Democrats Struggle to Find Biden's Successor Amid Concerns

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Posted 13 days ago

Democratic Party faces thin bench of replacements for President Biden

As President Joe Biden's mental state comes under scrutiny following a dismal debate performance, Democratic heavyweights are reportedly considering swapping him out as the 2024 nominee. However, they are facing a significant issue: the selection of an alternative.

Among the top contenders are Vice President Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom. While Harris's position as Vice President might seem to position her as Biden's natural successor, Newsom has long attracted speculation about his own presidential ambitions.

However, such speculation is of little value while the current president remains in the race. The Biden campaign has resisted calls to drop out of the race or permit the party to choose another candidate to face former President Donald Trump.

Biden's performance in the CNN presidential debate last week, during which he often stumbled over his answers and appeared lost while on stage, reignited concerns about his age and fitness for office. Despite this, the Biden family and a number of Democratic heavyweights remain behind the president.

Polling data suggests that Trump would defeat any of the alternative Democratic candidates, though some fare better against him than does Biden. In a post-debate CNN poll, Biden trailed Trump with 43% to his 49%. Harris, however, fared marginally better, earning 45% to Trump's 47%. Newsom fared comparably to Biden, earning 43% to Trump's 48%.

However, current polling performance is far from the only consideration for a potential nominee. In Harris's case, much of her own record is tied to Biden's and the public appears to view her less favorably than the commander-in-chief.

Newsom's record, for his part, is linked to the current situation in California. His November debate with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis saw the pair trade barbs over their respective policies in a terse affair that saw moderator Sean Hannity forced to intervene repeatedly.

Even should the prospect of a Newsom or Harris ticket appeal to Democrats enough that they opt to somehow jettison Biden, the internal factions within the party could prove difficult to unite. The selection of an alternative candidate would be a brutal, brutal fight among Democrats.

A contested convention would hardly be an unprecedented affair, however, Biden's status as the presumptive nominee and the timing of the convention could present issues for an alternative candidate. The legal logistics of replacing Joe Biden are enormously complex, and the Democrats are currently planning to hold a virtual roll call to officially nominate Biden prior to the Democratic National Convention.

The pressure is mounting on Biden, and the structure of the Democratic Party wants him gone. However, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to find a suitable alternative.


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