Patriot Patrick Bertoletti Wins Hot Dog Contest Amid Chestnut's Impossible Ban

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Posted 14 days ago

Patrick Bertoletti emerges victorious in Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest amid Joey Chestnut's absence.

In a surprising turn of events, Chicago's Patrick Bertoletti, 39, has been crowned the new champion of the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, held annually on July 4th.

Bertoletti managed to wolf down 58 franks and buns in a tight, 10-minute race at Coney Island, securing his first-ever win in the competition.

This marks the first time since 2015 that a man not named Joey Chestnut has taken the Mustard Belt, and only the second time in the last 17 years.

Chestnut, known as "Jaws," was notably absent from this year's competition due to a controversial endorsement deal with rival brand Impossible Foods, famous for its meatless Impossible Burger.

Major League Eating, which sanctions the event, insisted that Chestnut had been aware of the hot dog exclusivity provisions for nearly two decades he's been competing.

Despite his absence, Bertoletti managed to out-eat Geoffrey Esper, 49, of Massachusetts, who finished second with 53 dogs, and Australian James Webb, 35, who came in third after chowing down on 52 wieners.

Earlier in the day, reigning champ Miki Sudo gave the men a run for their money after clinching the women's title with a world record-breaking 51 dogs in 10 minutes.

While Bertoletti managed to best his prior record of 55 hot dogs, it was a far cry from the record-breaking 71 franks Chestnut managed back in 2021.

Chestnut, who was "devastated" by the ban, has since taken his hot dog-downing talents to the Fort Bliss army base in El Paso, Texas, to compete against soldiers this Independence Day instead.

Last year, Chestnut won the Coney Island competition by eating 62 dogs in 10 minutes.

In an exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated, Chestnut expressed his hopes for possible reconciliation with Nathan's and his excitement over Thursday's event.

Despite the ban, Chestnut remains open to working with Major League Eating again in the future.

"I'm not burning any bridges," he said. "And I love it -- I love the Fourth of July and that contest. I'm always willing to try. I don't hold grudges. So nothing is out of the question."

Chestnut also shared his excitement over the alternate plans to keep a version of the tradition alive by celebrating the Fourth of July on an Army base.

"I'll still be part of the people's Fourth of July," he said. "That worked out really, really well, and I'm happy."

He added, "I love celebrating the Fourth of July, and the fact that I help other people celebrate the Fourth of July -- it's been really, really fun. And I'm hoping I can still find ways to do that."

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