Biden's Approval Plummets, Border Crisis Persists: Potential 2024 Replacements Emerge

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Posted 1 day ago

Here's the latest on the Biden administration's struggles with approval ratings and border security, as well as speculation about potential Democratic replacements for Biden in the 2024 election.

President Biden's approval rating has hit a new low, according to a recent poll, reflecting the growing dissatisfaction among Americans with his leadership. The poll, conducted by Yahoo News, shows that only 39% of Americans approve of Biden's job performance, while 54% disapprove. This marks a significant drop from his approval rating of 55% shortly after taking office.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is facing mounting criticism over its handling of the border crisis. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently touted "positive" early signs that Biden's executive order on the border is working to bring down the number of daily illegal border crossings. However, the last time the daily encounters dipped below 1,500 was in July 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite Mayorkas' optimism, the Biden administration's efforts to address the border crisis have been met with skepticism. Since taking office, Biden has reversed many of his predecessor's restrictive immigration policies, but in the face of recent criticism, he has hardened his stance. However, it remains to be seen whether these measures will have a meaningful impact on the number of illegal crossings.

As Biden's approval rating continues to plummet and the border crisis remains a pressing issue, speculation has begun to swirl about potential Democratic replacements for Biden in the 2024 election. According to a recent article by Yahoo News, seven Democrats are being considered as possible replacements, including Vice President Kamala Harris, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.

However, it is worth noting that Biden has not yet announced whether he plans to run for reelection in 2024. In the meantime, Republicans are likely to continue to criticize his administration's handling of the border crisis and other key issues, such as inflation and crime.

In conclusion, the Biden administration is facing significant challenges on multiple fronts, from border security to approval ratings. As speculation about potential Democratic replacements for Biden in 2024 continues to mount, Republicans are likely to seize on these issues to make their case for a return to conservative leadership.