Trump Leads Biden on Key Issues: Economy, Inflation, Border

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 2 days ago

Here's the latest on the 2024 presidential race: According to a recent CBS News poll, former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden are neck and neck nationally and in battleground states. However, Trump maintains advantages on key issues such as the economy, inflation, and the border.

The poll found that a majority of voters see Trump's conviction as not a factor in their vote decision, and that the trial ranks much lower as a factor when considered on its own than every other issue tested. In fact, Trump outpaces Biden on a range of qualities like being seen as effective, tough, energetic and competent.

Trump also has a clear advantage on the issue of inflation, with voters who say higher prices have been a hardship overwhelmingly supporting the former president. Additionally, Trump leads Biden big among those who say the economy is a major factor in their vote.

On the issue of immigration, a nearly six in 10 majority of voters say they would favor, in principle, a new government program to deport all undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. illegally. Trump has talked about the actions he would take toward immigration if elected to a second term, including deportation efforts.

Meanwhile, Biden's approval rating has hit its lowest mark on record, according to a recent Yahoo News poll. This is likely due in part to his handling of the economy and inflation, as well as his inability to effectively address the border crisis.

Overall, the race between Trump and Biden is shaping up to be a close one, with both candidates having their own strengths and weaknesses. However, Trump's advantages on key issues and his ability to energize his base may give him the edge he needs to win in November.