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Elon Musk says 'fight' against Mark Zuckerberg will be live-streamed on X 59 days ago

Oklahoma suspect allegedly raped woman while out on bond for another sex offense: police 59 days ago

Writers strike forces liberal late night shows off air for three months, critics say 'people just don’t care' 59 days ago

Politico chews out Bidens for their dogs biting WH staffers: 'Lousy,' 'entitled' behavior by the first family 59 days ago

White mom sues Southwest for ‘blatant racism’ after being accused of trafficking black daughter on way to funeral 59 days ago

Library reverses course, will allow Moms for Liberty event featuring Kirk Cameron, Riley Gaines 60 days ago

Thousands of people have overrun Union Square Park and surrounded lanes of traffic 61 days ago

Bill Barr calls out DOJ's 'two standards' with 'aggressive move' towards Trump, 'lenient treatment' of Hunter 61 days ago

Joe Rogan tears apart Kamala Harris, calls Gavin Newsom a 'f---ing conman' 61 days ago

Canceled! Kirk Cameron and Riley Gaines learn Alabama library cannot host them at Saturday book event 61 days ago

Chicago mayor objects to reporter using the term 'mob' to describe dozens of looters: 'That's not appropriate' 61 days ago

Cardi B won't face charges after mic throwing incident 61 days ago

Trump Attorney Alina Habba Makes a Statement 62 days ago

GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley breaks silence on Trump indictment 62 days ago

Trump pleads 'not guilty' to charges stemming from special counsel's Jan. 6 probe 62 days ago

Lizzo's former dancers double down on accusations of body-shaming: 'Contradicting everything she stands for' 62 days ago

Protesters gather outside Washington, DC courthouse as Trump faces federal charges related to January 6 62 days ago

Georgia sheriff vows to get Trump’s mug shot if he’s indicted in Fulton County election case 62 days ago

Louisiana law requiring 'In God We Trust' displayed at all public schools goes into effect 62 days ago

Lizzo denies accusations of sexual harassment, fat phobia by former dancers: 'I am not the villain' 62 days ago

Lindsey Graham goes off on 'night and day' difference between Trump, Hunter Biden cases 62 days ago

Trump says he's 'never had so much support' as critics rip latest indictment 63 days ago

Michigan prosecutors charge Trump allies, including Matthew DePerno, with felonies over voting machines 63 days ago

Tennessee school district staff trained on how White Christians are privileged, polyamorous are oppressed 63 days ago

‘Scientist’ Neil deGrasse Tyson claims biology is ‘insufficient’ during unhinged rant defending radical trans agenda 63 days ago

DC judge assigned to Trump Jan. 6 case labeled 'toughest punisher' in Capitol riot cases 63 days ago

Alec Baldwin's 'Rust' armorer loses in court, judge won't drop involuntary manslaughter charges 64 days ago

Trump indicted on charges out of Special Counsel probe into Jan. 6 64 days ago

CNN legal analyst lectures Georgia judge calling out Trump: 'Nothing illegal' about politicizing indictment 64 days ago

Bud Light distributors no longer expect sales to recover from Dylan Mulvaney disaster 64 days ago

Jordan accuses Biden FTC of 'obstructing' House Oversight, demands communications with Warren associates 65 days ago

'Pee-wee Herman' actor Paul Reubens dead at 70 65 days ago

'Star Wars' actor threatens Elon Musk with Twitter boycott after name rebrand: 'Let's show the owner' 65 days ago

Critics mock USA Today tweet lamenting Hunter Biden's 'foibles': 'Definition of gaslighting' 65 days ago

Rapper Cardi B Hurls Mic at Fan Who Threw Drink at Her Onstage 65 days ago

California neighborhood under quarantine due to invasive fly species 66 days ago

Las Vegas man accused of murder lived with woman’s body for months: police 66 days ago

Hunter Biden ‘broke the law,’ Democrat Rep. Jim Himes says 66 days ago

High school student sues Tenn. school district after getting suspended for social media posts 66 days ago

Private school enrollment jumps 25 percent in Washington as exodus from public schools continues 66 days ago

Etsy accused of banning 'De-Trans Awareness' products for violating 'prohibited items policy' 67 days ago

Harris slammed for saying most can’t afford a $400 surprise expense: ‘Yeah, that’s called Bidenomics’ 67 days ago

Are taxpayer funds being used to 'block' a Kirk Cameron public library event? GOP senators want answers 67 days ago

Taylor Swift's Seattle fans caused earthquake during Eras Tour stop 67 days ago

Famed dog trainer Cesar Millan insists he can stop Biden's dog Commander from biting staffers in two hours 67 days ago

Biden suggests Republicans will impeach him because inflation is down 67 days ago

Trump vows to run for president from prison if convicted and sentenced on criminal charges 67 days ago

Missing millionaire crypto influencer found dismembered in suitcase 67 days ago

Food Service Giant Sued Over ‘White-Men-Need-Not-Apply’ Program 68 days ago

Fed Raises Interest Rates to Highest Level in 22 Years 68 days ago

Hot Mics Catch Dianne Feinstein Repeatedly Being Told ‘Just Say Aye’ During Key Defense Vote 69 days ago

‘Downright Evil’: Rep. Jim Banks Slams Biden Admin For Pulling Free School Lunches From Christian Kids In Need 69 days ago

Dylan Mulvaney releases video reflecting on 500 days of 'being a girl,' shares 'trans joy' amid Bud backlash 69 days ago

Nebraska GOP Sen. Pete Ricketts roasts Biden official for calling China 'competitor' 69 days ago

Netflix faces backlash from actors, writers after posting AI job that pays up to $900K: 'Turns my stomach’ 69 days ago

Ex-UPenn swimmer testifies before Congress on Lia Thomas experience; opens up about 2016 sexual assault 69 days ago

Kevin Spacey found not guilty in sexual assault trial 70 days ago

Impeach Biden? Skeptical GOP senators warn against mimicking Dems who 'cheapened' the process 70 days ago

Experts warn of ‘devastating effect’ as traditional male roles deemed ‘toxic’ by media, Hollywood 70 days ago

Biden donor, appointee purchasing Hunter's art presents 'conflict of interest' and 'raises red flags': experts 70 days ago

Hunter Biden pleads 'not guilty' as plea deal falls apart during Delaware court appearance 70 days ago

Speaker McCarthy reveals red line for possible Biden impeachment inquiry 70 days ago

Joe Biden laughs, ignores questions about potential impeachment by House Republicans 70 days ago

Biden claims 'we ended cancer as we know it' at mental health event 70 days ago

Widow Of Obama Family Chef Speaks Out After Husband Found Dead 71 days ago

LeBron James son stable, out of ICU following cardiac arrest 71 days ago

‘Massive Economic Implications’: Tech Titan Launches Digital Currency Featuring Global ID 71 days ago

Conservative California school board OKs curriculum on gay rights activist after Newsom threatened $1.5M fine 72 days ago

IRS says it will 'end most' unannounced visits to taxpayers' homes by agents 72 days ago

Kamala Harris accused of 'sick' lie about Florida's Black history curriculum: 'Gaslighting' voters 72 days ago

California reparations task force member defends cause as ‘no brainer': Benefits ‘can be easily provided’ 72 days ago

Polls: Ron DeSantis Drops to Third Place in South Carolina, Donald Trump Holds Commanding Leads in Early States 73 days ago

China is drilling some of the world's deepest holes in hunt for natural resources 73 days ago

Jason Aldean praises American values at concert after 'long week' of backlash to video: 'I love my country' 74 days ago

Hunter Biden's lawyer hits Marjorie Taylor Greene with ethics complaint over censured nude Hunter photos 74 days ago

Biden overrules Pentagon, nominates first woman to head Navy 74 days ago

DOJ to sue Texas over floating border barrier; Abbott says 'see you in court' 74 days ago

Jordan roasts Democrats attacking RFK Jr during hearing: The party has turned against its 'most famous name' 75 days ago

Jason Aldean ‘Small Town’ backlash: Country singer, wife Brittany fight back amid controversies 75 days ago

Bidens allegedly 'coerced' Burisma CEO to pay them millions to help get Ukraine prosecutor fired: FBI form 76 days ago

Las Vegas brawl involving scantily clad women erupted over a married man: police 76 days ago

Nearly half of US voters would consider a third-party presidential candidate in 2024, new poll finds 76 days ago

'Smug' Democrat mocked for 'accidentally' admitting Biden did talk business with Hunter: 'Epic fail' 76 days ago

Christian baker sued for refusing gender-transition cake says Supreme Court ruling puts law on his side 76 days ago

Republicans take action to defund John Kerry's climate office 76 days ago

CMT PULLS Jason Aldean’s BLM-Antifa song after left-wing outrage 76 days ago

Large tornado causes injuries, damages Pfizer building in North Carolina 77 days ago

In-N-Out bans employees from wearing masks in five states to improve customer service, show off 'smiles' 77 days ago

Transgender Biden official Rachel Levine says hormones can help kids 'going through the wrong puberty' 77 days ago

Former Levi's exec Jennifer Sey says there's 'no way out' for Bud Light from its woke troubles 77 days ago

Biden admin crackdown on dishwashers faces widespread opposition 77 days ago

Joe Manchin's campaign said it fired sole employee who called to 'hang' Trump, but filings suggest otherwise 77 days ago

Trump's 2024 GOP rivals react to former president's potential third indictment: 'Dangerous precedent' 77 days ago

Trump says DOJ is an 'absolute weapon' for Democrats; slams special counsel probe as 'election interference' 77 days ago

Elon Musk's biographer says Tesla chief has 'demon mode' that is destructive 77 days ago

German woman drags radical climate activist by hair for blocking traffic as public's anger mounts 78 days ago

Studio Behind ‘Sound of Freedom’ Breaks Through Hollywood Barriers With Crowdfunding 78 days ago

Jordan Threatens FBI Director Wray With Contempt Over 'Targeting' Parents, Catholics 78 days ago

Moms for Liberty Co-founder Responds to Southern Poverty Law Center 'Hate Group' Label 78 days ago

No Labels throws a coming out party, stoking Dem fears of a third-party bid 78 days ago