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Donald Trump dominates Turning Point USA straw poll 78 days ago

Female recruit considered resigning after being forced to shower with trans women with full male genitalia 78 days ago

Former FBI agent confirms key details of Hunter Biden whistleblower’s testimony, GOP says 78 days ago

Comer torches Raskin after he claims House Oversight's 'legitimacy is being eroded': It's 'called evidence' 78 days ago

White House advisor pounds podium defending 'foundational, sacred obligation' to fund military abortions 78 days ago

'I saw true character': Mark Hamill of 'Star Wars' praises Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff in Senate campaign fundraising email 78 days ago

Sotomayor's wealth has skyrocketed since joining Supreme Court, raising ethics concerns 79 days ago

Trans Miss Netherlands rips 'sad' attacks on Dylan Mulvaney after Bud Light fiasco: Judged 'for being herself' 79 days ago

12-year-old girl charged after 11-year-old girl severely burned in acid attack at Detroit playground 79 days ago

Trump: I’ll Give Ukraine ‘More’ Weapons ‘Than They Ever Got’ If Putin Does Not End War 79 days ago

Why the Secret Service closed investigation into White House cocaine 79 days ago

Billionaire Warns Hollywood Faces ‘Absolute Collapse’ If Strike Isn’t Resolved 80 days ago

Cruz shoots down Schumer effort to regulate AI: 'More harm than good' 80 days ago

‘Eroded patriotism’: Teen shares why he now won’t follow in father’s footsteps as military recruiting lags 80 days ago

House Republicans narrowly pass controversial defense bill 80 days ago

Trump: Nominating Wray 'Probably Was' a Mistake, Christie Recommended Him 81 days ago

US will become 'nation of chumps' if Congress allows FBI's warrantless surveillance of Americans, Turley warns 81 days ago

Disney heiress arrested protesting private jets in ritzy New York community 81 days ago

Secret Service confirms another type of drug found in White House on two separate occasions 81 days ago

Texas families, doctors file lawsuit challenging ban on gender transition treatments 81 days ago

Ted Cruz, Joe Manchin secure gas stove protection bill in must-pass govt funding package 82 days ago

Dan Patrick mocks ESPN, LeBron James over return announcement: 'Who thought that he might retire?' 82 days ago

White House threatens outspoken reporter with media pass loss after multiple interruptions: 'Incredibly rude' 82 days ago

Chris Christie: As President I Would Increase Ukraine War Aid 82 days ago

Seeing 'slow pace' of campaign, top Democrats prepping in 'quiet' to replace Biden: report 82 days ago

Woman arrested after STEALING from cop when he died on his driveway 82 days ago

Actors union will join writers on strike, shutting down Hollywood 82 days ago

FBI director treated public like 'chumps' with 'maddening' House testimony, Jonathan Turley says 83 days ago

Kerry erupts after his private jet use is mocked in House hearing, denies ever owning one 83 days ago

ChatGPT creator OpenAI under investigation by FTC 83 days ago

CNN apologizes after LGBTQ activists rage at network for 'misgendering' Dylan Mulvaney 83 days ago

Vice President Kamala Harris attempts to explain AI in latest word salad gaffe: 'Kind of a fancy thing' 83 days ago

Tim Scott sitting on $21 million war chest as Republican presidential nomination race heats up 84 days ago

FBI is ‘absolutely not’ protecting the Bidens, Wray testifies in heated House hearing 84 days ago

Bud Light with Costco 'Death Star' amid plummeting sales 84 days ago

LA business owner fed up as city repeatedly targets store's sidewalk sign instead of homeless camps 84 days ago

Dylan Mulvaney takes trip to Peru to 'feel safe' after Bud Light disaster: 'I feel very safe' outside of USA 84 days ago

Jim Jordan eviscerates FBI leadership 84 days ago

Joe Rogan and Ice Cube discuss Bud Light fiasco, Dylan Mulvaney: ‘People are sick of this s--t' 84 days ago

Portland police officer apologizes for hitting photographer during a 2020 protest over George Floyd’s death 84 days ago

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket engine explodes during testing 85 days ago

Musk: It’s ‘Time for Parents to Fight Back’ Against Gender Ideology 85 days ago

Gun rights group issues 'travel advisory' for Massachusetts after lawmaker proposes more firearm restrictions 85 days ago

Georgia Democrat defects to GOP after she says Dems 'crucified' and 'abandoned' her 85 days ago

Kerry blasted for fretting over climate change effects of Ukraine war: ‘Can’t make this stuff up’ 85 days ago

16-year-old says she was kicked off swim team for protesting biological males in YMCA girls' locker room 85 days ago

Beach Boys Alum Scared To Perform ‘Gender Specific’ Song: ‘Hope There’s Nobody From Budweiser Here’ 85 days ago

Rev. Al Sharpton's pastor brother jailed for 30 months 85 days ago

Biden admin appeals judge's order limiting its contact with social media companies 86 days ago

Bud Light no longer ranks among America's top 10 beers 86 days ago

Utah governor blasts 'politicized' American Medical Association for pushing gender transition for minors 86 days ago

Native Americans join call for reparations over Minnesota treatment of tribal lands 86 days ago

Former CNN reporter suing network after her foot was run over on assignment: 'I risked my life' 86 days ago

Dad fumes about 9-year-old son being asked by doctor if he’s genderfluid in viral video: 'This is bulls--t' 86 days ago

CNN host pours out praise for Biden during interview despite polls: 'They think you've been a great president' 86 days ago

Elon Musk ramps up attacks against Zuckerberg with personal insult over Threads app: 'Zuck is a cuck' 86 days ago

Oklahoma judge dismisses lawsuit seeking reparations for 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre 86 days ago

Restaurant under fire after security camera from COVID crime era creeps out customer 87 days ago

Minnesota Planned Parenthood entices teens as young as 13 with gift cards for completing 'sex ed summer camp' 87 days ago

'Sound of Freedom' movie prompts crucial call to action: ‘God's children are no longer for sale' 87 days ago

Chicago Public Schools under fire for removal of Black principals: 'Pattern and practice of discrimination' 87 days ago

Longtime California Democrat Grace Napolitano announces retirement 87 days ago

City of South Fulton mayor released on bond after arrest 87 days ago

Donald Trump Recounts Moment He Realized Ron DeSantis Would Run Against Him 87 days ago

DeSantis Campaign Stalls as He Tries to Court Trump’s GOP Fans and Foes Alike 88 days ago

King Soopers employee fired over video of theft 88 days ago

MSNBC: Cocaine Was Found in a 'Limited Access Place' Near the WH Situation Room -- 'Average People Just Can't Get In There' 88 days ago

Woman goes berserk at Mexican airport ticket counter 89 days ago

Family who fled California celebrate July Fourth on ranch by flying flags all along highway fence line 89 days ago

Secret Service doing fingerprint analysis on White House cocaine 89 days ago

IRS quietly changes rule on how your children's inheritance is taxed 89 days ago

Target caves to conservative pressure to stock Mark Levin's new book after saying title would offend some shoppers 89 days ago

Accused Philadelphia shooter Kimbrady Carriker bizarrely claims deadly spree was attempt to curb city’s gun violence: report 90 days ago

Pence says Trump and DeSantis 'don't understand Americans' national interest in supporting the Ukrainian military' 90 days ago

Las Vegas police: California man allegedly stole $47K worth of cellphones from display stands 90 days ago

Biden Admin Appeals Injunction Preventing It From Coordinating With Social Media To Suppress Speech 90 days ago

Portland man federally charged after allegedly breaking into downtown courthouse and choking court officer 90 days ago

Iran tried to seize 2 oil tankers and fired shots at one of them, US Navy says 91 days ago

Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and wife announce separation 91 days ago

Vivek Ramaswamy Making Waves in Republican Primary, Closes in on DeSantis 91 days ago

Bud Light sales shrunk 28% in the week before holiday weekend 91 days ago

South Carolina woman dies after alligator attack near golf course lagoon 91 days ago

Former Anheuser-Busch exec calls for company’s CEO to quit over Bud Light boycott 91 days ago

Secret Service says cocaine was found in West Wing 92 days ago

Substance found in White House library tests positive for cocaine 92 days ago

San Francisco reparations panelist calls straight white men are ‘serial killers’ 92 days ago

Holiday flightmare continues as 1k flights are delayed already today 93 days ago

Boston University Law Students Urged to Seek Therapy in Response to Supreme Court Rulings 93 days ago

Ukraine says Russian troops advancing in 'fierce fighting' 93 days ago

US farmer warns ‘China is quietly taking over’ food security 93 days ago

Indiana Jones' box office destiny? A lukewarm $60 million debut in North America 93 days ago

Most Americans approve of Supreme Court decision restricting use of race in college admissions: POLL 93 days ago

AOC urges Democrats to try to rein in Supreme Court after series of conservative-leaning decisions 94 days ago

30 people shot in mass shooting at south Baltimore block party, 2 dead 94 days ago

Just Stop Oil protesters storms Pride parade 94 days ago

American States Once Awash In Cash See Their Fortunes Suddenly Reversed 94 days ago

Gen Zers make ‘difficult’ employees, managers say 94 days ago

ESPN cutting around 20 on-air stars in dramatic round of layoffs 94 days ago

Georgia parents of transgender children challenge state's ban on sex reassignment surgery for minors 95 days ago

Fetterman approaches Biden-level unpopularity in home state: poll 95 days ago