Biden's Pricey Paris Trips: Taxpayers Foot Bill as Conservatives Rise

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 1 day ago

Here's the latest on the Biden administration's spending habits and the global rise of conservative values.

First Lady Jill Biden's recent trips to Paris have left American taxpayers with a hefty bill, amounting to nearly $350,000 for her flights to and from France. The National Taxpayers Union Foundation estimated the cost of these flights to be around $345,400, while Fox News suggested the figure could be even higher, given that the government plane she usually flies in is typically rated at $200,000 per flight hour.

The Democratic Party is covering some of the costs, equivalent to what a commercial flight would have cost. However, American taxpayers are left to foot the rest of the bill. The White House has not disclosed the exact costs of the flights, nor has it provided details on the expenses incurred by Biden's staffers, White House aides, or Secret Service personnel.

President Biden also faced criticism for his speech at the D-Day memorial event, where he was accused of bragging about Russian casualties in Ukraine and plagiarizing Ronald Reagan's famous "Boys of Pointe du Hoc" speech. He was also criticized for treating the June 6 commemoration day as an "afterthought."

Meanwhile, in Europe, the victory of Marine Le Pen's National Rally party in the European Parliament elections has sparked violent protests from left-wing extremists. In Paris and other French cities, rioters lobbed projectiles at police and chanted "ACAB" (All Cops Are Bastards). The protests were promoted by five top French unions, urging young people to demonstrate against the "extreme right" winning the EU elections. The irony of protesting against the results of a democratic vote in the name of "democracy" was apparently lost on the demonstrators.

These events underscore the growing divide between conservative and liberal values, both in the United States and abroad. As we approach the 2024 election, it is crucial for Americans to support conservative candidates who uphold traditional values and fiscal responsibility. Without your support, the fight for America's soul may be lost.