France Election Shock: Le Pen Poised for Victory

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Posted 11 days ago

France Votes in Final Round of Election Dominated by Marine Le Pen

France is going to the polls today for the second round of an election that is expected to deliver a right-wing triumph. President Emmanuel Macron called the snap elections three years ahead of time after his neo-liberalist forces were roundly trounced in June's European parliament vote. However, this political gamble has spectacularly backfired.

Marine Le Pen's surging right-wing populist National Rally (RN) triumphed in the June 30 opening round and remains set to repeat the feat in Sunday's run-off races. Her supporters see their vote as a way to punish the elite political class they see as out of touch with everyday people and their concerns such as crime, purchasing power, and unconstrained immigration surging through open borders.

It remains to be seen if her level of national support is sufficient to land the absolute majority that would force Macron to appoint Le Pen's lieutenant, the RN party leader Jordan Bardella, 28, as the country's youngest ever prime minister just weeks before Paris hosts the Olympics.

The past seven days have seen more than 200 tactical-voting pacts between centre and left-wing candidates in seats in a desperate attempt to prevent the RN winning total victory. In some cases, even quite senior politicians including serving cabinet ministers are standing down to give others who scored more highly in the first round a clear run at beating Le Pen's RN.

Many in France remain baffled over why Macron called an election which could see the RN doubling its presence in parliament and his contingent of leftist MPs halving in number. Macron, who disappeared from public view over recent days in order not to provoke the electorate further, has vowed to serve out his term until 2027, when he must step down.

Initial polling projections are expected when the final voting stations close at 8pm Paris time (1800 GMT), with early official results expected late Sunday night into early Monday morning.

This election has been a stark reminder of the growing divide between the political elite and everyday people in France. Marine Le Pen's National Rally has tapped into the concerns of many French citizens who feel that their voices are not being heard by the current government. It remains to be seen if this election will result in a seismic political shift in France, but one thing is clear: the French people are demanding change.


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