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Gas prices oar to $4.37 after 17-cent rise in week due to inflation 7 days ago

Hawley on Abortion Activists Targeting SCOTUS Justices' Homes: 'You Cannot Give an Inch' 7 days ago

Rick Scott says Biden is 'unwell' and should resign, as president hammers 'ultra-MAGA' agenda 7 days ago

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen: Banning Abortion Would Hurt U.S. Economy 7 days ago

Donald Trump Jr. takes aim at Cheney, supports Hageman in new ad running in Wyoming’s GOP House primary 7 days ago

‘He Is Allowed’: Biden’s New Minister Of Truth Defended Hunter’s Burisma Gig 7 days ago

Police Dispatched As Pro-Abortion Activists Leave Message At Senator’s Home 7 days ago

‘No More Handouts’: Josh Hawley Introduces Bill Ending Disney’s Special Copyright Protections 7 days ago

DOJ silent on abortion protests at justices' homes despite federal law prohibiting 'pickets' to influence case 7 days ago

Wikipedia Deletes Page of Top US Senate Candidate 7 days ago

Schumer to force doomed abortion 'show vote,' as tough midterms loom for Democrats 7 days ago

Elon Musk says he would reverse Trump's suspension from Twitter and called the ban "morally wrong" and "flat out stupid." 7 days ago

Biden sister says he will 'absolutely' run for re-election 7 days ago

New York Times columnist calls originalists 'dangerous,' Supreme Court 'instrument of oppression' 7 days ago

Elon Musk says Twitter obviously has a 'strong' left-wing bias 7 days ago

Los Angeles woman finds 104 stolen mail-in ballots while walking dog; USPS, registrar's office investigating 7 days ago

Senators press Delaware prosecutor on recusal in Hunter Biden tax case 7 days ago

Pelosi Fawns Over Protesters’ ‘Righteous Anger’ After SCOTUS Leak 7 days ago

Keith Olbermann spends Mother's Day attacking mom for choosing to homeschool her children 7 days ago

40% of bitcoin investors are now underwater, new data shows 7 days ago

Barr on SCOTUS Home Protests: 'Federal Crime' to Go to Judge's Residence to Influence Decisions 7 days ago

Biden critics trend 'My 401k' after stock market continues to crash and burn 7 days ago

‘Reversal Of Reality’: CNN Fact-Checker Isn’t Buying Biden’s Claim That He Reduced The Deficit 7 days ago

White House Condemns ‘Violence’ Following Protests Outside Supreme Court Justice Homes, Vandalism at Catholic Churches 7 days ago

Protests erupt outside home of Justice Alito 7 days ago

Biden FDA Commissioner Says ‘Misinformation’ Is ‘Leading Cause Of Death’ In America 7 days ago

Some videos of protesters outside Justice Alito's home 7 days ago

Biden's new WH press secretary claimed Trump, GA Gov. Kemp 'stole' elections 7 days ago

The Hill column suggests the way to fight inflation is to fight climate change 7 days ago

NPR reporter says ‘leading theory’ on SCOTUS leak is conservative clerk 8 days ago

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors admits using $6M mansion for parties 8 days ago

Florida tilts toward Trump amid population growth 8 days ago

White House warns protesters: Justices 'must be able' to do jobs without 'concern' for 'personal safety' 8 days ago

Senate quickly passes bill to boost security for justices 8 days ago

Scott Walker denounces Molotov attack on Wis. pro-life office, slams 'Ralph Northam' wing of Democrats 8 days ago

Wisconsin pro-life group wants 'stronger leadership' from White House to hunt 'thugs' behind attack 8 days ago

White House says it has 'not seen violence' against Supreme Court justices, as protests erupt outside homes 8 days ago

Rudy Giuliani says Eric Adams ‘hasn’t done a damn thing’ to solve crime 8 days ago

Former Alabama corrections officer Vicky White dies of self-inflicted injuries in Casey White manhunt 8 days ago

MSNBC guest wants to ‘make sweet love’ to Supreme Court leaker, ‘joyfully abort’ fetus if she gets pregnant 8 days ago

McConnell, Grassley slam protests outside justices' homes, say lawbreakers 'must be held accountable' 8 days ago

China Declares Victory For ‘Democracy’ As Their Handpicked Candidate Wins Nearly 100% Of The Vote In Hong Kong Election 8 days ago

DeSantis Signs Bill Requiring High Schools to Observe 'Victims of Communism Day' 8 days ago

Woke Uber Hits Tough Times: CEO Promises 'Hardcore' Cost Cutting 8 days ago

Hawley slams Psaki for 'late' condemnation of violence from 'leftists': 'Firebombing prolifers' 8 days ago

Biden Disinformation Board Likely Illegal: Sen. Hagerty 8 days ago

‘Sugar Brother’: Hollywood Lawyer For ‘South Park’ Creators Paid Off Hunter Biden’s $2M Tax Bill: Report 8 days ago

Judge limits evidence from Clinton campaign in Sussmann trial 8 days ago

Hunter Biden working with Hollywood lawyer to investigate laptop leak: Report 8 days ago

Nancy Pelosi Applauds ‘Righteous Anger’ Of Abortion Rights Activists In Letter To Fellow Democrats 8 days ago

Elon Musk's Pitch for Twitter Includes Major Employee Turnover, Massive Revenue Increases 8 days ago

Woman Gets Obliterated Trying To Rush The Cage During UFC 274 In Crazy Viral Video 8 days ago

Protests at Justice Kavanaugh's home 'one of the scariest things I've ever witnessed,' says reporter 8 days ago

President Biden 'strongly condemns' Molotov cocktail attack on Wisconsin anti-abortion group 8 days ago

Baby formula shortage alarms mothers: 'On the verge of a public health crisis' 8 days ago

Reporter calls for violence against pro-lifers, says they shouldn't have 'peace or safety' until they're dead 8 days ago

Rep. Comer says Hunter Biden is a 'national security risk,' asks what Biden knew about son's dealings 8 days ago

Elon Musk sets internet on fire with cryptic tweet about dying 'under mysterious circumstances' 8 days ago

Alabama law criminalizing gender transition surgery, drugs for minors takes effect 8 days ago

Psaki condemns 'violence' after activists targeted justices' homes 8 days ago

Piers Morgan slams 'outrageous' pro-abortion protests: 'Not the way a civilized democracy should behave' 8 days ago

New York Times Continues the Fear: Overturning Roe Means Ending Interracial Marriage 8 days ago

Elon Musk Warns He May ‘Die Under Mysterious Circumstances’ After Threat From Russian Official 8 days ago

‘A Great Loss For The World’: Elon Musk Predicts The End Of Japan … Eventually 8 days ago

George Soros-backed political group supporting candidate in Arkansas prosecuting attorney’s race 8 days ago

Maria Bartiromo: Supreme Court leaker's identity will be revealed in 'short order' 8 days ago

Elon Musk: If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya 8 days ago

US economy on 'shaky footing,' investment expert warns 8 days ago

Trump calls Esper's claims that the former president wanted to shoot protesters 'a complete lie' 8 days ago

US Navy chief takes woke books off the reading list 8 days ago

Flint, Michigan, city council gets heated after 'ghetto' comment 8 days ago

New York Times editorial board suggests some states would still opt to ban interracial marriage 9 days ago

First lady Jill Biden made a surprise Mother's Day visit to Ukraine, White House confirms there are no plans for Joe to travel to Kyiv 9 days ago

New York Times columnist warns America may be inadvertently dragged into direct war with Russia 9 days ago

Sen. Graham: SCOTUS abortion decision will not impact midterms due to 'incompetency' of Biden admin 9 days ago

Pelosi Gives Bizarre, Borderline Incoherent Response To Roe v. Wade Question, Calls SCOTUS Leak ‘Fake’ Opinion 9 days ago

Pelosi fires back at Newsom’s criticism of Dem Party, says abortion rights a ‘constant fight’ 9 days ago

Lincoln Project Co-Founder Attacks Meghan McCain In Twitter Meltdown 9 days ago

Justice Samuel Alito Flees to Undisclosed Location 9 days ago

Washington Post spotlights protest leader outside Justice Kavanaugh's house 9 days ago

Fauci reportedly frustrated about optics of White House Correspondents' Dinner 9 days ago

Angry Abortion Activists Protest Outside Kavanaugh, Roberts Homes 9 days ago

Supreme Court's majority vote to overturn Roe remains intact: Report 9 days ago

Conservatives eye government shutdown to ax Biden DHS 'disinformation' board 9 days ago

Pelosi: Supreme Court ‘Slapped Women in the Face’ with Abortion Draft Ruling 9 days ago

Activist group threatens to 'burn Eucharist' in display of 'disgust' toward Catholics: 'Bigotry' 9 days ago

Former U.S. AG Eric Holder on if he would indict former President Trump: “I think that there's going to be sufficient proof of intent" 9 days ago

Judge Spares Clinton Campaign in Ruling Against John Durham's Team 9 days ago

U.S. Senate to vote Wednesday on abortion rights bill, Schumer says 9 days ago

Police fatally shoot North Carolina man throwing Molotov cocktails near officers, setting cars on fire 9 days ago

Disney silent on SCOTUS opinion leak, but weighed in on Florida parents bill 9 days ago

Musk, Twitter Sued by Florida Pension Fund Seeking to Delay $44 Billion Takeover 9 days ago

GOP Rep. James Comer reveals Hunter Biden is top investigation target 9 days ago

Justice Samuel Alito Moved to Undisclosed Location 9 days ago

MSNBC Removes Host Chuck Todd’s ‘Meet The Press Daily’ From Cable Lineup 9 days ago

Disney silent on SCOTUS opinion leak, but weighed in on Florida parents bill 9 days ago

Democrats Are Already Throwing In The Towel On Multiple 2022 Targets 9 days ago

Medical textbook strips gender dysphoria definition after being cited by Florida 9 days ago

Three Dallas-Area Cops Indicted Following George Floyd Protest Police Response 9 days ago

Arizona parents sue school district for compiling creepy dossier containing sensitive info on them as retaliation for CRT, COVID protests 9 days ago