France Descends into Chaos: Far-Left Coalition Wins, Sparks Violence

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Posted 10 days ago

France in Turmoil as Far-Left Coalition Wins Elections, Sparks Violence and Division

In the aftermath of France's legislative elections, the country finds itself in a state of turmoil as a far-left coalition, cobbled together at the last moment, has emerged victorious. The New Popular Front (NFP) has formed an electoral pact with President Emmanuel Macron's Ensemble bloc, allowing far-leftists and Macronists to pull ahead of Marine Le Pen's National Rally (RN).

Le Pen's Rassemblement National party received over 10.6 million votes but only secured 142 seats, while the far-left alliance garnered 7 million votes and 180 seats. Despite this, Le Pen can safely say she has increased her seats in France's National Assembly by 53 and improved her vote share.

The results, however, are a disaster for Macron, with the NFP's de facto leader, Jean-Luc Melenchon, opposing his economic policy, arms for Ukraine, and NATO membership. Macron's prime minister, Gabriel Attal, has already tendered his resignation, and weeks, if not months, of internecine struggle are expected between the NFP and the Macronists.

Following their victory, the extreme left took to the streets of Paris, waving Antifa banners, the Palestinian flag, and the flags of Algeria and other Muslim-majority countries. Masked men were filmed rushing in and out of the crowd around the Monument to the Republic, throwing glass bottles and small explosives towards nearby lines of police officers.

This chaos and division have led to a hung parliament, with the nation at its most divided since the end of the second world war. The cold, hard reality for the French people is that this parliament cannot govern, and the nation is at its most divided since the end of the second world war.

The big losers over the last 24 hours are the centrist Ensemble coalition (down 86 seats) and the RINO-like Les Republicains (down 25 seats). The fact that the far-left had to cobble together a devious tactical alliance at the last moment, which included standing candidates down across many districts in order to avoid losing more seats, speaks volumes of the real left-right tug of war in which France finds itself.

Le Pen and her allies may feel uncomfortable for a few days, as they take stock of what they might have done differently. But don't believe the corporate media framing. This was far from a blow out for the right. If anything, it puts them in an extraordinarily strong position for the Presidential race in 2027.

In conclusion, France is facing a period of uncertainty and division as a far-left coalition takes control of the government. The nation is at its most divided since the end of the second world war, and the chaos and violence in the streets of Paris are a clear indication of the challenges that lie ahead.


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