Disruption During Interview: Physical Altercation with San Jose Mayor's Security Guard

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 29 days ago

In an incident that occurred during an interview with San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan, a man interrupted the interview and got into a physical altercation with the security guard. The passerby initially cursed at the guard and then proceeded to punch him, leading to a fight that was captured on video. The security detail, reportedly a plain-clothes San Jose Police officer, was eventually able to apprehend the man.


San Jose Police Department Acting Chief Paul Joseph emphasized that the public video did not fully capture the events, highlighting the officer's attempts to deescalate the situation before resorting to force. The arrested man had a warrant from Georgia for resisting arrest with violence and was taken to the Santa Clara County jail. The officer, who had been hospitalized, has since been released.

Mayor Matt Mahan expressed gratitude towards his security detail and the San Jose Police Department, praising the officer for their de-escalation efforts. Mahan's focus on creating a safer community was reiterated through his commitment to addressing the underlying causes of crime and supporting law enforcement.

Source: yahoo.com