Liberal Director Rob Reiner Demands Biden Step Down

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Posted 11 days ago

Liberal Hollywood director Rob Reiner has turned on President Joe Biden, demanding that he "stop f\*\*\*ing around" and step down from the presidential race.

Reiner, who has been a longtime Biden supporter and donor, took to Twitter on Sunday to express his frustration with the president's performance in the recent debate against former President Donald Trump.

"It's time to stop f\*\*\*ing around," Reiner wrote. "If the Convicted Felon wins, we lose our Democracy. Joe Biden has effectively served US with honor, decency, and dignity. It's time for Joe Biden to step down."

Reiner's comments come after a disastrous debate performance by Biden, in which he froze up numerous times and struggled to articulate his positions. The debate was widely seen as a disaster for the president, and many Democrats have expressed concern about his ability to win re-election.

Reiner's call for Biden to step down is a remarkable turn of events, given his previous support for the president. He even led a fundraiser for Biden after the debate. However, it appears that Reiner's patience has run out, and he is now calling for Biden to step aside.

Reiner is not alone in his criticism of Biden. Other prominent Democrats, including former Obama adviser David Axelrod, have also called for Biden to step down. Axelrod wrote a scathing essay for CNN in which he argued that Biden is not up to the task of serving as president for another four years.

"But on the big question that now threatens his campaign — whether he still has the stamina and mental acuity to serve for four more years in the world’s toughest job — the 81-year-old president offered little reassurance beyond a proud recitation of his impressive first-term accomplishments," Axelrod wrote.

It remains to be seen whether Biden will heed the calls for him to step down. However, with his poll numbers slipping and his own party turning against him, it is clear that he faces an uphill battle in his bid for re-election.

In the meantime, Trump is continuing to gain momentum, with recent polls showing him leading Biden by six points nationwide. If Biden does not step down, it is likely that he will face a tough fight against Trump in November.


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