Hamas Leader Celebrates Gaza Destruction, Lives in Luxury

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Posted 9 days ago

Hamas Billionaire Khaled Mashaal Says Gaza Destruction Has Been Worth It

In a recent interview with Sky News, Hamas senior leader Khaled Mashaal expressed his satisfaction with the destruction of infrastructure in Gaza during the current war. Mashaal, who is believed to have stolen $4 billion from aid meant for ordinary Gazans, is currently living in a luxury hotel in Doha, far from the battlefield.

Mashaal acknowledged the damage wrought to the territory in the aftermath of the October 7 attack, stating that "Gaza is now destroyed." However, he claimed that this is all part of the "march of our people toward liberation."

Despite Mashaal's claims, only 17% of the infrastructure in the Strip has been demolished, while a great many other buildings have been severely damaged. Mashaal's indifference to the plight of the Gazans whose interests he claims to represent is evident in his willingness to slaughter real people now for the sake of a dream coming true later—the total destruction of Israel "from the river to the sea" and its replacement by a 23rd Arab state.

Hamas dragged Israel into a war it did not want, with the atrocities—rapes, tortures, murders, mass kidnappings—Hamas carried out on October 7. The IDF responded with a ferocious counterattack, killing at least half of the Hamas combatants holed up in Gaza and dismantling what remains of all four of the Hamas battalions that were believed to still be intact in that city just a month ago.

Mashaal's huge theft of Gazan aid money and his cloudless life in a luxury hotel in Doha raise questions about his fellow feeling for those Palestinians whose homes have been destroyed or damaged in Gaza or who have had family members wounded or killed. Mashaal's delight with such destruction and his lack of concern for civilian deaths highlight the misery of the Palestinians in Gaza, for which Hamas alone is responsible.

The misery of the Palestinians in Gaza, caused by Hamas' embedding of both men and weapons in civilian areas and buildings (schools, apartments, mosques), allows Hamas to score propaganda points with its depiction of the "cruel" IDF. The question remains: when will the people in Gaza dare to hold mass demonstrations denouncing not just Khaled Mashaal, but his fellow Hamas billionaires Moussa abu Marzouk and Ismael Haniyeh, who, like Mashaal, stole their money—$4 billion by Marzouk, $3 billion by Haniyeh—from the aid sent to support the people of Gaza?

When will someone at the UN, or in Congress, or among the Bidenites stand up and demand that every effort must be made to claw back those $11 billion, which will go a long way to help rebuild Gaza? It is time for accountability and justice for the people of Gaza, who have suffered at the hands of Hamas and its leaders.


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