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US credit rating outlook lowered to 'negative' by Moody's as shutdown looms 108 days ago

Woman, 54, arrested for hate crime after allegedly ramming Los Angeles synagogue gates 108 days ago

NYC Mayor Eric Adams' electronic devices seized by FBI amid campaign investigation 108 days ago

Pro-Palestinian rioters vandalize NYPD cruiser during anti-Israel protests 109 days ago

Columbia suspends anti-Israel student groups for 'threatening rhetoric and intimidation' 109 days ago

House Republicans move to ban Biden admin use of 'Latinx' with several Hispanic Democrats' support 110 days ago

Conservative tech experts ask Jim Jordan to probe TikTok-Google collaboration 110 days ago

House Oversight subpoenas Hunter Biden, James Biden, Rob Walker for testimony amid impeachment inquiry 111 days ago

BREAKING: It's Unanimous! House censures Rep. Rashida Tlaib 112 days ago

‘Secret reports’ reveal how government worked to ‘censor Americans’ prior to 2020 election, Jim Jordan says 112 days ago

Nashville mayor blasts purported leak of Covenant manifesto as expert says withholding docs is wrong 112 days ago

Police arrest man armed with AR-15 near Capitol 112 days ago

House to vote on 2 new resolutions to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib for anti-Israel remarks 112 days ago

Tim Ryan calls on Biden to quit 2024 presidential race: ‘It would be the right thing to do’ 112 days ago

Special Counsel Weiss tells lawmakers politics 'played no part' in Hunter Biden probe 112 days ago

Obama warns Democrats against being too 'self-righteous' toward political foes: 'Losing strategy' 112 days ago

ABC reporter ripped for calling anti-Israel protest 'passionate' that defaced White House gates 112 days ago

Thousands of anti-Israel protesters descend on White House praising Hamas, slamming 'genocide Joe' 112 days ago

Whoopi Goldberg fears Biden facing 'uphill battle' in the media following brutal poll results 113 days ago

Barack Obama argues 'all of us are complicit' in Israel-Hamas conflict, urges acknowledgement of whole truth 113 days ago

Trump leading Biden in 5 key battleground states as voters cringe at Biden's age: poll 113 days ago

Reparations are favored by 70% of White respondents in Illinois survey 113 days ago

Amy Schumer says she has lost friends for her outspoken support of Israel: 'I stand for the truth' 113 days ago

House oversight chair promises subpoenas for Joe, Hunter Biden: 'Tax cheat' 114 days ago

Hutchinson booed for over a minute after claiming ‘significant likelihood’ Trump will be found guilty 115 days ago

'Being a Jew at NYU right now is scary': Students recall fear on campus as antisemitic sentiments rise 115 days ago

Robert De Niro's ex-top assistant slams actor for abusive behavior with 'creepy' back-scratching requests 115 days ago

U.S., European officials broach topic of peace negotiations with Ukraine, sources say 115 days ago

Apple shuts down employee Slack channels after workers ‘posted Koran verses, organized protests’: report 115 days ago

Obama calls for end of 'occupation,' security for Israel, state for Palestinians 115 days ago

Pro-Palestinian protesters in California block U.S. government ship: 'Joe Biden, you can't hide' 115 days ago

Head of CA homeless services organization says ‘I can’t afford to live’ here anymore in L.A Times column 115 days ago

JK Rowling: Asking a woman to refer to her male rapist as 'she' is ‘state-sanctioned abuse’ 116 days ago

Dem mayors begging Biden for help with migrant surge reject $1.4 billion aid, want $5 billion instead 116 days ago

Major Airlines Sued For Allegedly Discriminating Through Their Diversity Hiring Policies 116 days ago

FBI raids home of NYC Mayor Eric Adams' chief fundraiser Brianna Suggs, source says 117 days ago

‘Just To Embarrass Our Candidates’: Strategists Question Whether Next RNC Debate Even Matters At All 117 days ago

Here Are The 22 Republicans Who Voted With Democrats To Kill Censure Of Rashida Tlaib 118 days ago

Hilarious Biden costume 118 days ago

Hakeem Jeffries rejects Squad member's 'ethnic cleansing' claim: 'Israel is not engaged in genocide' 118 days ago

Developer axes 2 major offshore wind projects in blow to Biden's green energy goals 118 days ago

Florida student enters plea in case of viral video attack on teacher 118 days ago

Reporter condemns antisemitism on college campuses, demands school administrators speak out 118 days ago

Florida Republican urges defunding UN Human Rights Council until UN condemns Hamas 118 days ago

Canada backpedals after US, dozen other nations reject UN 'humanitarian truce' in Israel-Hamas war 118 days ago

Israeli soldiers reported killed, first in Gaza since ground incursion began 119 days ago

Hamas releases video of Israeli hostages in Gaza demanding Netanyahu agree to prisoner swap 119 days ago

Federal Contractor Urges DHS To Ditch Term ‘Illegal Immigrant,’ Says ‘Jihadist’ Is ‘Racially Charged’ 120 days ago

DeSantis deactivates Students for Justice in Palestine; says giving 'material support for terror' is illegal 120 days ago

Kamala Harris assures 'Joe Biden is very much alive' ahead of 2024 concerns 120 days ago

Speaker Johnson 'looking at' Hunter subpoena as House marches forward with Biden impeachment probe 120 days ago

7,000 pro-Palestinian protesters take over Brooklyn Bridge, call for elimination of Jewish state: ‘By any means’ 120 days ago

Lindsey Graham says Turkey becoming 'The Squad' of NATO after President Erdogan called Israel a 'war criminal' 120 days ago

Teachers sound alarm on students failing to meet grade level standards: ‘Never seen anything like it’ 121 days ago

UFC President Defends Bud Light Partnership Based on Shared Values, Denies Monetary Motives 122 days ago

Speaker Johnson: Biden engaging in ‘cover-up’ of role in Hunter business dealings, impeachment probe continues 122 days ago

Border Patrol agents released over 900,000 illegal immigrants into US last fiscal year 122 days ago

Chinese fighter jet flies within 10 feet of US B-52 bomber: US military 122 days ago

Ted Cruz demands action from Mayorkas over threats to Border Patrol agents: 'Cartels are emboldened' 123 days ago

Hamas terror base is hidden beneath Gaza's largest hospital, Israel alleges 123 days ago

Cooper Union barricades Jewish students inside library as pro-Palestinian protesters bang on doors 124 days ago

GOP Senators Introduce Bill for Stand-Alone Aid to Israel 124 days ago

Oklahoma's Textbook Showdown: Publishers Pull Out Amid State's Rigorous Review Process 124 days ago

Sen. Kennedy skewers Biden's 'peace through weakness' strategy on Iran: They think 'love is the answer' 124 days ago

Teens accused of killing retired police chief laugh, flip off victim’s family in court 125 days ago

Mike Johnson elected House speaker three weeks after Kevin McCarthy's historic ouster 125 days ago

Cornell professor who was 'exhilarated' after Hamas attack takes leave of absence from university 125 days ago

Nancy Pelosi tells Israel to seek 'justice,' not ‘revenge’ after Hamas attack 125 days ago

Support for Hamas vs Israel among college-age students shows generational divide: Poll 125 days ago

Air Force police open fire on driver attempting to run gate of Texas base 125 days ago

UFC announces Bud Light as its official beer in partnership with Anheuser-Busch 126 days ago

Rep. Rashida Tlaib triples down on Hamas hospital narrative, casts doubt on findings from Biden admin 126 days ago

NYT admits error in Gaza hospital report 126 days ago

US vows to defend Philippines against China’s ‘dangerous’ actions under Truman-era treaty 126 days ago

JD Vance circulates memo calling for Israel and Ukraine aid to be split up 126 days ago

Jeanne Ellis pleads guilty in Fulton County 126 days ago

Obama says any Israeli military strategy that ignores human costs 'could ultimately backfire' 126 days ago

Family fights back in response to anti-Israel protests: 'You cannot appease evil' 126 days ago

Cheney blames House disarray on Trump and McCarthy connection 127 days ago

AOC accuses Israel of war crimes: Hamas committed 'horrific' attacks, 'however...' 127 days ago

School district vows to continue fight after CA judge blocks parental notification policy: 'Battle not over' 127 days ago

Pro-Hamas protests have European politicians worried as US watches closely 127 days ago

Blinken says US is 'ready' to get involved in Israel-Hamas war if line is crossed: 'We won't hesitate' 127 days ago

Bernie Sanders funnels $75,000 more from campaign coffers to his wife, stepson's nonprofit 127 days ago

BBC announces policy change after backlash, will now label Hamas 'terrorist organization' 128 days ago

Supreme Court blocks restrictions on Biden administration efforts to get platforms to remove social media posts 128 days ago

September home sales drop to the lowest level since the foreclosure crisis 128 days ago

McConnell calls China, Russia, Iran new 'axis of evil' that US must deal with: 'This is an emergency' 128 days ago

California Gov. Newsom, a top Biden 2024 surrogate, makes high-profile trips to Israel, China 129 days ago

Washington Post stealth edits caption describing Israeli woman's children as being 'detained' by Hamas 129 days ago

Supreme Court keeps Missouri law on hold that targets federal gun restrictions 129 days ago

Comer raises questions about $200k 'direct payment' from James Biden to Joe Biden in 2018 130 days ago

Elon Musk confirms Tesla bullet proof tested the Cybertruck and that no bullets penetrated into the cabin 130 days ago

Biden admin urges major funding increases for aid to Ukraine, Israel and Gaza civilians 130 days ago

Transgender former football coach listed in Maxim Australia's ‘Hot 100’ women alongside Margot Robbie 130 days ago

California Gov. Gavin Newsom en route to Israel amid escalating Mid-East tensions 131 days ago

MTG: "We need President Trump more than ever" 131 days ago

Anheuser-Busch dangles $150M in incentives to distributors to keep beer in stock 131 days ago

State Department urges 'worldwide caution' for Americans overseas as Israel-Hamas war rages 131 days ago

Drone strikes target US military bases in Syria, Iraq as regional tensions from Israel-Hamas War escalate 131 days ago