Biden's Doctor Meets Top Neurologist: Cognitive Concerns Raised

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Biden's Doctor Met with Top Neurologist at White House

In a recent development, President Joe Biden's personal physician, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, met with a leading neurologist, Dr. Kevin Cannard, at the White House earlier this year. This meeting has raised questions about the President's cognitive health, as reported by The Guardian.

Dr. Cannard, a Parkinson's disease expert at Walter Reed medical center, visited the White House residence clinic on January 17th. According to White House visitor logs reviewed by the New York Post, Dr. Cannard has visited the White House eight times since August 2023, with seven of those visits involving meetings with Megan Nasworthy, a liaison between Walter Reed and the White House.

This news comes after Biden, in a recent interview with ABC News, ruled out taking an independent cognitive test and releasing its findings publicly. Biden has consistently rejected taking any cognitive test, including in August 2020 when he dismissed a reporter's question with a dismissive comment.

Despite Biden's dismissal of the need for a cognitive test, questions about his mental state have continued to surface. Two radio hosts who interviewed Biden briefly on Thursday revealed that the Biden campaign had given them a list of approved questions. This revelation has further fueled speculation about Biden's cognitive abilities.

Biden's refusal to take a cognitive test and the recent meeting between his doctor and a top neurologist have sparked concerns among Republicans and conservatives. Some, like Ronny Jackson, a Republican congressman in Texas who was White House doctor for Barack Obama and Trump, have called for Biden to undergo a cognitive exam. Jackson has accused Dr. O'Connor and Biden's family of trying to "cover up" problems with Biden's mental abilities.

The White House has pushed back against these allegations, accusing critics of being part of a partisan smear campaign. However, the eight visits by Dr. Cannard to the White House over the past 11 months are certain to raise further questions about the 81-year-old president's mental abilities.

This news comes as Biden's approval ratings continue to decline, with some Democratic megadonors expressing a lack of support for the President. The ongoing concerns about Biden's cognitive health are likely to further erode his support among both Democrats and Republicans.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, these concerns are likely to become a major issue for Biden and the Democratic Party. Republicans and conservatives are likely to seize on this issue as they seek to regain control of the White House.

In the meantime, Biden and his team will need to address these concerns head-on if they hope to maintain their support among voters. The President's refusal to take a cognitive test and the recent meeting between his doctor and a top neurologist are only likely to fuel further speculation about his mental health.

As the debate over Biden's cognitive abilities continues, it is clear that this issue will be a major factor in the upcoming presidential election. Republicans and conservatives are likely to use this issue to their advantage as they seek to regain control of the White House.


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