Trump, Biden Neck and Neck; GOP Launches 'Protect the Vote' Tour

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Posted 1 day ago

Here's the latest on the political landscape as we head into the 2024 election season.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is facing a federal corruption probe into his campaign fundraising, with a grand jury reportedly reviewing evidence in the case. Adams has claimed ignorance of the situation, stating, "I don't know, I'm not a lawyer. I'm Eric Adams — the mayor! Ex-cop!" However, his former rival, Republican Curtis Sliwa, has suggested that the walls are closing in on the mayor, stating, "He may be going to the big house in chains and shackles." The FBI is investigating whether Adams' team conspired with the Turkish government to fuel his campaign with foreign donations and whether he urged the FDNY to fast-track permits for a new Turkish Consulate that had failed earlier safety inspection.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are neck and neck nationally and in battleground states, according to a recent CBS News poll. Despite Trump's recent guilty verdict, the verdict has not dramatically reshaped the race, with most of Biden's voters saying their main rationale is opposing Trump, not because they like Biden. However, Trump outpaces Biden on a range of qualities like being seen as effective, tough, energetic, and competent. Trump also has advantages on issues like the economy, inflation, and the border.

In response to concerns about election integrity, the Republican National Committee has announced a "Protect the Vote" tour to promote election accuracy and transparency and enhance Republican voter turnout. The initiative will recruit poll watchers, poll workers, and legal experts to mobilize during the 2024 election season. The RNC is also encouraging Republicans to "bank the vote" by voting early in jurisdictions that have that as an option.

As we head into the 2024 election season, it is clear that the race will be a close one, with both Trump and Biden having their strengths and weaknesses. However, the Republican Party is taking proactive steps to ensure a fair and transparent election, while also capitalizing on Trump's advantages on key issues. It remains to be seen how the race will play out, but one thing is certain: it will be a closely watched and highly contested election.