Bolsonaro Indicted: Money Laundering, Criminal Association Charges

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Posted 14 days ago

Brazil's former President Jair Bolsonaro has been indicted on charges of money laundering and criminal association, according to sources. The indictment comes after Bolsonaro handed over undeclared jewels to Brazilian authorities earlier this week.

The former president, who has been in the United States since late-December, has been under investigation for several months over the gifts he received during his presidency. Federal police and prosecutors are investigating whether the goods brought into the country from Saudi Arabia were public gifts that Bolsonaro improperly tried to prevent from being incorporated into the presidency's public collection, or private gifts that Bolsonaro tried to sneak into Brazil without paying taxes.

The Senate's transparency commission is also investigating whether the sale of a refinery by Brazil's state-controlled oil giant was related to the jewels.

Bolsonaro, who denies any wrongdoing connected to the gifts, has been in the United States since late-December, just days before the end of his presidential term.

The indictment is the latest in a series of legal troubles for Bolsonaro, who has also been under investigation for his involvement in a rampage by his supporters through the national capital after he left office and for numerous actions during the presidential election campaign he lost last fall.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Vice President Kamala Harris has expressed concern that a Trump administration would weaponize the government and persecute their political opponents. Harris' comments come after the recent Supreme Court decision that established that presidents have absolute immunity from legal prosecution for official acts.

Chief Justice John Roberts clarified that no president is "above the law," and that immunity does not apply to non-official acts. However, Harris and other Democrats have expressed concern that a Trump administration would use the decision to target political opponents.

The Biden-Harris administration has been critical of the Trump administration's handling of the justice system, and has promised to restore integrity and independence to the Department of Justice.

As the legal troubles for Bolsonaro and the political tensions in the United States continue to mount, it remains to be seen how these issues will play out in the coming months.


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