Midwest state on verge of defying Biden with Texas-style bill to combat illegal immigration

Posted 23 days ago


The state of Iowa is moving forward with an anti-illegal immigration bill that would allow local police to arrest illegal immigrants in the Hawkeye State who had previously been deported. It's similar to a Texas law that is the target of a high-profile legal challenge by the Biden administration.

Senate File 2340 makes it a crime for an illegal immigrant to enter or re-enter the state if he or she has previously been deported or denied admission to the U. S.

The bill has passed the Senate and the House and now heads to Gov. Kim Reynolds’ desk for signature. Reynolds, a Republican, has said she will sign the bill, which would take effect in July if she does.


"President Biden and his administration have failed to enforce our immigration laws and, in doing so, have compromised the sovereignty of our nation and the safety of its people," she told The Des Moines Register. "States have stepped in to secure the border, preventing illegal migrants from entering our country and protecting our citizens. Americans deserve nothing less."

It’s one of a number of bills moving through state legislatures. Similar proposals to crack down on illegal immigration have moved forward in New Hampshire, Tennessee and Oklahoma.

But the most high-profile legislation is in Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott signed S. B. 4 into law in December, allowing police to arrest illegal immigrants and for judges to order them deported.

The Biden administration sued in January, arguing the law encroaches into federal territory, citing a 2012 Supreme Court ruling that shut down parts of an Arizona law that sought to empower state and local officials.... (Read more)