Bill Maher Sparks Debate: Is Biden Losing His Momentum?

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 25 days ago

In a recent panel discussion on "Real Time" hosted by Bill Maher, Maher suggested that President Biden's sudden push to debate indicates that he "knows he's losing." Maher expressed skepticism about Biden's decision to engage in debates, implying that only the losing party typically desires to debate. He pointed out the timing of the debates in relation to the upcoming election and questioned whether Biden is trying to prove himself to voters. Maher noted a perceived shift in public sentiment towards Biden's chances of winning, mentioning that the Democratic Senate candidate is polling better in swing states compared to Biden.

The panelists discussed whether the upcoming debates would impact the outcome of the election, with varying opinions on their significance. Maher and his guests also touched on Biden's performance in public appearances and the need for him to show vitality in the debates. Notably, there were light-hearted remarks about the age of the candidates and potential scenarios for the debates.

Maher previously advocated for removing Biden from the ticket earlier this year following concerns about his mental acuity raised by the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur's report.

(Source: Fox News)