Mollie Hemingway Calls for White House Press Corps Resignation

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Posted 10 days ago

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist has called for the resignation of the entire White House Press Corps over their handling of the Biden mental health story. Hemingway made the statement during an appearance on the FOX News channel's Media Buzz over the weekend.

Hemingway criticized the press corps for their behavior before and after the debate which exposed Biden's mental health issues. She compared their actions when Trump was president to their current actions and accused them of targeting Republicans while shielding Democrats.

"The vast majority of Americans have, with their own eyes and ears, witnessed the decline of this president," Hemingway said. "It was a major talking point in 2020. We're talking about a White House press corps that had no problem running wild with accusations, anonymous sources, and conspiracy theories when it was a Republican, Donald Trump."

Hemingway also accused the press corps of not covering the story because they thought it would be bad for Democrats to talk about the senility of the president. She said that they are now covering it because they have lost confidence in their ability to drag Joe Biden across the finish line.

"There's nothing honest about this, and they don't get any points whether they start covering it now or not," Hemingway said.

Hemingway went on to call for the resignation of the entire White House Press Corps unless they can show that they aggressively targeted the story for the last five years.

"I would say, probably the White House Press Corps, should resign en masse unless they can show that they aggressively targeted this story for the last five years," Hemingway said. "Then yes, absolutely."

The Biden family has been in the news recently for other reasons as well. The Daily Caller reported that the Biden family is desperately clinging to power, but one loving grandkid is still frozen out. The article discusses the relationship between the Bidens and Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden's child.

The State Department is also reportedly worried about losing Ukraine money if Trump wins the election. The Conservative Treehouse reported that a furrowed brow spoke about the need to replace Biden on behalf of the State Department.

These stories highlight the ongoing concerns about the Biden administration and the potential for a Trump victory in the upcoming election. Conservatives have long been critical of the Biden administration and the mainstream media, and these stories are likely to fuel that criticism.


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