Left-Wing Outlet Exposes Democrats' 'Conspiracy of Silence' on Biden's 'Mental Decline'

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Posted 13 days ago

Left-Wing Outlet Exposes Democrats' 'Conspiracy of Silence' to Hide Biden's 'Mental Decline' from Public

A far-left outlet has exposed details of a so-called “conspiracy of silence” among Democrats and their corporate media allies to hide President Joe Biden’s “mental decline” from the American people.

New York magazine claims that “elite” Democrats have long known about cognitive issues that were highlighted during last week’s disastrous debate.

Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi wrote the article titled “The Conspiracy of Silence to Protect Joe Biden.”

Nuzzi noted that she began hearing similar stories from “Democratic officials, activists, and donors” in January about concerns related to Biden’s age and cognitive ability.

“Following encounters with the president, they had arrived at the same concern: Could he really do this for another four years? Could he even make it to Election Day?” Nuzzi wrote.

“Uniformly, these people were of a similar social strata. They lived and socialized in Washington, New York, and Los Angeles. They did not wish to come forward with their stories. They did not want to blow a whistle. They wished that they could whistle past what they knew and emerge in November victorious and relieved, having helped avoid another four years of Trump.”

Nuzzi said many are concerned that Biden “was becoming increasingly hard to get ahold of, even as it related to official government business,” and that he is shielded by a group of trusted advisers, including First Lady Jill Biden.

The lengthy feature detailed an alleged interaction at a White House event when the first lady needed to whisper in the president’s ear, reminding him to say “hello” to a megadonor by name.

These types of interactions have left elite Democrats to ponder who was actually running, according to Nuzzi.

Nuzzi said she tried to make eye contact with Biden but “it was like his eyes, though open, were not on.”

Nuzzi said a reporter joked that Biden appeared “40%” dead during the interaction.

“‘It was a bad night.’ That’s the spin from the White House and its allies about Thursday’s debate,” the article concludes. “But when I watched the president amble stiffly across the stage, my first thought was: He doesn’t look so bad. For months, everything I had heard, plus some of what I had seen, led me to brace for something much more dire.”

This revelation comes as a shock to many Americans who have been led to believe that Biden is in good health and capable of leading the country. It is unclear how this will affect his chances in the upcoming election, but it is clear that the Democrats have been hiding the truth from the American people.

As conservatives, we believe in transparency and honesty from our leaders. It is unacceptable for the Democrats to hide Biden’s mental decline from the American people. We deserve to know the truth about the health of our leaders, and we will continue to demand transparency from the Biden administration.


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