Undecided voters say 'timing' of Trump indictments is ‘politically motivated:’ ‘Doesn't seem fair at all’

Posted 43 days ago


A focus group of undecided voters in battleground states admitted Wednesday that they are skeptical about the indictments against former President Trump, believing the timing to be politically motivated.

Eight undecided voters from Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were asked questions about a wide range of topics for a new project called "The Undecideds" by the video platform 2WAY in association with Wick Insights. The voters unanimously blasted President Biden's economic policy in another segment.

Journalist Mark Halperin, one of the founding members of the 2WAY platform who helped design "The Undecideds" project, asked the focus group their opinions regarding the multiple indictments against the former president and whether it would influence their vote.

"I just think they're a political farce. If this was such a big deal – we have a policy in America, right to a speedy trial. Why wasn't this brought up in 2020 or 2021?" Shawn, a Pennsylvania undecided who voted for Trump in 2020, asked.

While some believed that Trump could likely be guilty of something, they said that the charges also appear to be a "weaponization" of the Justice Department.

"It just feels like the DOJ at this point is completely abusing the justice system. Don't get me wrong, there are some things that I agree, like, he probably…well, I don't have the facts, but he probably should be charged, he probably was guilty of some of that. But it's entirely being weaponized, and it doesn't seem fair at all. It feels like just like a Big Brother tactic to keep dissenters down," Omar, a Michigan voter who supported Biden in 2020, said.

"If they have the proof, then why is it being dragged out so far?" Michigan voter Kim added.... (Read more)