American voters say Trump is better able to handle nuclear emergency than Biden: poll

Posted 13 days ago


A recent poll has found that American voters have more confidence in former President Donald Trump's ability to handle a nuclear emergency compared to President Joe Biden, should the need arise.

According to a poll conducted by J. L. Partners as reported by the Daily Mail, when respondents were asked about their confidence in each candidate's capacity to manage a nuclear emergency effectively, Trump led Biden with 56% of respondents expressing confidence in him, compared to 45% for Biden.

Additionally, the poll asked questions about each man's cognitive ability and leadership qualities. Trump significantly outpaced Biden in questions related to maintaining focus during meetings and comprehensively understanding national security briefings.

When assessing each candidate's ability to make it through a potential one-hour meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, nearly two-thirds of respondents expressed confidence in Trump while only 43% said they were confident Biden could manage such a task.

Biden failed to surpass 50% confidence in any of the areas concerning cognitive ability and performance, while Trump consistently garnered majority support.... (Read more)