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FBi releases statement on Report by Special Counsel John Durham 22 days ago

Vice Media Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection 22 days ago

Trump says there 'must be a heavy price to pay' for Comey, Democrats after release of Durham report 22 days ago

Durham finds DOJ, FBI 'failed to uphold' mission of 'strict fidelity to the law' in Trump-Russia probe 22 days ago

At Least 5 Whistleblowers Come Forward Against Biden Family 22 days ago

Biden says post-Title 42 is 'much better than you all expected' 22 days ago

Maria Bartiromo learns stunning revelations about Biden Family investigation with Rep. James Comer 22 days ago

The Durham Report is and it's bad news for FBI and DOJ, finds they failed to uphold' mission of 'strict fidelity to the law' 22 days ago

Brandon Johnson sworn in as Chicago mayor 22 days ago

Taylor Swift screams during Eras Tour concert for security guard to stop harassing fan 22 days ago

Howard University's criteria for Biden's honorary degree draws mockery as mental fitness questioned 22 days ago

‘I Almost Forgot The Kid Was Imaginary’: J.K. Rowling Gives Blistering Reply To Woke Kid Tweets Calling Her ‘Bigot’ 22 days ago

China and Russia are increasing their military collaboration, Japan's foreign minister warns 22 days ago

Ex-CIA chief admitted that the 'Dirty 51' letter 'WAS political' 22 days ago

Barack Obama says gun ownership has become a growing "ideological" and "partisan" issue 22 days ago

Jane Fonda, 85, says she plans to continue climate protests: 'It’s all hands on deck right now' 22 days ago

Minnesota teen charged with shooting, killing beloved youth hockey coach 23 days ago

'What the f*** happened to this place?': Dave Chappelle smashes San Francisco in surprise comedy show, blogger gets offended 23 days ago

Man Killed by Own Gun During Struggle With Los Angeles Police Officer 23 days ago

Homeless veterans booted from upstate hotel to make room for migrants 23 days ago

Gavin Newsom's reparations experiment backfires as 2024 speculation swirls, critics say 23 days ago

AI expert taps UN officials to learn how to build a global AI regulatory body 23 days ago

DeSantis fundraises for Daniel Penny, who faces manslaughter charges in Jordan Neely death 23 days ago

Arizona border city sees 7 people shot, suspect at large: report 23 days ago

Group heckles comedian, storms out after Dylan Mulvaney joke: 'F--- you, transphobe!' 23 days ago

Jordan Neely death: Marine vet Daniel Penny's defense fund grows by staggering amount in one day 23 days ago

SF Target employees reveals sad reality with theft 23 days ago

E. Jean Carroll Contemplating Another Lawsuit vs. Trump 23 days ago

Banning gun sales to young American adults under 21 is unconstitutional, judge rules 23 days ago

Brittney Griner plays in first game since detainment, says hearing national anthem 'definitely hit different' 23 days ago

Yellen: 'Most Banks' Can Handle Uninsured Depositors Fleeing, Won't Say No More Will Fail 24 days ago

Megyn Kelly challenges Charlize Theron over drag queens: ‘Why don’t you come and f–k me up?’ 24 days ago

Trump cancels Iowa rally due to tornado warning: 'Be safe out there!' 24 days ago

Judge blocks Biden admin request to stay order blocking release of migrants into US without court date 24 days ago

Publix grocery chain apologizes after store bakery refuses to write pro-trans message on cake 24 days ago

McCarthy’s chief of staff retiring 24 days ago

Jury Finds McDonald's and Franchise Negligent in Hot McNugget Case 24 days ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene says Hunter Biden’s sex workers may testify before Congress 24 days ago

Conservative teenagers are generally happier than their liberal peers, study finds 24 days ago

Law school graduates turn their backs on Adams during commencement address 24 days ago

E. Jean Carroll Considering Suing Trump Again Over CNN Town Hall Comments 24 days ago

Biden takes zero questions, smiles silently as press is kicked out amid post-Title 42 chaos at border 24 days ago

Migrants ‘dumped’ in Chicago shelter could 'destroy' Black communities, residents say 24 days ago

Jury reaches verdict in murder trial of "doomsday mom" Lori Vallow Daybell 25 days ago

Ted Cruz erupts on reporter at border, accuses him of parroting Democratic talking points: 'Complete lie' 25 days ago

Illinois' 'assault weapons' ban could be on the chopping block — at least temporarily 25 days ago

California reparations committee calls for statewide K-12 curriculum that teaches 'systemic racism' 25 days ago

Donors flee from 'very disturbed' university in Oklahoma amid radical DEI agenda: 'Better named DIE' 25 days ago

Gov. Newsom announces $32 billion budget deficit, $10 billion more than previously estimated 25 days ago

Federal judge in Virginia strikes down laws banning gun sales to adults under 21 25 days ago

Biden heads to beach as DHS forces employees to work weekend at the border 25 days ago

Admiral dodges question over US Merchant Marine Academy official's tweet about 'white, male' misogyny, racism 25 days ago

DHS officials admit to pre-screening reporter questions on the border, but won't do it again 25 days ago

Frustration at CNN boils over with Trump town hall  25 days ago

Feds arrest alleged Chinese spy in Boston 25 days ago

Kayleigh McEnany shreds liberals for meltdown over Trump's CNN town hall: 'What is wrong with these people?' 25 days ago

New York City to ban weight discrimination as critics warn of lawsuits 25 days ago

California reparations committee calls for ending cash bail, no longer prosecuting low-level crimes 25 days ago

Sunny Hostin blows up at 'View' co-hosts during rant about Trump town hall: 'Can I just not be interrupted?' 25 days ago

'American Idol' fans want Katy Perry fired and replaced by temporary judge Alanis Morisette 25 days ago

Migrant child dies in US custody, HHS confirms 25 days ago

Democrat senator flees stage at her own book event after climate activists disrupt: 'Be a climate leader!' 25 days ago

Professor who says he was suspended after bringing chocolates mocking pronouns claims free speech 'eliminated' 25 days ago

Democrats demand universal free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack for kids in school 25 days ago

California reparations panel calls to amend state constitution to legalize racial discrimination 25 days ago

Mayorkas cuts off reporter's false claim that Border Patrol whipped migrants: 'Let me just correct you' 25 days ago

WATCH: Ted Cruz schools reporters: “In 2020, the last year of the Trump presidency, we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years.” 25 days ago

11 days after the death of Jordan Neely, Former Marine is in police custody. 25 days ago

Elon Musk names Linda Yaccarino as Twitter CEO 25 days ago

Florida AG sues Biden admin to stop planned mass release of migrants as Title 42 ends 25 days ago

Trump fires back at critics slamming his town hall: ‘did the right thing’ 25 days ago

Hunter Biden and ex-wife Kathleen Buhle's divorce attorneys were aware of 'Romania deal' payments 25 days ago

CNN's Anderson Cooper blasts 'disturbing' GOP audience at Trump town hall: 'They are your family members' 25 days ago

CNN must fire CEO Chris Licht to take 'accountability' for Trump town hall, women's advocacy group demands 25 days ago

Los Angeles floats using unarmed civilians to enforce traffic violations like speeding: Report 25 days ago

Oregon parents outraged as teachers expose students to sexually explicit language during lessons on porn 25 days ago

John Kerry targets agriculture as part of climate crusade 26 days ago

Signs Hint That Joe Manchin Could Be Preparing For ‘Potential Third-Party Presidential Bid’: Report 26 days ago

Artist sues AI generators for allegedly using work to train image bots: 'industrial-level identity theft' 26 days ago

Target Releases Latest ‘Pride’ Collection, Complete With Kids Books And Rainbow Items For Babies 26 days ago

Migrants in El Paso are urged to turn themselves in to immigration officials ahead of Title 42's end 26 days ago

CNN’s Donald Trump Town Hall Wins Time Slot With 3.3 Million Viewers 26 days ago

CNN to offer Don Lemon’s former co-host Kaitlan Collins primetime slot: report 26 days ago

Comer says Biden 'involved' in family biz dealings; brother, grandkids, Hunter and his wives all got paid 26 days ago

Manhattan DA Bragg to charge former Marine over fatal subway chokehold incident 26 days ago

Former NY governor re-emerges as critic of Dems' far-left policies, fueling comeback speculation 26 days ago

NYC Mayor Eric Adams labels county exec who blocked asylum seekers as ‘racist’ and ‘antisemitic’ 26 days ago

Massive line of illegal immigrants turning themselves in to immigration officials 26 days ago

Kevin McCarthy says he'll speak to FBI director about Hunter Biden probe document: 'We have oversight' 26 days ago

Spotify removes AI-generated songs from platform 26 days ago

Daniel Penny surrenders 26 days ago

TikTok employees say app tracked users who watched gay content: report 26 days ago

Border Patrol chief authorizes release of migrants into US without court dates as Title 42 ends 26 days ago

Finland PM announces divorce after she's spotted grinding with man in raunchy club video 26 days ago

Drone video shows enormous amount of clothing and trash dumped by migrants at the edge of the river 26 days ago

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman to appear before Congress 26 days ago

Byron Donalds has heated argument with CNN host after Trump town hall: Voters 'tired of y'all' 26 days ago

Senator Feinstein returns to the judiciary committee today 26 days ago

CNN facing 'fury' from staffers over Trump town hall: ‘It felt like 2016 all over again’ 26 days ago

Steve Bannon Reacts To President Trump's Dominant CNN Town Hall Performance: "What has freaked the media out is that MAGA is ascendent" 26 days ago