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Biden Plans U.S. Military Involvement in Gaza Port Construction 97 days ago

Uncommitted Voters in Michigan: A Wake-Up Call for Biden? 97 days ago

Governor Youngkin Jumps on the Trump Train: Endorses Former President on Social Media 97 days ago

Alec Baldwin's 'Rust' armorer convicted of involuntary manslaughter 97 days ago

Shakeup in American Samoa: Biden Upset by Palmer in Democratic Primary as 2024 Race Heats Up 97 days ago

House Passes $460 Billion Government Funding Bill Amid GOP Discontent: A Closer Look 97 days ago

Trump Calls for Debates, Challenges Biden for 2024 Election Showdown 97 days ago

NY Gov Deploys National Guard to Tackle Subway Crime Surge 97 days ago

Elon Musk Refuses to Donate to Biden or Trump After Meeting with Former President 98 days ago

Nikki Haley drops out of 2024 race, doesn't endorse Trump for GOP presidential nomination 98 days ago

Biden to deliver State of the Union speech at the latest date ever 98 days ago

Trump invites Nikki Haley supporters to join MAGA movement, celebrates Super Tuesday victories 98 days ago

McConnell endorses Trump for president after Super Tuesday results: 'He will have my support' 98 days ago

CNN Legal Expert Blasts Democrats For Trying To Ban Trump From Ballot: ‘Doomed To Fail,’ Will ‘Fuel’ Trump To White House 98 days ago

Michelle Obama's office shuts down speculation that she is planning to run for president 98 days ago

Senator Bob Menendez Faces New Charges in Bribery and Corruption Scandal 98 days ago

Trump hits back at Nikki Haley's claim that she's a better choice to beat Biden: 'She knows it's a lie' 98 days ago

Ex-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann calls for SCOTUS to be ‘dissolved’ for overturning Trump Colorado ballot ban 98 days ago

Mark Cuban would support Biden even if he was on his deathbed over Trump 98 days ago

FBI hunts for Iran's would-be assassin who has allegedly targeted Trump admin officials 99 days ago

Trump Triumphs over Haley in North Dakota GOP Caucuses on Path to Presidential Nomination 99 days ago

Speaker slams House Dems after report they’ll act after SCOTUS allows Trump to stay on CO ballot: 'get a grip' 99 days ago

2020 Biden voters now concerned he's too old, don't believe he's 'sharp:' 'He's aged a lot' 99 days ago

'The View' co-hosts grudgingly admit SCOTUS Colorado ruling was 'right decision,' but blast 'partisan' court 99 days ago

Trump says Supreme Court ruling in Colorado case is 'unifying and inspirational' 100 days ago

Dr. Phil suggests President Biden do a cognitive test: 'People that have nothing to hide, hide nothing' 100 days ago

Hundreds of Utahns rallied in support of Palestine on Saturday, stopping traffic as they stood on an I-80 overpass in Salt Lake City 101 days ago

Haley questions whether Trump will follow Constitution, backtracks on pledge to support GOP nominee 101 days ago

Tennessee National Guard deploying to southern border as Biden admin 'fails to act,' GOP gov says 101 days ago

Fox News Poll: Trump has edge over Biden in potential 2024 rematch 101 days ago

Rihanna performs concert in India at wedding for son of Asia's richest man 101 days ago

FBI to examine possible debris of Chinese spy craft found by Alaskan fishermen 101 days ago

Florida House Passes Bill to Address Homelessness 101 days ago

Former Border Patrol chief claims Biden WH punished him for critical 'feedback': 'I chose to retire instead' 101 days ago

Reparations expert says San Francisco's apology to Black residents 'doesn’t mean anything' without action 101 days ago

Trump Secures Dominant Victory Over Haley in Missouri Republican Caucuses 102 days ago

Trump Surges Ahead in Michigan's Republican Caucuses 102 days ago

TheBlaze reporter speaks after FBI arrest 102 days ago

MSNBC segment calling White rural voters 'most racist' in the country raises eyebrows 102 days ago

White House refers to illegal immigrants as 'newcomers' 102 days ago

Elon Musk suing OpenAI, Sam Altman for breaching not for profit mission 103 days ago

Climate activists hit with felony charges for defacing US Constitution's display case 103 days ago

Google Gemini: AI fiasco reignites concerns of political bias at tech company dating back to Trump's victory 103 days ago

Blaze Media Investigative Journalist has been taken into FBI custody 103 days ago

CNN's Sellers: 'It's Hard for Me to Say Bidenomics Is Working'  103 days ago

Sen. Ted Cruz: Securing the Southern Border Hinges on Electing Trump and Republicans 103 days ago

Judge holds veteran journalist Catherine Herridge in contempt for refusing to reveal her sources 103 days ago

Biden, during visit to overwhelmed border, urges Republicans to back Senate bill: 'Time to act' 103 days ago

Third-Party Movement No Labels Charts Path for Independent Presidential Bid 103 days ago

ICE says Georgia murder suspect's brother was previously arrested, but detainers were ignored 103 days ago

Rachel Maddow called out for 'dangerous' rhetoric toward Supreme Court: 'Fueling the rage' 103 days ago

New York AG opens investigation into recent AT&T outage 103 days ago

Texas law letting police arrest illegal border crossers blocked by federal judge 103 days ago

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Allowing Release of Jeffrey Epstein Grand Jury Testimony 103 days ago

San Francisco formally apologizes to Black residents for 'systemic discrimination' 103 days ago

'Squad' member Rashida Tlaib refuses to say whether she'll vote for Biden during cease-fire presser 104 days ago

The Willy Wonka's Chocolate Experience Event in Glasgow Footage 104 days ago

Liberal San Francisco on brink of drug-testing welfare recipients: 'The pendulum is swinging' 104 days ago

NY attorney general sues world's largest beef producer over methane emissions, climate commitments 104 days ago

Following Hunter Biden’s deposition, Chairman Comer announces the next phase is a public hearing 104 days ago

Mother's OnlyFans Rage Raises Concerns About Parenting 104 days ago

U.S. Army Announces Strategic Special Operations Force Reduction Amid Military Branch Cutbacks 104 days ago

Undocumented Honduran Man Arrested in Kenner for Series of Violent Crimes 104 days ago

JPMorgan Warns of Potential Return to 1970s Stagflation Amid Stock Market Highs 104 days ago

Wendy's Sets the Record Straight on Dynamic Pricing Plans 104 days ago

Mitch McConnell stepping down as Republican leader 105 days ago

Elon Musk explains why he's ringing the 'alarm bell' on illegal immigration: 'Crushing the country' 105 days ago

Nikki Haley says GOP becoming 'playpen' for Trump 105 days ago

Nikki Haley Stays Republican Amid Speculation, Trump's 2024 Lead Unchallenged 105 days ago

Wendy's Contemplates Dynamic Pricing Model: A Bold Move or Consumer Concern? 105 days ago

Shift in Sentiment: Democrats Reconsider Trump Ahead of 2024 Election 105 days ago

Virginia State Senator Walks Out After Misgendering Incident 105 days ago

Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley drops out, endorses Trump 106 days ago

Rashida Tlaib 'proud' to not vote for Biden in Michigan Democratic primary 106 days ago

Donald Trump Jr. Faces Threatening Incident 106 days ago

3 Waltons are worth a combined $224 billion — more than Elon Musk — thanks to Walmart's stock surge 106 days ago

San Francisco Store Blocks Shoppers, Makes Them Wait For Help Because Of ‘Rampant Crime’ 107 days ago

Vermont girls basketball team banned from play after forfeiting game against team with transgender player 107 days ago

US Air Force member dies after setting himself on fire at Israeli Embassy in DC yelling, ‘Free Palestine’ 107 days ago

PETA takes jab at Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce for visiting Australian zoo during 'Eras Tour' stop 107 days ago

Newsom says Biden should debate Trump, 'beat' him like in 2020 107 days ago

Biden tells staffers 'key' to lasting marriage is 'good sex': book 107 days ago

Senate Minority Whip Endorses Former President Trump for Re-Election: A Key Win for Trump within Republican Establishment 107 days ago

Palantir co-founder warns unprecedented rulings against Donald Trump and Elon Musk pose a significant threat to business 107 days ago

Sylvester Stallone is 'permanently' leaving California behind for Florida: 'It's a done deal' 108 days ago

Construction workers being replaced by AI robot bricklayers 108 days ago

Conservatives outraged after Axios reposts article claiming southern border is 'more fortified' than ever 108 days ago

Top Ukrainian official hints at potential peace summit with Russia 108 days ago

Comer insists indicted FBI informant Smirnov's claims 'not an important part' of Biden family probe 108 days ago

Trump Triumphs in South Carolina as Haley Vows to Fight On 108 days ago

Donald Trump WINS South Carolina 2024 Republican Primary 108 days ago

Trump says South Carolina is a 'bigger win than we anticipated,' looks forward to saying 'Joe, you're fired' 108 days ago

Red-faced Google apologizes after woke AI bot gives 'appalling' answers about pedophilia, Stalin 108 days ago

House Democrats could vote against certifying Trump if he’s elected, writes The Atlantic 108 days ago

Sen. Tom Cotton torches Google AI system as 'racist, preposterously woke, Hamas-sympathizing' 108 days ago

Former NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre found liable for corruption, cost gun rights group more than $5 million: jury 108 days ago

Democrat lampooned for plea to press to stop fact-checking Biden: 'Fact-check her facts' 108 days ago

2 Mississippi National Guard members killed in helicopter crash during training flight 109 days ago

Ex-FBI informant charged with lying about Bidens' business dealings re-arrested 109 days ago

US successfully lands on moon for first time in half-century with private robot spacecraft 110 days ago