Eric Trump 'guarantees' father will defeat Biden in November: 'Americans are upset'

Posted 43 days ago


Eric Trump said on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday that he is confident his father will win in November because Americans are increasingly "upset" about the Biden administration. He also slammed the gag order preventing former President Trump from speaking about his upcoming legal battles.

ERIC TRUMP: Think about it. They wanted to do that from day one. You know, Twitter banned him, Facebook banned him, Instagram banned him. Every judge puts a gag order on him. We do have a First Amendment in this country for a reason. But as it pertains to Donald Trump, for some reason, it doesn't exist as it pertains to everybody else. The First Amendment's unstoppable, but if it comes to Donald Trump, he no longer has a freedom of speech, according to these courts. And he'll take this all the way to the Supreme Court. He'll take it as far as he needs and he's got an amazing voice. And he will come in here and he's going to win the cases and he's going win this presidency.

I know we're going to win. I know we're going to win because I know where this country is. I can feel the sentiment of the country. And people are not buying what's happening right now. The mainstream media, they'll keep on peddling their nonsense. But Americans are upset. This country is going down the tube. And they miss the guy who did a great job for this nation, which was Donald Trump. And he's going to be back in office, I guarantee it.... (Read more)