Trump, Biden Neck and Neck: Economy, Inflation Favor Former President

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Posted 1 day ago

Here's the latest on the 2024 presidential race: Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are neck and neck nationally and in battleground states, according to a recent CBS News poll. Despite Trump's recent guilty verdict, the economy, inflation, and the border remain top issues for voters, all of which favor the former president.

Trump maintains advantages on qualities such as being seen as effective, tough, energetic, and competent. He also has a vision for where he wants to lead the country. In contrast, Biden is viewed as more compassionate and likable, but this does not translate into vote preferences.

The verdict has not significantly reshaped the race, as most of Trump's voters say it does not matter either way. In fact, a majority say Trump's conviction is not a factor in their vote decision. On the other hand, Biden's voters are increasingly motivated by opposition to Trump rather than affinity for the president himself.

Trump continues to do well with White voters without a college degree and with older voters, groups that backed him in 2016 and 2020. Despite speculation about the "anti-Trump" vote in the GOP primaries, more than nine in 10 Republicans are backing Trump, similar to the number of Democrats who are backing Biden.

Meanwhile, Biden's approval rating has hit its lowest mark on record. This comes as no surprise, as the president has faced numerous challenges during his time in office, including inflation, a struggling economy, and a crisis at the border.

In other news, a once-relevant news outlet misreported a joke made by Trump at a recent rally. The former president predicted that the media would misrepresent his words, and they did exactly that. Trump made a clear joke about needing voters' support, but the media twisted his words to make it seem like he did not care about his supporters.

This incident highlights the ongoing issue of media bias against conservatives and Republicans. Despite Trump's clear joke, the media chose to misrepresent his words in an attempt to paint him in a negative light. This type of biased reporting is not only dishonest but also harmful to the democratic process.

As the 2024 election approaches, it is crucial that voters have access to accurate and unbiased information. The media has a responsibility to report the news fairly and without bias, and it is up to voters to hold them accountable.

In conclusion, the 2024 presidential race is shaping up to be a close one, with Trump and Biden neck and neck in the polls. Despite Biden's recent struggles, he remains a formidable opponent for Trump. However, the former president's advantages on key issues and qualities give him an edge in the race. As always, voters will have the final say in November.