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210 Democrats vote against bill requiring medical care for babies born alive after abortion attempt 19 days ago

Prince Harry's 'Spare' fallout: Meghan Markle is a great actress, says royal insider 19 days ago

Biden aides discover second batch of classified docs at another location 19 days ago

Several injured by man with blade in attack at Paris train station 19 days ago

Breaking: House Oversight Committee investigates Biden's mishandling of classified documents 19 days ago

Breaking: House Oversight Chairman Introduces SHOW UP Act 19 days ago

Pete Buttigieg called out after FAA system failure grounds all flights: 'He has no idea what happened' 19 days ago

House Republicans target Twitter's handling of Hunter Biden story 19 days ago

Hotel worker exposes wastage of taxpayer-provided food at Manhattan migrant housing hotel. 19 days ago

Sharon Osbourne claims defense of Piers Morgan led to blacklisting in America 19 days ago

FTX bankruptcy set to wipe out investment from football star Tom Brady, Robert Kraft and Gisele Bündchen 19 days ago

17-Year-Old High School Student Dies of Cardiac Arrest 19 days ago

Brooklyn Jewelry Store Robbed of $2 Million in 38 Seconds 19 days ago

House vote to deny IRS hiring 87K new agents causes internet uproar: 'Which side are you on?' 19 days ago

Harvard Medical School Offers Course on Caring for LGBTQIA+ Infants 19 days ago

Jan. 6 Committee Criticized for Accidental Leak of High-Profile Social Security Numbers 19 days ago

‘I Put Myself In Crazy Situations’: Pamela Anderson Sets The Record Straight On Her Wild Life, Infamous Sex Tape 19 days ago

BREAKING: San Francisco Judge Rules Mayor's Brother Can't Recuse District Attorney from Involuntary Manslaughter Case 19 days ago

Sarah Huckabee Sanders bans TikTok on state devices in first move as Arkansas governor 20 days ago

Dems defend Biden classified documents handling, call outrage 'Republican hypocrisy' 20 days ago

Goldman Sachs announces deep layoffs: 6.5% of employees to lose their jobs 20 days ago

Transparency push: Gaetz introduces amendment for C-SPAN to film House proceedings 20 days ago

Virginia AG expands probe into 'woke racism' at schools amid merit award controversy 20 days ago

Biden 'surprised' to learn of classified docs at Penn think tank: 'I don't know' what's in them 20 days ago

House GOP to vote on ABOLISHING IRS and federal income tax 20 days ago

US to Train Ukrainian Soldiers on Advanced Patriot Missiles 20 days ago

Utah sheriff’s office mourns death of ‘porn-sniffing dog’ that helped put pedophiles behind bars 20 days ago

Don Lemon spotlights Black NFL Coach's firing, ignores White Coach's fate 20 days ago

House Oversight Committee to investigate Biden documents marked classified 20 days ago

SHOCKING REPORT: 25.8% of US Troops Struggle with Food Insecurity, Despite Making E-4 Salary 20 days ago

Jim Jordan Leads New House Subcommittee Investigating Executive Abuse of Power 20 days ago

Biden Think Tank Scandal: Probes Launched for Classified Docs Found 20 days ago

Breaking: "High Crimes and Misdemeanors": Texas Republican Files Impeachment Against Mayorkas 20 days ago

"The same rules must apply to everyone": Classified Documents Scandal Rocks Biden Administration, GOP Demands Justice 20 days ago

CNN: Classified Ukraine Documents Discovered Among Joe Biden's Office Papers 20 days ago

Rep. James Comer: "Why has President Biden, who has repeatedly kept classified materials in an unsecure location for years, never faced a raid?" 20 days ago

House GOP passes repeal of IRS funding boost as its first bill in the majority 20 days ago

Trump responds to Biden classified document discovery, asks when FBI will raid his ‘many homes’ 20 days ago

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Oprah Evacuation Orders in Montecito Over Mudslides 20 days ago

Classified documents from Biden's time as vice president discovered at Penn Biden Center, White House says 20 days ago

New Survey Reveals Majority of Republicans Believe Loyalty to Trump is Important 20 days ago

U.S. Judge Grants Temporary Restraining Order Against New Jersey's Controversial Gun Control Laws, Citing Second Amendment Rights 20 days ago

House passes Rules package that was at heart of McCarthy's speaker battle 20 days ago

BREAKING: Stacey Abrams, two-time failed candidate for Governor of Georgia, announces plans to "likely" run for office again. 20 days ago

Alabama woman who joined ISIS hoping to be allowed back in the US 20 days ago

Hero or Criminal? Texas Grand Jury to Decide Fate of Armed Taqueria Customer Who Shot and Killed Robber 20 days ago

Prince Harry Reveals Meghan & Kate's Angry Text Exchange Over Wedding Dresses 20 days ago

'Will FBI raid White House?': Trump's anger at Biden classified docs 20 days ago

Stacey Abrams says she’ll ‘likely run again’ 20 days ago

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Calls Out MSNBC for Painting Her as a "White Supremacist" in "Bogus Hit Piece" 20 days ago

Ted Cruz Calls Out Biden for Only Visiting One Border City, Urges President to See Devastation in McAllen, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and Laredo 20 days ago

Breaking: The House just voted to repeal funding for 87,000 new IRS agents 20 days ago

Breaking: Diamond, of Diamond and Silk, has just passed away 21 days ago

US Consumer Product Safety Commission Plans to Take Action on Gas Stove Pollution that Causes Health and Respiratory Problems 21 days ago

Elon Musk Slams Russiagate as a "Deranged and Unhinged" Conspiracy Theory, Agrees with Journalist's Claim 21 days ago

Actor Kirk Cameron Announces Public Library Tour to Push Back Against Woke Culture and Share Christian Values Across America 21 days ago

Disgraced Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell Preaching Women's Empowerment and High Moral Standards in Etiquette Classes for Inmates at Florida Prison 21 days ago

Gavin Newsom's Claim That California is the "True Freedom State" Draws Criticism Over Gun Restrictions, and COVID-19 Policies 21 days ago

House Committee Chair Condemns President Biden for "Irresponsibly" Maintaining Classified Documents 21 days ago

BREAKING: Biden's Term as VP Comes Back to Haunt Him, White House cooperating with DOJ 21 days ago

'He did not come to see this': Biden Accused of Ignoring Migrants During Border Trip 21 days ago

Buffalo Bills Player Damar Hamlin Makes Miraculous Recovery After Cardiac Arrest, Gives Back to First Responders and UC Trauma Center with Custom T-Shirts 21 days ago

BREAKING: Attorney General Merrick Garland Launches Review of Classified Documents Found at Penn Biden Center in Washington 21 days ago

Trump Calls for Primarying of 18 Republican Senators for Voting in Favor of $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill 21 days ago

House Republicans set to launch major investigation into Executive Branch's weaponization of federal government against American citizens, led by Rep. Jim Jordan 21 days ago

House Steering Committee Selects Rep. Mark Green as Homeland Security Committee Chair Over Controversial Rep. Dan Crenshaw 21 days ago

Dr. Dre Slams 'Hateful' Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green for Using His Music 21 days ago

House Votes to Cut $70 Billion from IRS Funding, Protecting Americans from Audits and Bloated Agency Size 21 days ago

Convicted Murderer Sentenced to 15-50 Years for Shooting in Pennsylvania Parking Lot 21 days ago

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Hospitalized Amidst Protests and Rioting in Brazil 21 days ago

Airline Passenger Arrested for Urinating on Woman in Business Class, Faces Up to 3 Years in Prison 21 days ago

CTV Reporter Appears To Suffer Medical Emergency On Air 21 days ago

Teacher Overdoses on Fentanyl in Front of Classroom of Students, Authorities Find Drug Paraphernalia in Classroom Closet 21 days ago

Biden Visits Southern Border Two Years Into Presidency, Despite Controversial Handling of Migrant Crisis 21 days ago

Prince Harry Reveals He Turned to Drinking and Hard Drugs After Princess Diana's Tragic Death 21 days ago

House minority whip: ‘The keys have been handed over to extremists’ 21 days ago

President Biden's FCC Nominee Once Shared Tweet Calling Former President Trump a 'Raggedy White Supremacist President 21 days ago

Controversial Sign at Local Store Sparks Debate on the Meaning of Being 'Triggered' 21 days ago

Prince Harry's Admittance to Killing 25 Taliban Members in Afghanistan Draws Outrage and Concern 21 days ago

House Republicans Threaten Impeachment Inquiry for DHS Secretary Mayorkas Over Handling of Border Crisis 21 days ago

Patti Davis, Actress and Reagan Daughter, Gives Prince Harry Unsolicited Advice on Upcoming Memoir: "Be Quiet" Until You Can Look at Things Through a Wider Lens 21 days ago

AFT President Randi Weingarten Criticized for Saying "Remote Education Didn't Work" amid Pandemic Pushback 22 days ago

Residents Of Chicago’s Woodlawn Neighborhood Protest Shelter For Migrants 22 days ago

Lizzo Calls Out Body Shamers in Beach Vacation Instagram Post: 'Artists are not here to fit into your beauty standards 22 days ago

Federal Judge Upholds State Law Preventing Boys From Competing In Girls’ Sports 22 days ago

Homeland Security Secretary Admits He Had No Idea of President Biden's Itinerary While on Air Force One During Border Crisis Visit 22 days ago

Crenshaw apologizes for calling colleagues ‘terrorists’ 22 days ago

Texas Governor Hands President Biden Scathing Letter Criticizing His "Open-Border Policies" During Border Visit 22 days ago

Biden slammed for comparing illegal aliens to Jews fleeing Nazis: 'Shameful and out of touch' 22 days ago

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Calls Out President Biden's "Empty Rhetoric" and "Fake Plan" at the Southern Border 22 days ago

Biden boards Air Force One for first trip to border since becoming president 22 days ago

Heartwarming: Navy Veteran, 82, Retires Thanks to Viral TikTok Video and $100,000 Fundraiser 22 days ago

Ex-Virginia Tech soccer player allegedly benched for refusing to kneel gets $100K settlement: attorney 22 days ago

President Biden Compares Asylum Seekers to Jews Fleeing Nazi Germany, Critics Outraged 22 days ago

McCarthy Gives YUGE Shout Out To President Trump For Speakership 22 days ago

Alec Baldwin Begs Fans to Help Hilaria Reach One Million Instagram Followers, but Critics Call Him "Shallow" and "Embarrassing" 22 days ago

Federal Appeals Court Make YUGE Ruling Against Jen Psaki 22 days ago

Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Congress, Police Use Tear Gas to Repel Them 22 days ago

Biden team announces $3.75 billion in Ukraine military aid, including armored vehicles 22 days ago

Conservatives Blast Hakeem Jeffries' "Partisan" and "Rambling" House Floor Speech, While Progressives Praise It as One of the Best 22 days ago