Dog Goes Berserk at Biden, Black Conservative Slams Big Govt, IDF Eliminates Hezbollah Commander

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Posted 36 days ago

Here's the latest on the political landscape as Republicans and conservatives continue to make their voices heard. In a hilarious viral video, a dog named Mollie has become an internet sensation for her apparent political preferences. The video shows Mollie calmly watching Donald Trump on television, but as soon as Joe Biden appears, she goes berserk, barking furiously and even charging at the screen. The entertaining clip has sparked witty comments and tongue-in-cheek theories about Mollie's political leanings, with some suggesting she should be given voting rights.

Meanwhile, Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds, a black conservative, has been the target of personal attacks and distortions from the left after he made a factual observation about the strength and resilience of black Americans during the Jim Crow era. Donalds noted that during Jim Crow, more black people voted conservatively and the black family was stronger. He also suggested that big government ushered in by Lyndon Johnson after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 hurt rather than helped Blacks. The data support Donalds' claims, yet liberal commentators have accused him of praising Jim Crow and suggesting it was a "golden era" for blacks.

In international news, the IDF has eliminated a senior Hezbollah official in a significant strike in southern Lebanon. The commander was the most senior member of the group to be killed in eight months of hostilities with Israel. The IDF received intel about a secret meeting and decided to take out two of their most senior commanders. This comes only days after the heroic rescue of four hostages in Operation Arnon. Despite protests and international criticism, the IDF remains unphased and continues to send a clear message that they mean business. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that Israel is prepared for a very strong action in the north.

These stories highlight the strength and resilience of conservatives and Republicans, both in the United States and abroad. Whether it's a dog showing its disdain for Joe Biden or a black conservative telling the truth about the impact of big government on black Americans, conservatives continue to make their voices heard. And in the face of international threats, Israel remains a steadfast ally, taking decisive action to protect its citizens and send a clear message to its enemies.


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