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Ex-FBI official in Trump-Russia probe who admitted to Russian oligarch scheme nearing plea deal in 2nd DC case 20 days ago

Hunter Biden receives felony indicted by special counsel 20 days ago

Judge rejects Fani Willis bid against Trump and other RICO defendants 20 days ago

Federal judge blocks New Mexico governor’s gun ban 20 days ago

Mitt Romney says he will not run for re-election 21 days ago

White House to send letter urging news outlets to ‘ramp up scrutiny’ of Biden impeachment inquiry 21 days ago

Watch: Sheriff Who Arrested President Trump Breaks Silence, "For me, on a personal level, it was heartbreaking to see someone of that statue" 21 days ago

Brittney Griner Wins Major Award Following Russia Arrest 21 days ago

Senator Schumer says the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden is a "witch hunt" 21 days ago

Watch: Rep. Scott Perry (PA) Schools Reporter On Biden's Impeachment Inquiry 22 days ago

Median household income fell in 2022, adjusted for inflation, Census Bureau says 22 days ago

Ex-FBI agent Timothy Thibault, accused of Hunter Biden political bias, meets with Congress 22 days ago

China deploys over 40 planes to Taiwan Strait, is massing forces at coastal military bases, Taiwan warns 22 days ago

Comer demands State Dept. explain 'sudden' decisions leading to firing of Ukrainian prosecutor probing Burisma 22 days ago

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announces formal impeachment inquiry against President Biden 22 days ago

BREAKING: Speaker McCarthy announces formal impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden: "These are allegations of abuse of power, obstruction, and corruption." 22 days ago

Woman gets robbed in San Francisco, explains how it happened 23 days ago

Biden enrages 9/11 families by not going to memorial sites on anniversary: 'Opposite' of Never Forget 23 days ago

Gov. Glenn Youngkin pardons Loudoun County dad who protested school board after daughter's sexual assault 24 days ago

California kids could become 'wards of the state' under new gender affirmation rule, mom warns: 'Dangerous' 24 days ago

YUGE Crowd cheering for President Trump at Iowa State 25 days ago

Trump: ‘Bidenomics’ Leading United States into a ‘Great Depression’ 25 days ago

Apple urges security update after NSO’s zero-click spyware hacked US iPhone 25 days ago

New Mexico governor temporarily suspends open, concealed carry across Albuquerque: 'Violence at every turn' 25 days ago

Fulton County Judge ‘Skeptical’ of October Trial Date 25 days ago

DeSantis floats pardons after blasting lengthy sentences for Proud Boys 25 days ago

California becomes first US state to recognize 'Transgender History Month' 26 days ago

Abbott promises 'even more buses' if Biden admin pushes reported plan to keep migrants in Texas 26 days ago

Republicans get major boost as ‘fired up’ young men lean right in record numbers 26 days ago

Native American group that wanted 'Redskins' removal is funded by Soros foundation, other leftist orgs 26 days ago

Gov. Kristi Noem expected to endorse Donald Trump for president at South Dakota rally 26 days ago

Haley sees biggest lead over Biden among GOP rivals in hypothetical matchup, poll finds 26 days ago

China's military targets American troops, veterans for exploitation campaign, general says 26 days ago

Oklahoma district who hired drag queen to be elementary school principal faces backlash: 'Unimaginable' 26 days ago

Gun safe company hit with backlash for providing FBI with code to customer's safe 26 days ago

‘You Suck’: Eco-Protesters Hold Up US Open Match, Glue Feet To The Floor 26 days ago

Fulton County grand jury recommended charging Lindsey Graham, two ex-senators in 2020 election case 26 days ago

Nancy Pelosi, 83, will run for her seat in Congress again in 2024 26 days ago

Prosecutors May Have to Try Trump Georgia Case Twice, Judge Warns 27 days ago

DOJ seeks 120-day prison term for J6 journalist who never entered Capitol, spoke out about ‘stolen election’ on air 27 days ago

California judge temporarily blocks school district's transgender parent disclosure policy 27 days ago

Trucker warns Biden's EPA regulations would be 'catastrophic' for the American food supply 27 days ago

Bill Maher lectures liberal media on mocking Trump base: ‘There is a lot of crazy on the left’ 27 days ago

John Fetterman dares Republicans to impeach Biden: ‘You just gotta call their bulls--t’ 27 days ago

Breaking: Liberty Safe giving customers the option to have their combinations omitted from company database 27 days ago

Harris says she's ready to step into role of president if Biden is unwell: 'May have to take over' 27 days ago

Court Blocks Jack Smith's Bid to Obtain Rep. Scott Perry's FBI-Seized Phone Records 28 days ago

Mortgage demand drops to 27-year low as interest rates pull back 28 days ago

Bill Gates made a nearly $100 million bet on Bud Light 28 days ago

Gun safe manufacturer Liberty Safe criticized for giving code of person's safe to FBI 28 days ago

Biden admin quietly reverses Trump-era rule, bans transporting fossil fuels by train 28 days ago

House Oversight Subpoenas Mayorkas, Secret Service For Allegedly Tipping Off Biden Team About Hunter Interview 29 days ago

Z-cup breast teacher Kayla Lemieux given police escort for first day at new Toronto school 29 days ago

Mark Meadows, 5 others plead not guilty in Georgia election interference case 29 days ago

Teachers union instructs educators to destroy documents of students' gender identities: Report 29 days ago

Vance to introduce measure preventing federal officials from imposing mask mandates in schools, on airplanes 29 days ago

Tenth grader DIES after eating a tortilla chip so spicy he passed out 29 days ago

Texas ranchers 'DEFEAT' Chinese billionaire over wind farm plans 30 days ago

Democrats: 'Conspiracy Theories' Not Grounds for Biden Impeachment 30 days ago

Book claims Biden ‘exploded’ as Afghanistan collapsed during his vacation: ‘Give me a break’ 30 days ago

Mexican parents blaze textbooks infected with 'virus of communism' in fiery protest against gender ideology 30 days ago

Nearly 60% of Republican voters back Trump in 2024 White House race: poll 30 days ago

CNN, MSNBC guests warn Democrats 'Biden has work to do' amid tie in the polls: 'Very competitive race' 31 days ago

Pennsylvania high school quarterback rushed to hospital after on-field collapse: 'We need a miracle' 31 days ago

Thousands at Burning Man told to conserve water, food after flooding leaves them confined in desert 31 days ago

Sen. Lindsey Graham says it's 'imperative' for America to keep supporting Ukraine's military 32 days ago

Jimmy Buffett, legendary 'Margaritaville' singer, dies at 76 32 days ago

Judge dismisses 14th Amendment lawsuit against Trump, rules plaintiffs lack standing. 33 days ago

Texas Supreme Court allows ban on puberty blockers and hormone therapy for trans kids to take effect 33 days ago

IRS whistleblower's attorney questions contact with Garland subordinate: 'Sounded like intel-gathering' 33 days ago

Elon Musk says progressive LA school has turned daughter into 'communist' who thinks 'anyone rich is evil' 33 days ago

Biden reveals a 5.3% RAISE for federal workers 33 days ago

Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen signs executive order that provides reality-based definitions for 'male' and 'female' 33 days ago

Blake Masters To Run For Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate Seat: Report 34 days ago

Donald Trump waives arraignment, enters “Not Guilty” plea 34 days ago

Vanguard joins BlackRock, cuts support for shareholder items on climate, social issues 35 days ago

Pentagon Officials Worked To Finalize Climate Plan During Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal, Emails Show 35 days ago

California school district settles with mother after school ‘transitioned’ daughter without her consent 35 days ago

California smash-and-grab thieves steal $500K worth of jewelry, store owner says 35 days ago

Riley Gaines blasts lawmaker over 'trophy' jab after Nebraska speech: 'Imagine missing the point this much' 36 days ago

Rep. Steve Scalise announces cancer diagnosis, says multiple myeloma 'very treatable' 36 days ago

Suarez suspends 2024 campaign, first Republican presidential candidate to drop out of nomination race 36 days ago

Biden slammed for taking credit for reopening schools: 'Will take years for students to dig out' 36 days ago

Trump to be arraigned next week in Georgia election case 37 days ago

Efforts To Remove Trump From 2024 Ballot Using 14th Amendment Ramp Up: Report 37 days ago

Trans teacher with Z-cup breasts returns to the classroom 37 days ago

Former Home Depot CEO ‘fears’ Biden administration is ‘fueling a lawless society' as retail theft surges 37 days ago

Chicago mayor mocked for suing automakers for car thefts: 'Criminals run rampant' but it's a 'Kia problem' 37 days ago

WATCH: Crowd Chants ‘We Love Trump’ Outside Trump Tower Following Indictment 37 days ago

Tulsi Gabbard Torches Biden Over Trump Prosecution: ‘The Death Rattle Of Any Democracy’ 37 days ago

Asylum seekers refuse to leave NY high school after judge shuts down shelter as outraged residents protest: 'Go home! You're not welcome!' 39 days ago

Video from ‘Disturbed Visitors’ Shows Men Dressed in Drag Greeting Children at Disney 'Princess Makeover' Boutique 39 days ago

Robert O’Neill, former Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden, arrested in Texas 39 days ago

'The Price is Right' Host Bob Barker Dead at 99 39 days ago

Biden admin's latest home appliance crackdown: ceiling fans 39 days ago

Rite Aid Corp reportedly plans bankruptcy filing amid opioid lawsuits 40 days ago

Trump just stole the show from the Left 40 days ago

Candace Owens: Trump looks iconic 40 days ago

The people love Trump 40 days ago

Kevin McCarthy: Why would Joe Biden use the power of government to go after Trump 40 days ago