California Schools Exodus, Boston Airport Crisis: Marxist Agenda & Failed Immigration Policies

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 36 days ago

Here's the latest on the quiet mass exodus from California public schools and the ongoing crisis at Boston's Logan Airport.

California public schools are experiencing a significant decline in enrollment, with a 25% decrease between the 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 school years. This drop in enrollment is a direct result of the radical Marxist takeover of public education in the state. The California State Department of Education has implemented ridiculous legislation, such as providing free condoms for students in 7th-12th grades and requiring school officials to keep students' life-altering gender decisions from parents.

In stark contrast to an actual education, which involves teaching students to pursue virtues and abstain from vices, California public schools are pushing a Marxist agenda. The Portland Association of Teachers, an affiliate of the state teachers' union, is producing anti-Israel, anti-American, hate-filled curricula for Kindergarten students. The Teachers' Union utilizes a workbook for four and five-year-old students from the Palestinian Feminist Collective, which teaches students that Israel, like America, is an oppressor.

Parents across the country are waking up to the reality of the Marxist takeover of public education and are pulling their children out of public schools. The quiet mass exodus from California public schools is just the latest example of parents opening their eyes to the battle being waged for the minds of America's youth.

Meanwhile, Boston's Logan Airport is facing a crisis of its own. The airport has been used as a makeshift shelter for illegal immigrants for months, and the numbers have grown to the point where it is starting to look like a refugee camp. Over a hundred migrants are currently spending their nights sleeping on the floor at the airport, an apparent uptick in recent weeks from the dozens who were being housed there a few months ago.

The Democrat Governor Maura Healy is in completely over her head and has no idea how to deal with this crisis. The lack of proper staff and resources to take care of a large population of residents has led to the migrants being transported out of the airport to state welcome centers daily, then brought back by night. This is simply not sustainable, and at what point do Democrats admit that we can't do this anymore?

The crisis at Boston's Logan Airport is a direct result of the Biden administration's failed immigration policies. The lack of border security and the incentives provided to illegal immigrants have led to a surge in illegal immigration, overwhelming our resources and creating a health and safety hazard.

In conclusion, the quiet mass exodus from California public schools and the crisis at Boston's Logan Airport are both symptoms of the radical left's agenda. The Marxist takeover of public education and the failed immigration policies of the Biden administration are destroying America's future. It's time for Republicans to stand up and fight for our values and our country.


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