Kamala Harris's Misguided Attacks on the Supreme Court

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 15 days ago

In a recent interview, Vice President Kamala Harris made baseless claims about the Supreme Court, suggesting that the court is a threat to "fundamental freedoms across the board." Harris, who seemed hesitant to provide specific legal precedents during the interview, accused the court of being activist and overturning recognized rights.

Harris singled out Justice Clarence Thomas's opinion in the Dobbs decision and insinuated that the court might revisit rulings on contraception and gay marriage. However, her remarks came across as a desperate attempt to discredit the conservative justices.

Moreover, Harris criticized former President Donald Trump, implying that he might sign a national abortion ban. Her dismissive comments about Americans "seeing through" Trump's stance on abortion reek of political posturing rather than genuine concern.

Source: Fox News (link provided above)

Source: foxnews.com