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NATO chief warns Russia against invading Ukraine 6 days ago

Boebert Apologizes To ‘Muslim Community’ For Omar Remark 6 days ago

Madonna calls out censorship 6 days ago

Kanye West says God will help him 6 days ago

Waukesha parade carnage comes just over 6 years after similar attack in Oklahoma with eerie similarities 6 days ago

LeBron James fined $15,000 for making an "obscene gesture" during game 6 days ago

Florida's DeSantis Warns Against Removing Communist Rebels From Terrorist List: 'A Serious Mistake' 6 days ago

NBA player Enes Kanter announces he passed US citizenship test 6 days ago

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul issues state of emergency in response to omicron variant 6 days ago

Small crowds, fewer deals, no chaos, shoppers say Black Friday is nothing like it used to be this year 6 days ago

Jim Jordan torches Democrats 6 days ago

Leaked Documents Show Apple's Attempts to Silence Whistleblowers 6 days ago

Biden South Africa travel ban announced hours after Fauci said White House didn't know enough to implement ban 6 days ago

Countries Implement Travel Restrictions As New Coronavirus Variant Identified In South Africa 6 days ago

Rep. Jim Jordan Flames Biden’s Policies, Says They ‘Seem’ To Be Intentionally ‘Making Things Worse’ 6 days ago

Stock Market Nosedives After Reports Of New COVID-19 Variant 6 days ago

WHO labels new Covid strain, named omicron, a 'variant of concern,' citing possible increased reinfection risk 6 days ago

Inflation sparks financial insecurity in New England as winter looms 6 days ago

'Broadly misleading journalism' for Steele dossier coverage slammed by liberal writer, media 'reckoning' urged 6 days ago

FBI makes declaration... 6 days ago

Three People Shot At North Carolina Mall On Black Friday 6 days ago

Covid super-mutant fears spread across Europe 6 days ago

Florida Reports Lowest Coronavirus Cases per Capita as Blue States Surge 6 days ago

San Diego military base erupts into gunfire after man with knife attempts to crash gate 6 days ago

WHO holds emergency meeting to discuss 'heavily mutated' COVID-19 variant, UK takes action 6 days ago

Liberal dark money... 6 days ago

China conducts military patrols 6 days ago

JPMorgan CEO Apologizes After Mild Joke About Chinese Communist Party 6 days ago

Waukesha restaurant donates 100% 6 days ago

Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria opens up about 'challenging year,' wasn't sure she was going to 'make it through' 6 days ago

Stephen K. Bannon files motion to request all documents in court case be made public 6 days ago

GOP Rep. Van Drew: Inflation 'the Biden Tax' -- 'A Complete Waste of Money' 6 days ago

Jussie Smollett Will Face Trial After Judge Denies Dismissal Request 6 days ago

'You are eating dry turkey and overcooked stuffing on stolen land,' Black Lives Matter declares on Thanksgiving 6 days ago

Kamala Harris, gaffe machine: VP's public appearances marked by awkward moments, controversies 6 days ago

DC area schools to discipline employees who have not reported vaccination status 6 days ago

WH Blocks Media Access to Joe Biden's Video Call with U.S. Troops 6 days ago

Cuomo Shares Thanksgiving Photo amid Scandals: 'Thankful for My Girls' 6 days ago

‘Too Late; We’re F***ed’: Democrats Panic Over 2022 As Surveys Show Their ‘Entire Brand’ A ‘Wreck’ 6 days ago

The U.S. is shutting it down! 6 days ago

Climate Activists Block Amazon Warehouses On Retailer’s Busiest Day Of The Year 6 days ago

Flashback: Biden suggested Trump's coronavirus travel ban was 'xenophobic' 6 days ago

FBI solicits Thanksgiving dinner tips for Capitol riot suspects 6 days ago

Biden administration says oil and gas companies should pay more to drill on public lands 6 days ago

Jimmy Kimmel is dumb 6 days ago

Dave Chappelle Roasts Them! 6 days ago

More Americans Than Ever Say They Won’t Be Buying Christmas Gifts This Year 6 days ago

Boebert apologizes to Muslim community after Ilhan Omar comments: 'I have reached out to her' 6 days ago

Ex-district attorney charged in Ahmaud Arbery case booked at Georgia jail 6 days ago

Fort Worth School Board 'Racial Equity Committee' Member Doxxed Parents 6 days ago

Kim Kardashian hates Kanye's MAGA hat 6 days ago

US to restrict travel from eight African nations over concerns on new COVID-19 variant 6 days ago

Omar accuses Boebert of fabricating 'anti-Muslim' story told to supporters 6 days ago

Bo Snerdley Makes Tucker Carlson ‘Emotional’ Revealing Story About Rush Limbaugh Before Money And Fame 6 days ago

Black Lives Matter raises eyebrows with 'stolen land' Thanksgiving hot take 6 days ago

Alabama AG threatens $25K fine after city changes Confederate name 6 days ago

Salvation Army goes full on WOKE! 6 days ago

A police officer in distress, and nobody helps him 6 days ago

Seth Rogen gets ripped! 6 days ago

Mother murdered during memorial for son in Chicago: 'This world is so cold' 6 days ago

Coronavirus Death Toll Under Joe Biden Expected to Surpass Trump 6 days ago

Beto O’Rourke thinks he can do it 7 days ago

Dave Chappelle doesn't back down when students at DC alma mater slam him as 'bigot' at surprise visit 7 days ago

Democrats Start Blaming Biden 7 days ago

Vatican Newspaper: 'Only Gender Equity Can Make Violence Against Women Disappear' 7 days ago

The Atlantic Calls to Use Thanksgiving to ‘Deprogram’ or ‘Report’ Conservative Relatives 7 days ago

GoFundMe pulls fundraiser for Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks 7 days ago

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wants Congressional Gold Medal for Kyle Rittenhouse 7 days ago

Professor Resigns After Saying Its Not Immoral For Adults To Be Sexually Attracted To Children 7 days ago

Greene: McCarthy 'doesn't have the full support to be Speaker' 7 days ago

Biden and Trump release dueling Thanksgiving messages 7 days ago

$5 million? 7 days ago

Trump's Thanksgiving Statement: 'Do Not Worry, We Will Be Great Again' 7 days ago

As college enrollment plunges, schools must adapt to post-pandemic reality 7 days ago

Samsung Picks Texas City for $17 Billion Semiconductor Factory, to Create 2,000+ Jobs 7 days ago

Dow futures plunge 400 points amid fears of new Covid variant found in South Africa 7 days ago

One-quarter in Texas unwilling, unlikely to get vaccinated: poll 7 days ago

Ahmaud Arbery's mother hopes guilty verdict will send message of accountability 7 days ago

Florida Democrats Rail Against Biden’s Plan For Colombia Terrorist Organization 7 days ago

NJ liquor store owners warn supply chain crisis may hamper the holiday spirit 7 days ago

Key Democrats Reportedly Vow To Vote Against Biden’s ‘Marxist’ Treasury Nominee 7 days ago

Career criminal accused of shooting two NYPD officers; de Blasio blames guns 7 days ago

Biden's HHS revokes certain faith-based exemptions, rolls back religious liberty enforcement 7 days ago

GOP Rep. Donalds: Biden's Build Back Better Bill 'an Absolute Joke' 7 days ago

Dark money group spent $100M on voter turnout in 2020 7 days ago

Mark Meadows: Happy Thanksgiving from the Meadows family to all of you 7 days ago

Seth Rogen goes viral after shrugging off Los Angeles car burglaries: 'It’s called living in a big city' 7 days ago

Linda Sarsour: Forget Trial, Rittenhouse Should Not Have Had a Gun 7 days ago

Businesses Urge Court to Stop Biden Administration's Attempt to 'Strong-Arm' Vaccine Mandate Compliance 7 days ago

‘Daddy’ caught kissing Santa Claus in new postal service commercial 7 days ago

Liberal media routinely downplay inflation or turn it into a positive: 'Slash your shopping burden' 7 days ago

Families Welcome Home Iowa National Guard Troops for Thanksgiving 7 days ago

Top Librarian Leadership May Not Want ‘Pornographic’ Books Removed From School Libraries 7 days ago

Rep. Lauren Boebert: Today and every day, I’m thankful for my family, friends, and each of you that encourage me in this journey. 7 days ago

US Blacklists Tech Companies Helping Chinese Military 7 days ago

Man needing hearing aids refuses gift from a Secret Santa until he realizes it isn't a scam 7 days ago

Biden repeats 'America is back' message on most expensive Thanksgiving in history 7 days ago

JPMorgan boss issues grovelling apologies for joking about China 7 days ago

Apple, Nordstrom stores hit in latest smash-and-grab robberies 7 days ago

Native Americans to Mourn on Thanksgiving: 'No Thanks, No Giving' 7 days ago