Fanni Willis' Affair Partner Pleads Poverty And Unable To Make Alimony Payment

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 44 days ago

Nathan Wade is seeking an emergency court hearing to reduce the spousal support and other financial commitments he previously agreed to in a temporary settlement with his wife, Joycelyn, amidst their divorce proceedings in Cobb County, dated January 30th. This move comes after Joycelyn accused him of not providing child support, rent money, and funds for essential medical procedures last week. She alleges that after Wade stopped the financial support, instructing their children to rely on her for funds, she was left with less than $1,000 a month, struggling to cover her medical expenses and unable to work due to declining health.

Joycelyn has also accused Wade of failing to support their son's aspirations to become a professional soccer player in Europe, not covering their daughter's rent, and not aiding her as she prepares for medical college admissions, leading her lawyers to request the court to incarcerate Wade until he pays up. Meanwhile, Wade argues that his resignation as special prosecutor, following a scandal involving an affair with DA Fani Willis, has left him unable to afford the agreed-upon payments. His affair with Willis, which became public through court documents filed by Trump co-defendant Mike Roman, has also stirred controversy, with claims of misconduct and favoritism.

In the backdrop of this personal and financial turmoil, the relationship between Wade and Willis was scrutinized in the context of the Trump investigation, with both admitting to a romantic relationship that allegedly started after Willis hired Wade. Despite the scandal, Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee ruled that Willis could stay on the Trump case if Wade resigned, a decision he complied with immediately. The unfolding drama has not only affected the personal lives involved but also resonated through the legal and political realms, with ongoing appeals and public scrutiny over the integrity of the legal proceedings.