Ted Cruz Takes On CNN Host in Fiery Debate Over Voter Fraud Claims

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Posted 20 days ago

In a heated exchange with CNN host Kaitlan Collins, Senator Ted Cruz challenged her line of questioning about voter fraud and accepting election results. Cruz accused Collins of not holding prominent Democrats to the same standard and criticized the media for dismissing claims of voter fraud post-Donald Trump.

Despite Collins pressing Cruz to pledge to accept the 2024 election results, Cruz reiterated that he would accept the outcome if Democrats win but would not ignore fraud regardless. The back-and-forth between Cruz and Collins highlighted their differing views on voter fraud in the 2020 election, with Cruz advocating for an investigation into alleged fraud and Collins asserting that no fraud occurred that would have changed the election outcome.

The tense exchange ended with Collins thanking Cruz for appearing on the show, though she expressed dissatisfaction with his responses.

Source: Fox News

Source: foxnews.com