US Defense Struggles, Middle East Conflict, Martha's Vineyard Pot Crisis

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Here's the latest on the state of the US defense industry and its struggle to manufacture basic artillery for Ukraine, as well as the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and a unique challenge faced by residents of Martha's Vineyard.

The US defense industry is currently facing a significant challenge in producing the basic ammunition required to sustain support for Ukraine and Israel. According to a report by Bloomberg, the US defense industry prioritized the manufacture of high-tech ammunition and halted the production of basic artillery, such as 155-millimetre ammunition, which is the most used in the wars being fought today. This has led to a shortage of basic products, such as gunpowder or trinitrotoluene (TNT), to produce these munitions, forcing the US to turn to other countries, such as Poland and Turkey, to obtain supplies. Source:

Meanwhile, the narcissism of the pro-Hamas crowd continues to prevent peace in the Middle East. Hamas and its supporters in the West refuse to acknowledge responsibility for their actions, leading to a lack of true peace or ceasefire with Hamas. The Israel Foreign Ministry points out that many Gazan civilians participated in killing, raping, and kidnapping Israelis on October 7, and that Gazan civilians were paid by Hamas to hold hostages captive in their homes. This refusal to acknowledge responsibility means that Israel must achieve a complete military victory to end the conflict. Source:

In a completely different context, Martha's Vineyard is facing a unique challenge as it is about to run out of pot. The island's only two cannabis dispensaries are set to sell all their remaining supplies by September at the latest, leaving more than 230 registered medical users and thousands more recreational ones without access to marijuana. The problem boils down to location, as Massachusetts voters opted to legalize marijuana more than seven years ago, but the state's Cannabis Control Commission has taken the position that transporting pot across the ocean risks running afoul of federal laws. The conundrum has led to a lawsuit against the commission, which has now said that finding a solution to the island's pot problem has become a top priority. Source: