Washington Post Fantasizes Biden's Concession, Kamala Rising

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Posted 13 days ago

The Washington Post has published a commentary titled "What if Biden spoke these words?", speculating on a potential concession speech for President Joe Biden. The piece comes amid growing concerns over Biden's mental decline and his ability to continue as a candidate for the 2024 election.

The proposed speech references Biden's decades in the Washington establishment and cites George Washington's decision to step down from office. It includes a line stating, "A large part of me still wants to stay in the fight. But, at this moment, the nation needs something I cannot provide: a leader with the energy to run a vigorous campaign and then to work for America, at all hours, for the next four years."

This speculation has been fueled by Biden's catastrophic performance at a recent presidential debate, where he stumbled, mumbled, slurred, lost focus, and stared into space. President Donald Trump, at one point, told the moderators that he didn't have any idea what Biden said, "And I don't think he does either."

Despite the White House insisting that Biden is the candidate and will win, some Democrats have already conceded that they expect Trump to win the election in November. The Washington Examiner explains that Biden is facing questions from those within his own party about withdrawing.

The Washington Post's piece has been described as "fantasizing about a day in which President Joe Biden withdrew from the presidential race." The Post even gave Biden "the words to say in a concession speech."

The proposed speech said, "Between now and November, I will do all I can to support the next Democratic nominee — and to encourage Americans to rediscover the optimism and energetic spirit that built this nation."

This development comes as a memo is being circulated among some major Democrat donors and top-level Democrat Party operatives in order to make "the Case for Kamala." The memo suggests that Vice President Kamala Harris is the only realistic path out of the current mess for the Democrats.

However, Harris is more unpopular than Biden, even with what happened on the debate stage last week. Team Biden chose Harris because she was the most unliked Democrat on that stage, not to mention her skin color and sex were key identity boxes they wanted to check off.

This memo is being circulated as Democrats are in a world of pain, awful, and chaos. After everything they did to this country so they could claim power, after 'fortifying' the 2020 election, it is certainly very enjoyable to watch them all squirming having to deal with the mess THEY MADE.

Karma is only a b**ch when you're one first, Democrats.



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