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What's going on today according to our WOKE A.I.: Today, news of a shocking cover-up has been revealed, with reports that Chinese spy balloons had been flying over the US during the Trump administration, unbeknownst to the Trump administration. This revelation has been met with strong condemnation from Republicans, who have accused the Biden administration of enabling Palestinian terror, as well as for providing aid to Ukraine despite an agreement with far-right Republicans. In addition, the Pope has spoken out against the sale of weapons, and the Koch network is fighting back against the Trump legacy by supporting GOP primary candidates.

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GOP Demanding Hunter Biden Art Deal Probe 11 days ago

Mark Hamill defends "liked" JK Rowling tweet 11 days ago

GOP Senators Warn Against Impeachment 11 days ago

Biden Invite Rejected by GOP Freshmen 11 days ago

It's official! Trump gets reinstated to multiple platforms! 11 days ago

Hawley Will Propose Legislation To Ban TikTok In U.S. 11 days ago

Pelosi Sells Google Stock Before Lawsuit 11 days ago

Obama, Clinton offices say all classified documents went to Archives 11 days ago

Venezuela's Maduro Cancels Argentina Trip After Lawmakers Move to Arrest Him 11 days ago

McCarthy says Santos will be removed from Congress if Ethics Committee finds he broke the law 11 days ago

Swalwell responds to getting the boot: "[McCarthy] will regret giving all three of us more time on our hands." 11 days ago

Iowa Gov Kim Reynolds signs historic school choice bill: 'We will fund students not systems' 11 days ago

Colorado Democrats prepare ban on assault weapon sales 12 days ago

Dave Chappelle confronts trans backlash over his Netflix special 12 days ago

Government Unites to Sue Google for Antitrust Violations 12 days ago

McCarthy Officially Rejects Appointments of Swalwell and Schiff for House Intel Committee 12 days ago

California Wants To Impose Billionaire 'Exit Tax' on Wealthy 12 days ago

Mark Levin Calls for Overhaul to Combat Democratic Radicalism 12 days ago

Hunter Biden's Controversial Meetings With Zients, Biden Revealed 12 days ago

GOP Senators and Reps Fight To Impose Term Limits 12 days ago

Four Migrants Arrested After Shoplifting Spree, Mayor Adams Criticized For Crisis Response 12 days ago

Walmart Worker Stands Up to Shoplifting Duo 12 days ago

Massachusetts Rep's Daughter Charged After Protest 12 days ago

Ghislaine Maxwell Says She Believes Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered 12 days ago

Woman: Reflection on Getting Laid Off from Google 12 days ago

Breaking: Classified Documents Discovered at Pence's Home 12 days ago

Texas GOP Delegation Calls on Biden to Reimburse 12 days ago

A baby was losing weight and vomiting. At the hospital, doctors discovered he was starving from an almond milk diet. 12 days ago

Revolutionary Aircraft Flight with Air Blasts! 12 days ago

Jeffries Challenges McCarthy on Committee Seats 13 days ago

Ukrainian Corrupt Officials Face Jail Time 13 days ago

Ex-FBI Agent Investigated Trump-Russia Ties Accused of Working for Russian! 13 days ago

Rep. Katherine Clark’s daughter arraigned in Boston court on assault charge 13 days ago

White House: Biden takes classified info 'very seriously' as more docs turn up: 'searched their sock drawer' 13 days ago

Republicans Demand Secret Service Visitor Info to Biden Home 13 days ago

Yuma County, Arizona: Breaking Point at the Border 13 days ago

Reich Criticized for Blaming Egg Prices on Greed 13 days ago

Democrats Propose Eliminating Debt Ceiling Limits 13 days ago

Social Worker Facing $3 Million Damages, Jail Time 13 days ago

Democrats Dismayed by Biden's Classified Document Hoarding 13 days ago

Report: Biden's Personal Attorneys Mislead DOJ on Documents 13 days ago

GOP Sens Pressure NARA for Biden Docs Transparency 13 days ago

Prince Andrew Seeks Legal War Chest for Giuffre Case 13 days ago

Ex-NYPD Commissioner: Atlanta Riots Show 'Mayhem' is Goal 13 days ago

Google Reacts to ChatGPT Threat with AI Strategy 13 days ago

Battle Brewing Over House Intel, Foreign Affairs Members 13 days ago

Tim Allen Denies Exposing Himself to Anderson 13 days ago

IRS Kicks Off 2023 Tax Season with 5,000 New Hires 13 days ago

Trump Honors "Diamond" Hardaway with Celebration of Life Ceremony 13 days ago

Kamala quotes the Declaration of Independence at a pro-abortion rally but leave out word life 13 days ago

Joe vs Joe: Manchin won't rule out challenging Biden for president in 2024 13 days ago

Fox News Meteorologist Assaulted by Teens 13 days ago

Judge commits suicide 14 days ago

Georgia Republican Demands AntiFa Designation as Terrorists 14 days ago

Katherine Clark’s daughter arrested in clash with police at Boston protest  14 days ago

Diamond's Memorial: Emotional Tribute 14 days ago

Former AG Bill Barr Defends His Handling Of The Mueller Report To Bill Maher 14 days ago

Al Gore has history of climate predictions, statements proven false 14 days ago

64 percent in new poll say Biden acted inappropriately handling classified documents 14 days ago

Gianno Caldwell blasts restaurant for kicking him out over political views: There’s a 'target' on our backs 14 days ago

Revealed: Jeremy Renner Suffers "30 plus broken bones" in Accident 14 days ago

California police identify gunman in Monterey attack that killed 10 people, injured 10 others in mass shooting 14 days ago

Biden's classified doc scandal has 'makings of a potential cover-up' that could put US 'at risk': Rep. Comer 14 days ago

Area 51 Website Owner Raid, Damaged and Left Unanswered 14 days ago

Netflix will start cracking down on people who share their passwords this quarter 14 days ago

GOP, Dems agree that Biden classified documents scandal must be investigated 14 days ago

Report: DOJ Weighs Searching More Locations for Biden Classified Docs 14 days ago

Biden Docs: White House requested FBI search that uncovered latest batch of classified documents 14 days ago

Nancy Pelosi called priests to perform 'exorcism' after husband's hammer attack, daughter says 14 days ago

10 Dead in Mass Shooting in Monterey Park During Lunar New Year Celebration 14 days ago

New Development For Baldwin And His 2nd Shooting Victim: DA says Baldwin Will Not Be Charged Because of Intent 14 days ago

Prince Harry scoffs at Elvis Presley's Graceland, suggests interior designer was 'on acid' 14 days ago

4.2 Million Migrants Apprehended Along Southwest Border Under Biden Admin 15 days ago

Young mom was fleeing the 'massacre' of California family with her infant son when they were killed, sheriff says 15 days ago

McCarthy: Removing Schiff and Swalwell from committee is 'what we're supposed to do' 15 days ago

New Presidential Race Poll 15 days ago

Trump boasts 20-point lead over DeSantis as he hints at new energy in campaign: Poll 15 days ago

House Republican calls for defunding Homeland Security department 15 days ago

Biden enters year with low approval ratings despite midterm boost 15 days ago

Weird UFO-like cloud hovers over Turkey 15 days ago

Alec Baldwin Mum on 'Rust' Involuntary Manslaughter Charge as He Returns Home 15 days ago

Border Patrol official quits! 15 days ago

DOJ Hits Biden Again And This Time it Hits Directly Home 15 days ago

7-year-olds asked if they are transgender or non-binary on survey of 59 schools, no parental consent required 15 days ago

Tori Spelling Spends $400 on Denise Richards' OnlyFans 15 days ago

Biden roasted after tweeting: Two years in, and I’ve never been more optimistic about America’s future 15 days ago

Florida police officer shot in face by burglary suspect; five officers returned fire, killing the suspect 15 days ago

Watch: Couple Accidentally Locked Themselves in Doggy Cage 15 days ago

He's Out: Major Shake Up on Biden Administration 15 days ago

Jeremy Renner Says He Shattered Over 30 Bones In Snowplow Accident 15 days ago

Los Angeles hit-and-run driver who plowed into mom and baby in stolen car is murdered after light sentence 15 days ago

Joe Biden Named in Deal to Broker a Chinese $25M Energy Investment 16 days ago

2 Tennessee corrections officials fired over lethal injection violations 16 days ago

Lori Lightfoot Suggests Street Vendors Stop Using Cash In Order To Quell Chicago Crime Epidemic 16 days ago

Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating is's Horrible 16 days ago

Under West Virginia bills, exposing minors to transgender people could be a crime 16 days ago

Trump makes endorsement 16 days ago

Planned Parenthood sex educator teaches how minors can acquire 'spicy toys' or substitute with vegetables 16 days ago

Republicans rate Biden's handling of the presidency two years in: 'Deserves an F' 16 days ago

Mississippi House OKs ban on minors’ gender-confirming care 16 days ago