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Russian jets have flown over U.S. base in Syria nearly every day in March 4 days ago

3D-Printed Rocket Test Flight Falls Short, But Relativity Space Sees the Launch as a Success 4 days ago

Disney World Florida to host world's largest LGBT+ conference 4 days ago

Alan Dershowitz eviscerates Alvin Bragg's potential Trump indictment: 'I have never seen a weaker case' 4 days ago

Elon Musk trolls top House Dem: 'That's what she said' 4 days ago

Manhattan DA Refuses to Cooperate with House Republicans' Investigation into Trump Due to Pending Local Prosecution 4 days ago

Franklin Graham Urges Prayer Amid Rumors of Politically Motivated Charges Against Trump 4 days ago

America First Legal Reveals FBI’s Counterterrorism Division Pushed Back Against AG Garland’s Memo Targeting American Parents 4 days ago

Stanford Law School Associate Dean Put On Leave After Fueled Protests Against Trump Appointed Judge 4 days ago

Iowa signs ban on gender transition surgery for minors, says it's 'in the best interest of the kids' 4 days ago

Trans flight attendent dead from suicide after being featured in United Airlines ad 4 days ago

Republican Senators criticize Pentagon's diversity and inclusion agenda, raising concerns over military readiness. 4 days ago

Van Jones accused of betraying his race for saying Manhattan DA might 'step back' from charging Trump 4 days ago

Rep. Jamaal Bowman: "Republicans ain't got no swag. That's why they want to ban TikTok." 4 days ago

Trump grand jury canceled for rest of the WEEK 4 days ago

Manhattan DA Bragg responds to House GOP doc request, says Trump 'created a false expectation' of arrest 4 days ago

TikTok 'too integral' to Americans to sell or shut down, CEO says 4 days ago

More than 40 percent of Americans support banning TikTok: poll 4 days ago

Top California Dem defends controversial no vote on bill to increase penalties for sexual assault 4 days ago

'American Idol' contestant calls Katy Perry’s ‘mom-shaming' joke 'hurtful' and 'embarrassing' 4 days ago

Former Meta employee says she was paid $190k ‘to do nothing’ 4 days ago

Alec Baldwin slams prosecution over 'improper' public statements, says right to fair trial 'threatened' 4 days ago

Schumer Refuses to State Confidence in Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg 4 days ago

Death toll linked to contaminated eye drops rising as more report vision loss 4 days ago

Ford is about to break out big EV losses for the first time 4 days ago

Kari Lake scores win as Arizona Supreme Court sends part of her lawsuit back to trial court 4 days ago

U.S. Bishops Ban Sex Reassignment, No One Born with the ‘Wrong Body’ 4 days ago

2018 letter shows Michael Cohen lying to feds about Stormy Daniels payment 5 days ago

Leftist Baker's Chicago-Area Business to Close 5 days ago

Sen. Ted Cruz Leads Effort to Protect Supreme Court from Democrat Court Packing Scheme with New Amendment 5 days ago

Poll: 72 Percent Say Joe Biden's America Headed in Wrong Direction 5 days ago

Breaking: Newsmax Returns to DIRECTV 5 days ago

House Oversight Committee Demands Biden Come Clean About His Family's Shady Financial Deals 5 days ago

‘Game-Changer’ Costello Testimony May Have Sunk Manhattan DA’s Case Against Trump, Dershowitz Says 5 days ago

BREAKING: Appeals Court Backs DOJ Against Trump in Probe 5 days ago

California's Wet Winter Season Overwhelms State's Rivers as Largest Lake in Western US is Set to Reappear 5 days ago

Special Forces veteran falsely labeled a domestic terrorist says FBI also targeted his family: 'It's horrible' 5 days ago

Trump raises $1.5 million for presidential campaign since warning of arrest in looming NYC indictment 5 days ago

High school football coach reinstated after winning $1.7 million settlement 5 days ago

Trump grand jury proceedings 'canceled' for Wednesday, sources say 5 days ago

Mexican president backs Trump, says potential indictment is 'fabrication' to keep him off 2024 ballot 5 days ago

Black parent ‘insulted’ by district's proposal to lower admission standards of selective prep school 5 days ago

Greta Thunberg to receive honorary doctorate from Finnish university 5 days ago

House Judiciary report: 'No legitimate basis' for Biden admin to target parents at school board meetings 5 days ago

DeSantis touts his potential to beat Biden if he runs for president: 'I think he’s failed the country' 5 days ago

Scientific journal reveals Biden endorsement caused people to 'lose confidence' in scientists 5 days ago

US Home Prices Experience First Dip in Record-Setting 131 Months 5 days ago

Rand Paul Says DA Should Be Jailed: A Trump Indictment a 'Disgusting Abuse of Power' 5 days ago

Philadelphia has agreed to pay $9.25 million to more than 300 people who said they were injured in the police response 5 days ago

Gwyneth Paltrow arrives at Utah court for ski accident lawsuit 5 days ago

Trump Soars Ahead in 2024 GOP Primary Poll, Despite Attacks 6 days ago

DOJ Accuses Google of Failing to Preserve Internal Communications in Antitrust Lawsuit 6 days ago

Portland area bids farewell to Cracker Barrel as pandemic takes its toll 6 days ago

MTG: "Any Presidential candidate that calls the political persecution of Trump a “sideshow” is not capable of the job" 6 days ago

Federal judge blocks California law mandating safety features on semiautomatic handguns 6 days ago

BREAKING: Governor Ron DeSantis Breaks Silence on Potential 2024 Presidential Run 6 days ago

Howard Stern nominates Jon Stewart for president: 'He owes it to his country to run' 6 days ago

Fan poops in aisle near Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at Broadway show 6 days ago

Pray for Our Country: President Trump Urges Americans to Pray for Safety and Success Amidst Potential Indictment 6 days ago

Sen. Rand Paul: The DA should be put in jail 6 days ago

Trump to Be Indicted Soon - Dems Put America Through Another Circus 6 days ago

Los Angeles Weatherwoman's Reveals Reason For On-Air Collapse 6 days ago

Dems: Indicting Trump on Weak Charges Could Benefit Him 6 days ago

Congressman Troy E. Nehls: The comments made by Governor Ron DeSantis about the possible indictment and arrest of President Donald Trump were unfair 6 days ago

BREAKING: Bomb Threat in Manhattan Courthouse Ahead of Trump's Indictment 6 days ago

Gwyneth Paltrow to take the stand over ski crash 'hit-and-run' claim 6 days ago

DeSantis slams ‘Soros-funded’ Manhattan DA for ‘weaponizing the office’ as Trump rumors swirl 6 days ago

Trump lawyers demand NARA records to expose 'highly-politicized' documents probe of former president 6 days ago

Top Zelensky adviser suggests Putin sent body double to Ukraine 6 days ago

Mike Tyson Defends Trump: ‘I Don’t Think He Should Go to Jail’ 6 days ago

Florida mayor calls it quits, starts packing his things in the middle of a city council meeting: 'This is simple math' 6 days ago

Border agents arrest 16 people on FBI’s terror watchlist at Mexico crossing 6 days ago

Close to 190 banks could face Silicon Valley Bank's fate, according to a new study 6 days ago

AI develops cancer treatment in 30 days, predicts survival rate 6 days ago

Trump Lawyer Joe Tacopina on DA Alvin Bragg’s potential indictment: “They won’t win this case” 6 days ago

Dem congressman 'may vote to impeach' Biden's DHS Secretary Mayorkas 6 days ago

FOX News cameras were rolling as more Chinese nationals illegally cross into the RGV sector this morning 7 days ago

Former Legal Advisor Testifies Michael Cohen is a Serial Liar in Manhattan District Attorney's Investigation 7 days ago

DA Discussing Indictment Logistics for Former President Trump 7 days ago

Onlookers in shock as bound kidnap victim escapes from car trunk at scene of fiery crash 7 days ago

Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Speaks Out Against Looming Trump Indictment and Protests 7 days ago

11 companies adopting a 4-day workweek that are hiring right now 7 days ago

Former Federal Prosecutor Andy McCarthy Tries to Dispel Rumors of Trump’s Handcuffing and Arrest 7 days ago

Unprecedented Abuse of Power: GOP Demands Oversight of Politically Motivated Prosecution Against Trump 7 days ago

Philadelphia reaches $9.25M settlement with demonstrators over police tactics in 2020 protests 7 days ago

Shaquille O’Neal Cause for Concern After Tweeting from Hospital Bed 7 days ago

Gwyneth Paltrow's Utah ski accident: Actress set to take stand in $300,000 civil case 7 days ago

Teen Sues Hospital for Double Mastectomy, Alleges Push into Gender Transition as Treatment for Mental Health Problems. 7 days ago

Chris Rock warns arresting Trump will only ‘make him more popular’ 7 days ago

House Judiciary Committee demands Manhattan DA testify over politically motivated Trump indictment 7 days ago

Experts Worry as AI Chatbot Develops Plan to Take Over Computer in Real-Time Conversation 7 days ago

The Potential Indictment of Former President Trump Raises Concerns about Danger and Chaos 7 days ago

'It's the unimaginable': 5 children of the same family killed in fiery New York car crash with 16-year-old behind the wheel 7 days ago

San Francisco Middle School Student Stabbed on Campus 7 days ago

March Madness broadcaster urges producer not to show replay of UCLA star twisting ankle 7 days ago

Christie criticizes Trump for inciting chaos 7 days ago

Biden breaks campaign promise on oil, progressives are not happy 7 days ago

Miami sets curfew 7 days ago

Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy calls on Nikki Haley and DeSantis to condemn actions by NY DA 7 days ago

"Xi's Power Move to Meet Putin Despite ICC War Crimes Charges Sends Shockwaves Through Global Politics" 7 days ago