame' 4 days ago

Majority Say Their Financial Situation Is 'Getting Worse' Under Biden 4 days ago

PELOSI: "When I was a little girl, I was told at the beach if I dug a hole deep enough we would reach China" 4 days ago

Parent Group Sues Iowa School District Over Gender Ideology Requirements 4 days ago

Trump easily wins Texas CPAC 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw poll; DeSantis second 4 days ago

Decorated LA nurse accused of getting drunk, shooting into neighbor's Sunset Blvd apartment during dispute 4 days ago

Manchin 2024 re-election chances could 'disappear in a flash' following support for new spending bill 4 days ago

Trump: "School prayer is banned but drag shows are allowed" 4 days ago

Harris breaks 50-50 deadlock to advance landmark climate, tax, health bill 4 days ago

Impeachment Republican Wins Primary With Weakened Advantage 4 days ago

Customers are stealing shopping baskets instead of buying bags, N.J. supermarkets say 4 days ago

Poll: Florida 'Most Desirable' State to Live In 4 days ago

Musk suggests deal could go through if Twitter provides info on confirming users 4 days ago

MSNBC's Reid: DeSantis Creating a 'White Nationalist Environment' -- 'Can't Make White Children Feel Uncomfortable in School' 4 days ago

Bradley Cooper doppelganger wanted by Georgia police after allegedly shoplifting at Home Depot 4 days ago

Maher: 'Terrorists Are Running Wild' with Taliban Cooperation in Afghanistan -- Biden Messed Up Withdrawal 4 days ago

Boebert to take shot across GOP leadership's bow in CPAC speech: 'Disappointed too many times' 4 days ago

WaPo: Drag Shows for Children Are 'Squeaky-Clean,' 'Family-Friendly' 4 days ago

Indiana lawmakers approve abortion ban 4 days ago

GOP operatives quietly work to save Liz Cheney in Wyoming primary 4 days ago

John Leguizamo slams James Franco’s casting as Fidel Castro: ‘He ain’t Latino!’ 4 days ago

Top Taiwan Defense Official In Charge Of Missile Production Found Dead In Hotel: Report 4 days ago

LA City Council to vote on initiative that would require hotels to give up empty rooms to the homeless 4 days ago

Bill Maher slams America’s ‘fat acceptance’ movement as ‘Orwellian’, supporters have ‘blood on their hands' 4 days ago

Taiwan says China is rehearsing invasion attack 4 days ago

JR Majewski: "My name is J.R. Majewski and my pronouns are Patriot and Ass-Kicker" 4 days ago

Alex Jones ordered to pay $45.2M to Sandy Hook victim's family 4 days ago