NPR editor's bombshell essay causing 'turmoil' at liberal outlet: Report

Posted 43 days ago


The bombshell essay penned by veteran NPR editor Uri Berliner this week is reportedly causing "turmoil" at his news organization.

Berliner made waves on Tuesday for calling out the liberal groupthink that has plagued NPR's newsroom, pointing to their mishandling of Russiagate, the Hunter Biden laptop, the COVID lab leak theory and the ongoing Israel-Hamas war as examples of its left-wing bias while prioritizing racial diversity over ideological diversity.

On Thursday, The New York Times detailed the "internal tumult" that has erupted among Berliner's colleagues and NPR leadership.

According to their report, the essay was brought up at what was described as a "long-scheduled meet-and-greet" with the hosts of NPR's biggest shows on Wednesday, where NPR editor-in-chief Edith Chapin reportedly said she did not want Berliner to become a "martyr."

"Mr. Berliner’s essay also sent critical Slack messages whizzing through some of the same employee affinity groups focused on racial and sexual identity that he cited in his essay. In one group, several staff members disputed Mr. Berliner’s points about a lack of ideological diversity and said efforts to recruit more people of color would make NPR’s journalism better," The Times said.

A producer of NPR's "Morning Edition" reportedly rejected Berliner's case about why NPR's audience has dwindled in recent years, insisting a "variety of factors" contributed to it.

NPR managing editor of standards and practices Tony Cavin disputed Berliner's bias assertions and claimed the essay will likely make it more difficult for NPR journalists to do their jobs.

"The next time one of our people calls up a Republican congressman or something and tries to get an answer from them, they may well say, ‘Oh, I read these stories, you guys aren’t fair, so I’m not going to talk to you,’" Cavin told The Times.

Others took to social media to weigh in on Berliner's essay. NPR TV critic Eric Deggans slammed the "terrible" piece on X and swiped at Berliner for not seeking comment from NPR before being published in The Free Press.... (Read more)