Biden Slips, Harris and Clinton Lead: New Poll

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Posted 9 days ago

Poll finds Biden damaged by debate, with Harris and Clinton best positioned to win

A new poll has revealed that President Joe Biden's approval rating has taken a hit following his recent debate performance, with Vice President Kamala Harris and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton emerging as the Democrats best positioned to win the upcoming election.

According to the poll, conducted by Miami-based pollster Fernand Amandi, 38% of Democrats believe that Biden is not fit to run for re-election and should not continue in the race. This is a significant increase from previous polls, which showed that a majority of Democrats supported Biden's re-election bid.

The poll also found that Harris is now running ahead of Trump, 42% to 41%, while Clinton leads Trump 43% to 41%. A Clinton-Harris ticket is also in the strongest position, beating Trump 43% to 40%, a four-point advantage over Biden-Harris.

Amandi said that he was surprised by Clinton's strength in the poll, noting that she has publicly vowed not to run for president again. However, he added that voters may be open to a Clinton comeback, given her experience on the international stage.

The poll also tested other potential Democratic tickets, including California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, but found them trailing both Harris and Trump.

The poll comes as a growing number of Democratic officials, donors, and activists are calling on Biden to step aside following his debate performance. Biden has rejected these calls and pledged to keep running, but his fundraising operation has started to show cracks in its once formidable armor.

Some of Biden's campaign bundlers have stopped making calls to potential donors since the June 27 debate, according to people familiar with the matter. Others are limiting their outreach to people in their personal fundraising networks, after they either received no response at all to asks, or else they received furious replies from people who questioned why they should give money to Biden after his substandard debate performance.

Bundlers are a crucial piece of any campaign's financing strategy, and their progress is a litmus test for campaign momentum. If a candidate is in trouble, bundlers often feel the pullback well before it reaches campaign staffers.

The poll also included a provocative question that asked likely voters whether they would support Biden if he were cognitively diminished because of his age and unlikely to complete another four years — if it meant preventing Trump from winning. Forty-eight percent of voters said they would not vote for Biden for that reason, versus 44% who said they would, including 75% of Democrats.

Amandi said that these answers helped shed light on the floor of likely voters nationally that say, even with their reservations about Biden's age and ability, that they won't let that get in the way of stopping Trump, whom a majority see as a major threat.

The poll also found that 53% of likely voters view Trump becoming president as a grave danger to democracy in the U.S., while 37% said such a statement was partisan political rhetoric and unlikely to happen.

The debate has reset the race from the perspective of what it means if Biden continues on or if we go down an unprecedented and uncharted path of making a nominee switch because he decides to step aside, Amandi said. Are there alternatives that would be competitive with Trump? The answer is there are two: Clinton and Harris, who have a small, but significant, lead.

In conclusion, the poll shows that Biden's debate performance has damaged his standing among Democrats and that Harris and Clinton are best positioned to win the upcoming election. The poll also highlights the growing concern among Democratic officials, donors, and activists about Biden's ability to defeat Trump in November.


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