Liberal Bias Exposed: Radio Host Uses Pre-Approved Biden Questions

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 10 days ago

Philadelphia radio station WURD has severed ties with host Andrea Lawful-Sanders after she admitted to using pre-approved questions provided by the Biden administration for her interview with President Joe Biden.

In a statement released on Sunday, WURD Radio president and CEO Sara M. Lomax stated that the use of pre-determined questions violated the station's practice of remaining an independent media outlet and that the interview was arranged and negotiated independently by Lawful-Sanders.

Lomax went on to emphasize that WURD Radio is "not a mouthpiece for the Biden or any other Administration" and that they strive to maintain their independence and accountability to their listeners.

The controversy began when Lawful-Sanders revealed that she had used the campaign-approved questions for her interview with President Biden. This admission led to criticism from many who felt that it was a violation of journalistic ethics to use pre-approved questions for an interview.

In response to the controversy, Milwaukee WMCS host Earl Ingram came forward and revealed that he had also been offered five questions by the Biden campaign for his interview with the president and that he had used four of them.

The incident has sparked a debate about the role of the media in holding politicians accountable and the importance of maintaining journalistic independence. Many conservatives have pointed to the incident as evidence of the liberal media's bias towards Democratic politicians and their unwillingness to ask tough questions.

This is not the first time that the Biden administration has been accused of trying to control the narrative by providing pre-approved questions to journalists. In the past, the administration has been criticized for its handling of the media and its attempts to limit access to the president.

As conservatives, we have long been aware of the liberal media's bias and their willingness to go along with Democratic talking points. This latest incident only serves to confirm our suspicions and highlights the importance of having independent media outlets that are willing to ask tough questions and hold politicians accountable.

In conclusion, the incident involving Andrea Lawful-Sanders and WURD Radio serves as a reminder of the importance of journalistic independence and the need for media outlets to maintain their integrity. As conservatives, we will continue to hold the liberal media accountable and demand that they do their job of asking tough questions and holding politicians accountable.


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