Disney accused of misleading shareholders with ‘woke political agenda’

Posted 17 days ago


The Walt Disney Company is facing accusations that the company has misled shareholders by promoting a "woke political and social agenda" at the expense of profits.

America First Legal (AFL), a group aligned with former President Trump, sent Disney a letter Wednesday alleging that the company has engaged in unlawful discrimination and pushed political causes that have caused "damage to Disney’s brand, properties, and commercial reputation by management’s manufactured misalignment between its woke political and social agenda and the vast majority of the Company’s customers."

The group, which is headed by the former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, alleges that the company’s management has "intentionally manufactured misalignment between the Company and its core customers" over the last few years, resulting in an over $100 billion blow to the company’s market capitalization since February 2021.

"Disney has displayed an inexplicable disregard for its customers and shareholders, forcing radical gender-expansive, anti-White, and anti-police content on families while providing warnings about harmful content on uncontroversial content," the group said in a press release.

The release points to multiple examples of Disney’s alleged disregard for the preferences of its core customers, including shows in the Disney+ "Junior Mode" that AFL claims amplify "racial divisiveness and societal unrest."

In one specific example, AFL pointed to an episode of "Muppet Babies," where the character Gonzo is depicted cross-dressing as a female princess in a take on the Disney classic "Cinderella." The letter notes that kids watching in "Junior Mode" can view this episode, but cannot watch the actual "uncontroversial" "Cinderella" film while using the same safety settings.... (Read more)