Biden dismisses reporter seeing 'a lot of Trump signs' in PA: 'You're driving in the wrong places, pal'

Posted 36 days ago


President Biden was asked bluntly this week if he was in "trouble" in Pennsylvania, as the reporter noted he saw a lot of Donald Trump signs throughout the state.

The president spoke to Nexstar's Reshad Hudson for an interview that aired on Wednesday. Hudson said while driving around the area, "you see a lot of Trump signs, not very many Biden signs."

"Do you feel like you're in trouble here?" Hudson asked.

Biden responded, "Well, you haven't been driving in the right places, pal."

Biden touted his volunteers, his campaign headquarters and said "tens of thousands" of Pennsylvanians had contributed to his campaign.

"Guess what the average contribution is? Less than $200, because almost 97% of all our contributions are from small donors," the president continued.

"He hasn't opened a single headquarters here, we've opened multiple headquarters here. He has no presence here," Biden said, referring to Trump.

Hudson also asked Biden to respond to Trump's claim that Biden was "responsible" for the former president spending all his time in court.

"His lack of ethics has nothing to do with me," Biden said. "I have not once talked to anyone in my administration about Trump's legal problems."... (Read more)