Drew Brophy's Ordeal: Exposing US Medical System's COVID Failures

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Posted 12 days ago

The heart-wrenching story of Drew Brophy, a professional artist and surfer, highlights the failings of the US medical system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drew and his wife, Maria, shared their harrowing experience of Drew's 70-day stay on a ventilator and 28 days in a coma during the 2021 Delta variant surge.

The couple's story exposes the shortcomings of the US medical system and its practitioners, as well as the role of public health officials and policymakers in contributing to the harm and deaths of American citizens throughout the pandemic.

Maria, who was forced to advocate for her husband from outside his ICU hospital room, emphasized the importance of having an advocate willing to fight for you until your last breath.

Drew, who came in as a fit, healthy 210-pound surfer/artist, was discharged at only 100 pounds. He had to fight his way back to his pre-hospitalized state and triumphantly did so.

During the second half of a two-hour interview, Drew shared his experience of traveling to "the other side"/the invisible world while in a coma. He revealed that there is little to fear in this world and that death is merely a pathway to heaven toward your next journey in your existence.

Drew's story is an example of one of the thousands of American citizens who suffered at the hands of the American healthcare system throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare providers denied basic needs for the survival and positive best outcomes of COVID-19 intensive care unit patients. Patients were discriminated against, and their civil rights and liberties were denied simply because they were patients who did not get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Meanwhile, healthcare workers who did get the COVID-19 vaccine also caught and spread COVID-19. However, their silence tacitly colluded with the cover-up of breakthrough infection throughout their hospitals and communities.

Drew's story highlights the need for Americans to wake up and purge our society of the bureaucratic policies and policymakers contributing to our societal decline.

We must unite and help each other to ensure that this never happens again in the United States of America.

We must find a path to independence from this broken medical system.

We all need each other.

Build bridges.

Be the change.


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