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Seinfeld Spices Up Duke Commencement with Harvard Dig and Life Advice 30 days ago

Trump Surges Ahead in Key Swing States 30 days ago

2024 Battleground Polls Favor Trump 30 days ago

House GOP Challenges Garland Over Missing Biden Audio Recording 30 days ago

Drivers headed to Disney World forced to slam on their brakes as 'Queers for Palestine' agitators block traffic on busy highway 30 days ago

Barron Trump Declines Role as Florida Delegate for RNC 32 days ago

Republican Senator Calls for Biden's Impeachment Over Delayed Aid to Israel 34 days ago

Kamala Harris's Misguided Attacks on the Supreme Court 34 days ago

Hillary Clinton Unimpressed by Voters' Dilemma Between Biden and Trump 34 days ago

Emory University Students Voice Discontent with President Amid Anti-Israel Protests 34 days ago

Federal court denies Hunter Biden appeal in Delaware federal gun charges case 34 days ago

House squashes Marjorie Taylor Greene's motion to oust Speaker Johnson 34 days ago

Federal judge postpones Trump's classified records trial with no new date 35 days ago

Republican says professors who withhold grades to help anti-Israel rebels at UNC-Chapel Hill should be fired 36 days ago

Police move in to dismantle anti-Israel encampment at the University of Chicago 36 days ago

'The View' co-hosts call for Donald Trump to be thrown in jail to 'prove a point' 36 days ago

NY v Trump: Judge threatens jail time for 'possibly the next president' for future gag order violations 37 days ago

Anti-Israel agitators silenced as Ole Miss students gather to sing the Star Spangled Banner 37 days ago

NYC Jewish community on high alert from protests threatened with trio of bomb threats at synagogues 37 days ago

NYPD gives chilling update after 56 arrested at NYU, New School: 'There's somebody behind this movement' 38 days ago

'Death to Israeli real estate,' 'Death to America' signs found on NYU property, NYPD says 40 days ago

CEO of erectile dysfunction, hair loss treatment brand mocked for offering jobs to anti-Israel students 40 days ago

Trump slams 'radical left lunatics' creating chaos on college campuses nationwide 41 days ago

UNC student who defended American flag from campus mob 'honored to give back to the nation' 41 days ago

James Carville's Fiery Plea to Young Voters 43 days ago

Biden Administration Raises Concerns Over Israeli Military Human Rights Violations 43 days ago

Arizona Rancher George Alan Kelly to Avoid Retrial Amid Deadlocked Jury 43 days ago

Trump endorses GOP Utah Senate candidate looking to replace Romney: 'He will be a GREAT Senator' 45 days ago

Justice Thomas raised crucial question about legitimacy of special counsel's prosecution of Trump 46 days ago

Disruption During Interview: Physical Altercation with San Jose Mayor's Security Guard 48 days ago

Trump announces he is going to try to win the state of New York 48 days ago

Michael Avenatti says NY v. Trump case is ‘grossly unfair’: 'Serial killers' aren't prosecuted like this 48 days ago

San Francisco Mayor Breed proposes business curfew to reduce rampant drug use, crime 48 days ago

DOJ will not turn over Biden's recorded interview with Special Counsel Hur to Congress 48 days ago

SCOTUS weighs monumental constitutional fight over Trump immunity claim 48 days ago

Trump Takes on Biden and Anti-Israel Protests 50 days ago

UC Berkeley Faces Anti-Israel Protests on Campus 50 days ago

NYU Walkout Amid Anti-Israel Protests: Examining Campus Tensions 50 days ago

Columbia University Faces Antisemitism: Democrats Speak Out, Obama Silent 50 days ago

Screenwriter David Mamet bristles at Hollywood's 'garbage' DEI efforts: 'It's fascist totalitarianism' 50 days ago

Columbia University faces calls for tuition refunds as school moves to hybrid classes for rest of semester in wake of anti-Israel protests 50 days ago

White House mum on whether Biden would send National Guard to Columbia University 51 days ago

AOC calls Columbia protests 'peaceful', despite rabbi warning Jewish students to stay home 51 days ago

Reporter sounds alarm on 'troubling numbers' for President Biden in latest poll: 'A clear liability' 51 days ago

White House condemns ‘blatantly antisemitic’ protests as agitators engulf Columbia University 51 days ago

House overwhelmingly passes $26 billion aid to Israel, Gaza as tensions with Iran escalate 52 days ago

House passes $60B Ukraine aid bill as GOP rebels threaten to oust Johnson 52 days ago

Biden dismisses reporter seeing 'a lot of Trump signs' in PA: 'You're driving in the wrong places, pal' 55 days ago

Black Chicago voters rip mayor on extra $70M for migrants as recall petition gathers steam 55 days ago

Biden mocks Trump for legal woes: 'A little busy right now' 55 days ago

State financial officers put Bank of America on notice for allegedly 'de-banking' conservatives 55 days ago

Biden is 'obsessed' with lowering gas prices, Energy Sec. Granholm tells 'The View' 55 days ago

AI Beauty Pageant Sparks Debate on Technology's Influence 56 days ago

Trump supporters in NYC start singing the national anthem 56 days ago

Ohio AG shuts down Democrat proposal that would skirt election deadline to get Biden on ballots 56 days ago

North Carolina high school student suspended over using the term 'illegal alien': Report 56 days ago

AG Garland pressed on Hur report, says Biden 'has no impairment' 57 days ago

Legal experts say Biden admin's legal theory in Jan 6 prosecution 'on the ropes' after Supreme Court argument 57 days ago

House delivers Mayorkas impeachment articles to Schumer, setting up trial proceedings 57 days ago

Donald Trump speaks out about son Barron’s high school graduation 58 days ago

Sen. Kennedy advises ‘wobbly’ Biden to get tough on Iran after Israel attack: 'Go on Amazon and buy a spine' 58 days ago

Rubio accuses Biden of leaking Netanyahu call to appease anti-Israel activists: 'Game they are playing' 58 days ago

Trump calls hush money trial 'assault on America' as case officially kicks off 58 days ago

CNN host suggests 'MAGA' Trump supporters would have defended OJ Simpson during murder trial 60 days ago

Biden campaign: We don't want the votes of 'Death to America' protesters in Michigan 61 days ago

Harvard defends return to old policy requiring SAT/ACT test scores for admission 61 days ago

NPR editor's bombshell essay causing 'turmoil' at liberal outlet: Report 61 days ago

JK Rowling says 'Harry Potter' stars who criticized her trans views can 'save their apologies' 61 days ago

New poll reveals crucial battleground state prefers Trump over Biden in heated 2024 rematch 61 days ago

Trump campaign demands Biden debate him 'much earlier' and more often 61 days ago

Top Nikki Haley backer says Republicans will unite around Trump to 'do what's right for America' 61 days ago

Trump demands 'no more funding' after NPR scandal: 'Not one dollar!' 61 days ago

OJ Simpson dead at 76, family says 62 days ago

Pro-Palestinian protester derails dinner at UC Berkeley law school dean’s home, refuses to leave 62 days ago

Senators demand FBI agents testify about 'highly credible' source who allegedly made up Biden bribery scheme 62 days ago

Eric Trump 'guarantees' father will defeat Biden in November: 'Americans are upset' 62 days ago

Undecided voters say 'timing' of Trump indictments is ‘politically motivated:’ ‘Doesn't seem fair at all’ 62 days ago

Donald Trump stops by a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, Georgia 63 days ago

FBI director says China is the 'defining threat of our generation' 63 days ago

Arizona Supreme Court upholds near-total abortion ban 63 days ago

Mayorkas deflects when asked if ‘above 85%’ of illegal immigrants are released into the US 63 days ago

Fanni Willis' Affair Partner Pleads Poverty And Unable To Make Alimony Payment 63 days ago

Anti-Israel agitators shut down Senate cafeteria; around 50 arrested 63 days ago

NCAA faces calls to ban trans athletes from competing in women's sports after NAIA's decision: 'Your move' 63 days ago

The View's Sunny Hostin blames eclipse, earthquake and cicadas on 'climate change' 63 days ago

Joe Rogan reveals when he thinks the Democratic Party will kick Biden to the curb 63 days ago

NPR editor found registered Democrats outnumbered Republicans 87 to zero in newsroom 63 days ago

DOJ will not turn over Biden's recorded interview with Special Counsel Hur, risking contempt of Congress 64 days ago

Hillary Clinton met with student protests during visit to alma mater Wellesley College: 'Blood on her hands' 66 days ago

Desperate Zelenskyy warns 'Ukraine will lose the war' if Congress does not send more aid 66 days ago

Wisconsin becomes 28th state to pass a ban on ‘Zuckerbucks’ ahead of 2024 election 67 days ago

GOP Megadonor Who Backed Haley Now Funding Trump 67 days ago

New York City to pay $17.5 million for forcing women to remove hijabs for mug shots 67 days ago

Suge Knight ribs Sean 'Diddy' Combs in prison call, drops ominous warning: 'Puffy, your life's in danger' 67 days ago

UCLA medical school's 'structural racism' class featured 'quite disturbing' prayer to pagan god: Witness 67 days ago

GOP committee demands answers on Biden taxpayer push to register voters in key swing state: 'Inconceivable'' 68 days ago

First lady Jill Biden reportedly urging the president privately to end the war in Gaza: 'Stop, stop it now' 68 days ago

Michigan Republican grills Biden on taxpayer-funded rent subsidies going to asylum-seekers 68 days ago

'The Rock' explains why he's not endorsing Biden this time, how he feels about 'woke culture' 68 days ago

Spike in number of illegal Chinese immigrants becoming US national security issue 68 days ago