Trump Sounds Alarm on China-Russia Alliance from Manhattan Courtroom

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 26 days ago

In his recent statements outside a Manhattan courtroom, former President Donald Trump expressed concern about the growing alliance between China and Russia. Trump warned that the collaboration between President Xi of China and President Putin of Russia could be detrimental to the United States and the world at large. Trump highlighted President Xi's statement about Taiwan and emphasized the significance of the China-Russia partnership, noting that it could have serious consequences. The meeting between Putin and Xi resulted in a joint statement condemning the U.S. for its military actions in Northeast Asia. This development comes amidst ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, as well as the looming possibility of China invading Taiwan.

Trump's warning about the China-Russia relationship coincided with his ongoing legal battle in the courtroom, where he faces charges related to falsifying business records. The case revolves around a payment made to Stormy Daniels in 2016 to silence her alleged affair with Trump. Trump's legal team has been questioning Michael Cohen, a former attorney, about his past statements and actions. As the trial continues, Trump has criticized the court for what he perceives as a rushed timeline aimed at harming him before the 2024 election.