Jake Tapper Selected to Moderate Presidential Debate Despite Anti-Trump Bias

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 27 days ago

Fox News reported that CNN anchor Jake Tapper, known for his critical stance towards Trump and Republicans, will co-moderate the upcoming CNN Presidential Debate. Tapper's history of adversarial coverage towards Trump, including his involvement in Russiagate and criticism of Trump's handling of the pandemic, suggests a potential disadvantage for Trump during the debate.

Tapper's track record of animosity towards Trump and Republicans, even after Trump left office, contrasts with his more lenient approach towards Biden and Democrats. Tapper's fellow moderator Dana Bash has also exhibited hostility towards Trump and conservatives in her reporting.

The selection of Tapper and Bash as moderators raises concerns about impartiality and fairness in the upcoming debate, particularly given Tapper's history of anti-Trump rhetoric and bias.

Source: Fox News (foxnews.com