Harvard Corporation Rejects Faculty Vote to Let 13 Pro-Palestine Student Protesters Graduate

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 20 days ago

In a bold move, the Harvard Corporation has rejected a proposal by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to grant degrees to 13 seniors facing disciplinary charges related to a pro-Palestine encampment. The decision, made after a tense deliberation, marks a significant development in the ongoing internal conflicts at Harvard.

The Corporation emphasized that the students in question are not in good standing and therefore cannot be awarded degrees at this time, contrary to the FAS vote to confer degrees on them. This stance has sparked a constitutional crisis and drawn attention to the power dynamics within the university.

The faculty's attempt to amend the list of degrees during a typically routine session has escalated tensions between faculty members and the Corporation. The Corporation's decision has been met with criticism and warnings of potential faculty rebellion.

The Corporation's assertion that the FAS does not have the ultimate disciplinary authority has exacerbated existing mistrust and raised questions about the board's leadership. The corporation reiterated the importance of upholding academic standards and avoiding potential double standards in its decision-making.

The controversy stems from disciplinary actions taken in response to student activism at the encampment, which have been widely condemned for their severity. While the faculty sought to intervene by reinstating the students, the Corporation emphasized the need to follow established appeal processes before considering degree conferral.

Source: thecrimson.com