Biden Faces Pressure: Dems Urge Him to Step Aside in 2024

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Posted 10 days ago

President Joe Biden is facing mounting pressure from within his own party as calls for him to step aside in the 2024 presidential race grow louder. In a letter sent to Democratic lawmakers on Monday, Biden sought to quell concerns about his re-election bid, writing that he is "not blind to" the concerns within his party.

Biden's letter comes after a dismal public debate performance and a growing sense of unease among Democrats about his ability to defeat former President Donald Trump in November. In the letter, Biden emphasized the need for unity within the party and called on Democrats to focus on the task of defeating Trump.

"We have one job," Biden wrote. "And that is to beat Donald Trump. Any weakening of resolve or lack of clarity about the task ahead only helps Trump and hurts us."

Biden also addressed concerns about his age and mental fitness, writing that he is "in excellent health" and that he has "the energy, the stamina, and the determination to take on Donald Trump and win."

Despite Biden's efforts to reassure his party, many Democrats remain unconvinced. In recent weeks, several high-profile Democrats have called on Biden to step aside, including former Obama adviser David Axelrod and former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean.

Some Democrats have even gone so far as to suggest that Biden should be replaced as the party's nominee. In a recent op-ed for The New York Times, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang wrote that Biden "has not shown the capacity to lead the country in the way that it needs."

Biden's letter also comes amid growing concerns about his campaign's ability to compete with Trump's fundraising machine. According to recent reports, Trump has raised more than $1 billion for his re-election bid, while Biden has raised just over $500 million.

Despite these challenges, Biden remains confident in his ability to win in November. In a recent interview with MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Biden said that he is "not letting up" and that he is "not concerned" about the growing chorus of critics within his own party.

"I don't think what those big names think," Biden said. "They were wrong in 2020. They were wrong in 2022 about the red wave. They're wrong in 2024."

Biden also made his case against Trump, saying that the U.S. will defeat the far right just as France did in its recent election.

"This is a guy who's an extreme candidate," Biden said. "I can't think of a candidate in my lifetime who's been more extreme. He makes George Wallace look like a patriot."

As the 2024 election heats up, it remains to be seen whether Biden will be able to overcome the growing doubts within his own party and mount a successful campaign against Trump. But one thing is clear: the stakes could not be higher for the future of the Democratic Party and the country as a whole.


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