Trump's Influence Shifts GOP Abortion Stance, Divides Conservatives

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Posted 9 days ago

Trump's platform changes GOP's stance on abortion, not everyone is happy

As the Republican National Convention approaches, the GOP's platform on abortion has undergone significant changes under the influence of former President Donald Trump. The new platform, which was developed behind closed doors and hastily presented to delegates, has left some anti-abortion advocates frustrated and disappointed.

The platform language adopted by delegates does gesture towards the 14th Amendment, which conservatives have long argued protects life starting at conception. However, some evangelical leaders like Brent Leatherwood, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, have expressed disappointment at the platform's retreat from the abortion issue.

Leatherwood said, "Now is the time to advocate for a robust vision for life — at all levels of government — not retreat from it."

Some delegates to the platform committee also voiced frustrations about the process. Gayle Ruzicka, a platform committee member from Utah, said that the RNC staff "didn't allow" a discussion on the language the platform used on abortion. She added that she had been on platform committees several times and found it "very unusual."

Sandye Kading, a platform committee member and member of the RNC from South Dakota, called the meeting "concise" but targeted her criticisms at the process, not Trump.

"The process was definitely abbreviated," Kading said, adding: "I think it could have been stronger on life issues."

Meanwhile, Tony Perkins, a prominent anti-abortion advocate and former chair of the platform committee, is working to gather support for a minority report that he argues is more representative of where the party has historically been on abortion. The report, in part, calls for the passage of the Human Life Amendment, which proposes to amend the Constitution to say that life begins at conception and establish legal protections for fetuses that could undo abortion protections in Democratic-controlled states.

It's unclear whether Perkins and other delegates who opposed the abortion language in the platform Monday have a means to get their minority report heard on the floor of next week's convention. Perkins said that the report has been submitted to the RNC chair, the co-chair of the platform committee, and House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Johnson, asked about the party platform, did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for the RNC and Trump campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the minority report.

As the GOP prepares for the convention, the party's stance on abortion will continue to be a contentious issue. While some anti-abortion advocates are disappointed with the platform's retreat from the issue, others are working to push for stronger language and protections for the unborn.


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