Hunter Biden's Gun Charge: Smokescreen for Biden Family Crimes

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Posted 37 days ago

Here's the latest on the Hunter Biden gun charge conviction and its implications for the upcoming election:

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, was convicted on Monday of all charges related to unlawful firearms possession while abusing drugs in Delaware. The First Son faces further charges for tax crimes in California later this year. Raheem Kassam, Editor-in-Chief of The National Pulse, predicted this outcome and believes that Hunter Biden is unlikely to receive a paternal pardon this side of the November election.

Kassam stated, "There is a circumstance where, if they want to show that there is some equal justice under the law here, they might try and pull the wool over people’s eyes and say, ‘No, look, you know, Hunter Biden has to pay a fine as well for breaking the law.'" He further added, "I don’t think Joe will try and attempt a pardon… I’m not certain, I’ll say, where this case is going, but what I think is certain is that there isn’t going to be a presidential pardon if Hunter is convicted."

This conviction comes as a stark contrast to the treatment of former President Donald Trump, who faced what many conservatives believe to be politically motivated charges. Trump was convicted on made-up charges to protect Biden, while Hunter Biden made millions of dollars as an unregistered foreign agent. However, the DOJ does not want the public focused on that, so they gave him a smaller firearms charge instead.

The internet came up with a brilliant 'Trump statement' on Hunter Biden's gun conviction, which trolled the left and highlighted the hypocrisy of the justice system. The statement read, "Hunter Biden was just convicted of all three felony gun charges. He violated laws meant to prevent drug addicts from owning firearms. But don't worry, he'll likely face no prison time. Meanwhile, I was convicted on made-up charges to protect Biden. The justice system is a joke."

The lack of resolution in Hunter Biden's case means that it will continue to hang over President Biden as he runs for a second term. It will also fuel politically charged investigations into Biden family business dealings. The real question is: will his father pardon him despite his vows to the contrary? Of course, he will.

This conviction is nothing more than the Left's attempt to create the illusion of equal justice. It is a smokescreen, diverting attention from the more serious Biden family crimes. It also hands the left and their media allies a talking point to counter claims that Trump's conviction was unjust.

In conclusion, the Hunter Biden gun charge conviction is a clear example of the double standards in the justice system. While Trump was convicted on made-up charges, Hunter Biden was given a slap on the wrist for serious crimes. This conviction will undoubtedly have implications for the upcoming election, and it remains to be seen whether President Biden will pardon his son.


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